AVwebFlash Complete Issue: Volume 19, Number 2b

January 10, 2013

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
Reiff Preheater for Rotax 912 & 914 Engines || Available at 
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Reiff Preheater for Rotax 912-914
Available at California Power System

The Reiff preheat system for Rotax 912 and Rotax 914 aircraft engines is an engine-mounted electric preheat system designed for easier cold-weather starts. The preheat system consists of a 100-watt metal "hot strip" element, which is epoxied to the bottom of the crankcase, and a 50-watt band heater that is clamped to the oil tank. FAA-approved and includes a thermostat to keep the oil from exceeding 150 °F. Call 1 (800) AIR‑WOLF or visit 800-airwolf.com.
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Rare Airplane Found Off Midway Island

Divers cleaning up garbage in the shallow waters off Midway Atoll in the Pacific discovered wreckage from a World War II Brewster Buffalo last summer, the New York Times reported recently. Only one intact copy from the original fleet still exists, and it's on exhibit in Finland, the Times said. The Buffalo is "a very rare aircraft and to find even the wreckage of one is an exciting discovery," said Hill Goodspeed, historian at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Fla. The Buffalo, however, was not a great favorite with pilots, says the Times. "It is my belief that any commander that orders pilots out for combat in a F2A-3 should consider the pilot as lost before leaving the ground," wrote Marine Capt. P. R. White in a 1942 report.

The Buffalo couldn't compete against the Japanese Zeros, and of 19 airplanes that engaged in dogfights at Midway, only five returned. The wreckage, found in waters only about 10 feet deep, comprises parts of the engine, a bent propeller, tires and landing gear, and piles of ammunition. Soon after the Midway battle, the Buffalo was removed from combat units and assigned to advanced training duty only, says the Naval History & Heritage Command. In that role, it helped new U.S. fighter pilots enhance their skills before they joined operational squadrons. The aging F2A-2s and F2A-3s remained in the training mission into 1943, and a few were still in service in 1944-45.

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New Rotary Engine From Austro

Diamond Aircraft's Austro Engines has bench tested a new dual FADEC-controlled rotary aircraft engine, the AE80R, that aims to match a weight of 60 pounds with a power output of 80 hp. The engine has been in development for more than two years and builds on Austro's experience with the AE50R 55-hp rotary engine but has differences in its internal design that incorporates a "no loss lubrication system." The new engine is targeting the LSA and ultralight aircraft markets, and may also see use in unmanned aircraft. Austro Christian Dries, chairman and owner of Diamond Aircraft, which owns Austro, says the new engine "has no vibration" and is a good fit for weight-sensitive small aircraft.

According to Diamond, the dual FADEC system will keep fuel consumption at its lowest possible limits and the engine oil system will result in extremely low oil consumption, maximizing its efficiency. Austro Engine last summer pursued airframe manufacturers other than Diamond, seeking potential matches for its diesel engines, which it sees as a growing segment in European aircraft markets. The company already offers diesel and rotary style engines. Austro's recent production of AE50-series rotary engines has been close to 125 engines per year.

New Design Offered For King Air Props

Raisbeck and Hartzell have debuted a new four-blade "swept" propeller for the King Air 200 line. The design's 96-inch diameter is 3 inches greater than the B200 factory props, and 2 inches greater than Raisbeck's previous offerings. The increased diameter boosts low-speed performance and shaves 1,150 feet off takeoff, the companies said. They also said the swept-back blade design provides better high-speed performance and less noise in the cockpit and cabin. A pair of the new props costs $83,400; deliveries start in March.

The prop is made with aluminum blades and hubs to keep both weight and cost to a minimum, the companies said. Overhaul times are set at 4,000 hours or six years. The companies said they worked together on the design for three years.

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Wear these stylish Flying Eyes sunglasses under your headset all day long without any pressure on your temples and no sound leaks around your ears. American-made optics. Interchangeable temples for non-athletic/non-flight use. Neutral non-polarized tint for excellent vision of the panel. Shatterproof, UV protection, and scratch-resistant coating, all in a unisex frame. Reviewed by AVweb's Larry Anglisano — click here and watch the review!

Available today from AeroMedix.com.
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NASA Advances Green Aviation Research

NASA said this week it has made a lot of progress with its Environmentally Responsible Aviation project for reducing the industry's noise, emissions and fuel burn, and announced plans to take its work from the laboratory into flight testing. "The real challenge is to integrate ideas and pieces together," said Fay Collier, ERA project manager for NASA. "Our next steps will help us work towards that goal." NASA announced eight projects that will run through 2015, including more research on its hybrid blended-wing-body design, which could reduce fuel consumption by more than 50 percent while also reducing noise on the ground.

Other ERA projects will include flight trials for quieter flaps and landing gear, and for technology that can manipulate the airflow over the tail of an airliner. Researchers also will assess the airworthiness of low-weight composite structures, and test various improvements to turbofan engines to improve fuel efficiency and reduce noise. Each project involves industry partners who will contribute to the funding. More details can be found at NASA's aeronautics website.

Avidyne IFD440
The Easy-to-Install IFD440 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM
As the newest member of Avidyne's integrated flight display family, the IFD440 has been designed to be an easy-to-install, plug-and-play replacement for legacy GNS430-series navigators. The IFD440 provides powerful navigation, communication, and multi-function display capabilities, and its easy-to-use, Hybrid Touch user interface allows pilots to perform virtually all functions using dedicated knobs/buttons or via the touchscreen interface. Now you have a choice. And the choice is easy.

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U2 Flight Documentary And Declassified Handbook

Gary Sinise plans to donate to charity all proceeds from his new DVD, "High Flight," a newly released documentary that follows his flight in a Lockheed U2 Dragon Lady and comes fresh on the heels of the CIA's release of that aircraft's "Utility Flight Handbook." The CIA last week declassified the Lockheed's 1959 flight handbook, a 259-page booklet adorned with cartoons of an anthropomorphized aircraft dealing with the loss of its vertical tail, complex camera operations and more. Sinise was able to wrangle a flight in the aircraft, making him one of perhaps fewer than 1,000 people to have accomplished that. The High Flight Trailer is available online and AVweb is hosting a copy of the flight handbook.

The Gary Sinese Foundation is hosting sales of the High Flight DVD and will be the recipient of all proceeds acquired through its sale. The trailer is available, here. The foundation supports active duty military, veterans, first responders and their families through programs "designed to entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen, and build communities." The foundation's prior activities involve a partnership with the Tunnel to Towers Foundation to create homes with automated amenities "for our nation's most severely wounded veterans."

The recently released Utility Flight Handbook for the Lockheed U2 is available (as a large [18 MB] download -- be prepared to wait) here.

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EAA Firm On Aircraft Appearance Fees

EAA Chairman and Acting President Jack Pelton says the organization will not change a fundamental policy and pay appearance fees for certain aircraft to attend AirVenture Oshkosh. Pelton was commenting on a decision by Fighter Factory President Jerry Yagen to have his exceptionally rare Second World War demonstration aircraft steer clear of the big show this year. Yagen is now lining up dates for his recently completed Mosquito fighter bomber and a new-build version of an Me. 262 jet fighter but he says he won't bring them to Oshkosh unless EAA pays him to do so. Yagen told AVweb he believes other warbird owners feel the same as he does and some will also boycott the show. "Sorry to say that the days of bringing such expensive airplanes all across the countryside for free will most likely not happen again," Yagen said. He said he thinks there has already been a perceptible decrease in the number of warbirds at AirVenture and that it will escalate. He also said he doesn't think AirVenture should pay for all warbirds to attend but that there should be compensation for aircraft like the Mosquito and Me. 262 that will be major drawing cards to the event. Pelton said Yagen's request is not only financially impractical, it would require EAA staff to perform the impossible task of determining which aircraft warrant funding.

In an interview with AVweb, Pelton said EAA is a membership organization that provides a safe, secure and welcoming venue for members to display their aircraft. "We just don't pay for exhibits to show up here," he said. Pelton said some exhibitors have sponsors for their aircraft and use the high visibility of the Oshkosh show to promote the businesses and organizations that support them. EAA spokesman Dick Knapinski said he's unaware of any movement to avoid the show and that warbird attendance varies from year to year between 350 and 425 aircraft. He said the total number of show aircraft is about 2,500.

Aerial Tribute || Every Cloud a Monument
Ascension Scattering™: A Dignified Final Tribute for Any Aviator
Using a high-performance sailplane, Ascension Scattering™ releases cremated remains into strong thermals over the Rocky Mountains. The ashes are carried heavenward, making them part of the sky. Your family is invited to personalize the release to create an individualized memorial event. Optional video of the release serves as a lasting memorial. Contact Aerial Tribute to book an eternal flight, either as an advanced arrangement for yourself or as an arrangement for a loved one. Click here for a video overview.
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Eclipse Hopes To Build USAF Trainers

The U.S. Air Force may be looking for a fleet of new very-light jets to replace its current fleet of basic training aircraft, and Eclipse Aerospace said this week it wants to build them. The jets would be used by about 700 students per year in the USAF Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training Multi-place Training Track. "Our solution would save the Air Force over a billion dollars over the next 10 years, in fuel, maintenance and training costs," Eclipse CEO Mason Holland told AVweb on Monday. Holland said he has met with senior Air Force leaders and the company's proposal is "fully responsive to the Air Force's request."

The USAF said its request for information is for "research purposes only … No decision to pursue an acquisition … has been made." Holland says if the Air Force moves quickly from the RFI to a request for proposals, a contract decision could be made within about 12 to 18 months. Eclipse could produce about 100 jets that would replace the 178 older Beechjets now used for training, he said, because the new jets would require less maintenance downtime. The RFI says the Air Force is only interested in "FAA Part 25 certified commercial off-the-shelf" aircraft, which must be able to fly at least 300 knots at 500 feet above the ground and cruise at FL410. Holland said if the Air Force does choose to switch to Eclipse jets, the company's existing facilities could be quickly ramped up to meet the demand.

Hawker Beech Reaches Pension Agreement

Hawker Beechcraft has reached an agreement with the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. to take over two underfunded pension plans covering existing non-union and already-retired employees. Under the deal, the company, which hopes to exit bankruptcy protection in the next few months, will continue to fund the pension plan for its current and former unionized employees. As part of the deal, the International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers agreed to allow the company to freeze the pension plan but details of the freeze were not immediately released. The deal will have to be approved by the bankruptcy court and is scheduled to be considered Jan. 17.

The pension hurdle was considered a major part of the company's bankruptcy exit plan. The group of hedge funds that will take control of the planemaker had originally demanded that Hawker Beechcraft dump all of its pension plans but agreed to compromise on the deal for the core workforce. The hedge funds are essentially buying Hawker Beechcraft's almost $1 billion in debt in exchange for control of the reorganized and much less burdened company. As part of the reorganization, Hawker Beechcraft is dropping its entire line of business jets to focus on its military and turboprop business. It is also considering launching new designs, including a turboprop single.

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AVweb Insider Blog: The Dreamliner's Troubling Battery Fire

Forget the wiring faults, the fuel leaks and the odd loose fastener, what's most worrisome about this week's Dreamliner news is that the lithium-ion battery fire in Boston could represent a difficult challenge for Boeing. Critics of this technology have said that it's not quite ready for regular service in airplanes, and Cessna's recent loss of a Citation to a battery fire underlines the point. On the AVweb Insider blog, we take a look at how potentially serious this problem is if the solution doesn't turn out to be a simple one.

Read more and join the conversation.

Brainteasers Quiz #179: A Little This, A Little That


FAROS, RWSL, RAIM, GNSS, NOTAM -- these words are not in Hobbit language or some weird FAA anagram that, when unscrambled, portends the end of over-priced avgas. Instead, they are samplings of what well-traveled pilots encounter daily and what -- now -- you must identify. (Includes results of last month's reader survey about the dumbest things in aviation.)

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FBO of the Week: Galaxy Aviation (KSGJ, St. Augustine, Florida)

Nominate an FBO | Rules | Tips | Questions | Winning FBOs

AVweb's "FBO of the Week" ribbon goes to Galaxy Aviation at Northeast Florida Regional Airport (KSGJ) St. Augustine, Florida.

AVweb reader David Singleton recently had a great experience at Galaxy, which he shared with us:

The Beech Aero Club held a three-day event on December 7, 8, and 9, 2012. Galaxy Aviation was very helpful to all our members. The staff were professional, courteous, and very friendly. They were a major reason we will return next year.

Keep those nominations coming. For complete contest rules, click here.

AVweb is actively seeking out the best FBOs in the country and another one, submitted by you, will be spotlighted here next Monday!

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Video: Meet Mid-Continent's SAM

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

As much as we love them, iron gyros are on their way to the scrap heap of history. They're even losing their value as backup instruments to glass panels now that glass itself has become more reliable and affordable enough to replace even analog backup devices. In this new video from AVweb, Aviation Consumer's Larry Anglisano examines a new product from Mid-Continent Instruments and Avonics called the SAM. It fits into a small space on the panel and can be backed up with its own lithium-ion battery. Installation considerations are mimimal, but here's a close look at how the instrument looks and performs.

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