AVwebFlash - Volume 19, Number 15f

April 13, 2013

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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Phoning It In — Not So Much back to top 

FAA: No Hacking ADS-B Via Android App

A new claim by a security consultant that he could take control of an aircraft's autopilot through vulnerabilities in ADS-B has elicited a response from the FAA, which said, in part, "It does not work." The consultant, Hugo Teso, recently made headlines for himself and his employer when he demonstrated an Android app of his creation at a security conference in Amsterdam. Teso used his system to remotely hack into Flight Management System (FMS) software and upload data. He claimed that access allowed him to control the aircraft. The FAA has now responded saying it has determined that Teso's exact technique would not work on certified hardware. EASA agreed, but questions remain.

The FAA has been hounded by concerns that its NextGen air traffic control system includes pathways of communication that are vulnerable to hackers and addressed similar concerns just last year. Responding to the most recent concern, the FAA said "the described technique cannot engage or control the aircraft's autopilot system using the FMS or prevent a pilot from overriding the autopilot." EASA noted that Teso's demonstration hacked training software, as opposed to embedded FMS software. It said that major differences between the two systems meant Teso did not face "the same overwriting protection and redundancies" included in certified flight software. Teso is a certified pilot and works for a company called N.Runs, a security consultancy in Germany. The company has said Teso's work aims to ensure that vulnerabilities in FMS software are addressed in such a way that they remove the possibility of similar hacking threats. Find Teso's presentation slides here (PDF).

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Factory-Built RV-12s Almost Ready

Dick VanGrunsven says slow and sure is the pace to success and that's why we won't see large-scale production of the renowned kitplane manufacturer's only ready-to-fly model anytime soon. "We're kind of taking it gradually into this new arena," VanGrunsven told AVweb in a podcast interview at Sun 'n Fun 2013. Van's introduced the factory-built RV-12 SLSA at AOPA Expo in Palm Springs and almost instantly got the support it needed to start its trial production run with partner Synergy Air, of Eugene, OR. The first 12 aircraft were sold the first day and several others were put on a waiting list. The first of the initial run are almost finished and ready for delivery this summer and the lessons learned are being evaluated. "It will give us a better idea of how effective and efficient the production is," he said. Meanwhile, the company's other new project, the RV-14 was on hand in Lakeland.

VanGrunsven said they're still doing the detailed engineering on the RV-14, which was introduced at AirVenture 2012. "It's an RV-7 on steroids," he said. The aircraft will carry two people (including large people) in comfort on long cross countries in the comfort they might experience in some of the higher-end high-performance certified models.

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Podcast: Van's Ready-to-Fly RV-12 Progressing

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Van's Aircraft's foray into building factory-ready aircraft is going as planned, as have most of Dick VanGrunsven's other projects. AVweb's Mary Grady talked to VanGrunsven about the RV-12 and the new RV-14.

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Click here to listen. (5.8 MB, 6:21)

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Zenair Introduces CH-750 Cruzer

One of the few new designs introduced at Sun 'n Fun likely looks slightly familiar but Zenair's new 750 Cruzer has a different mission from its well-known predecessors. Rather than emphasize the short-field capabilities of its ancestors, the CH-701 and CH-750, the 750 Cruzer is designed for comfortable conventional field and cross-country operations. "We've optimized the new design for cruise and typical (airport) operations, while retaining the popular cabin features of the STOL CH-750," Zenair spokesman Sebastien Heintz said. "We've retained some of the most popular features of the STOL CH-750, while optimizing the new design for cross-country flying,"As if to punctuate that point, Heintz flew the Cruzer 1,000 miles from the factory in Mexico, MO to Sun 'n Fun.

It has a new wing and tail (fin and rudder instead of moveable vertical stab) and even sports wheel pants. Up front is a 130hp UL350is fuel injected engine. Empty weight is 780 pounds so the useful load is 540 pounds. Although the UL engine is standard, the firewall is borrowed from the CH-650 and CH-750 so it will take virtually any popular engine in the 100hp range. Zenair says anyone with basic skills and hand tools can put the metal airframe together in 400 hours.

Click here for a video look at the CH-750 at Sun 'n Fun.

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Video: Zenith Aircraft's New CH-750 Cruzer

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At Sun 'n Fun 2013, Zenith Aircraft unveiled its new CH-750 Cruzer, a faster version of its popular CH-750 STOL, which is available as both a kit and an LSA. AVweb took a video tour of the new airplane.

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Podcast: Aircraft Spruce's Mobile Store

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How do you get thousands of items in the right place and ready for Sun 'n Fun shoppers? AVweb's Paul Bertorelli visited Aircraft Spruce's amazing space at SNF 2013.

This podcast is brought to you by Sennheiser, Bendix/King by Honeywell, Garmin, and Lightspeed Aviation.

Click here to listen. (3.6 MB, 3:54)

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From Sporty's, New Technology For The Cockpit

The biggest news from Sporty's this week at Sun 'n Fun was the release of their second-generation Stratus device (click here for the AVweb video), but at a news conference on Wednesday the company also highlighted some other developments. For those who haven't yet tried the popular Foreflight flight-planning software, Sporty's educational division has developed an hour-long online instructional video with all the basic information a beginner would need to get started. The "Flying with Foreflight" video is available now for about $30 and an app version also will be coming soon, company spokesman John Zimmerman said. He also said a new product now available for $129 can turn an iPhone into a cockpit video camera complete with audio and GPS tracking.

Michael Wolf, Sporty's CEO, said more than 20,000 youngsters have enrolled in the company's free online Learn to Fly course for Young Eagles. The comprehensive course, which has a list price of $249, includes everything the students need to take the private pilot knowledge test, including an endorsement. Young Eagles also can be reimbursed by EAA for the cost of the FAA test. Eric Radtke, president of Sporty's flight academy, said the school had one of its busiest years ever in 2012, and 100 percent of the students who made it to solo went on to complete their ratings. Zimmerman also said Sporty's is now offering a service to charter companies and fractional operators to take over the paperwork that's needed to get FAA approval to use the iPad in the cockpit. That service will go live soon and will cost $799, he said.

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Video: AVweb Product Minute -- ForeFlight Five

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ForeFlight's new version 5 features new terrain hazard warnings and a runway selection advisor. In this AVweb product minute, Tyson Weihs gives us a tour.

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Sun 'n Fun 2013 Photo Gallery: Air Shows

click for photos

No matter how fascinating the exhibits and products at Sun 'n Fun, nothing gets the blood pumping like an aerial exhibition.

Click for photos.

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