AVwebFlash - Volume 19, Number 21b

May 23, 2013

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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Tomorrow's Gas: Best Guesses back to top 

Airworthy Autogas For General Aviation?

An Arizona-based company Wednesday said that it plans this year to produce and distribute a 93-octane premium unleaded, ethanol-free fuel as an avgas alternative for aircraft that do not require 100LL. Airworthy AutoGas, LLC, says its "high purity, low vapor pressure" fuel will be available beginning late this year. Bringing the fuel to market will provide, "an alternative for the majority of General Aviation aircraft without compromising airworthiness," according to Mark Ellery, the company's director of business development. The company says its decision to bring to produce and market the fuel was driven by dramatic changes in automotive gasoline in recent years and a goal "to get pilots flying more, for less."

While ethanol-free automotive gasoline has previously been widely available, in recent years automotive formulations have changed to include ethanol to combat emissions, according to the company. That, along with inconsistencies in the fuel across geographic regions and due to seasonal influences were seen by Airworthy AutoGas as significant concerns that the company argues could make traditional autofuel unsuitable for use in aircraft. Airworthy AutoGas uses a patent pending formulation that it says "meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM D4814, Lycoming Engines SI-1070 'S' specifications and the numerous EAA and Petersen Aviation Supplemental Type Certificates."

Question of the Week: What's GA's Fuel of the Future?

Everyone agrees that 100LL is or should be on the way out, but the way ahead is less clear.

What type of fuel do you think you'll be buying in 10 years?
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Cessna's Jet-A Skylane Flies

Cessna's first production Turbo Skylane JT-A, running behind a Jet-A fueled diesel engine Tuesday flew for 2.3 hours, the company announced Wednesday. The Safran-made 227-hp SMA engine is expected to use up to 40 percent less fuel than a comparable avgas engine, according to Cessna, burning 11 gallons per hour at 156 knots and delivering an estimated range of 1,025 nautical miles on 87 gallons. Tuesday, it delivered the plane to 152 KTAS at 8,000 feet over Independence, Kan.. The aircraft performed as expected, according to Cessna senior test pilot, Dale Bleakney. Certification and deliveries are expected, soon.

Cessna said in April that it was on track for certification and first deliveries before the end of June. Standard performance specifications include a 1,385-foot takeoff distance (landing is 1,350 feet with a 590-foot ground roll), a 1,018 pound useful load, and maximum cruise speed of 156 kts. The JT-A features an "all-glass Garmin G1000 flight deck customized for Cessna" offering synthetic vision technology, a flight management system with autopilot controls and a "jet-level" GFC 700 autopilot with advanced override features. A "GA switch" or go-around button "disengages the autopilot, selects flight director go-around mode, and activates a missed approach, says Cessna. The company says it will start the four-seat single-power-lever aircraft at $515,000.

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Picking Up the Pieces in Oklahoma back to top 

Aviation Group Provides Aid To Tornado Victims

Sky Hope Network, a nonprofit organization, is raising money through June 1 to support members of the aviation community affected by the destructive tornado that hit near Oklahoma City on Monday. "FAA personnel, staffers, escrow agents, and airport and FBO support workers in the OKC region are victim to a range of personal losses," says the Network at their website. "They need immediate assistance from the wider aviation business community." All funds collected will go directly to the victims, the group said. Aerobridge, a nonprofit that coordinates general-aviation relief efforts, told AOPA no pilot volunteers are needed since the affected areas are accessible by road.

On Tuesday, the death toll from the tornado was estimated at 24, including 9 children. The tornado was officially classified as a Category 5, the most destructive category, by the National Weather Service. It traveled across the ground for about 50 minutes along a path more than a mile wide, damaging and destroying scores of buildings in the city of Moore and Oklahoma City. The FAA reported no damage to airports or navaids in the area, AOPA said.

Continental Extends TBOs Up to 400 Hours || Click for 
Continental Motors Extends TBOs Up to 400 Hours!
TBOs are increased on our Gold Standard Factory-produced engines. The majority of engine models manufactured after February 2012 beginning with serial number 1006000 will see TBOs increase by 200 hours with frequent flyers receiving up to 400 hours. In 2012, Continental Motors introduced its Gold Standard Factory Rebuilt and New Engines. These engines incorporate improvements in technology and manufacturing processes that have allowed us to increase the TBO. Click here for more details or call (800) 326‑0089 or (251) 436‑8292.
AOPA Foundation Reaches Out back to top 

AOPA Foundation Offers Grants

Under a new program called "Giving Back," the AOPA Foundation is providing a chance for nonprofit groups in general aviation and student pilots to apply for grants to support a variety of needs. The grants for nonprofit groups will be available in amounts up to $10,000, Stephanie Kenyon, a vice president of the foundation, told AVweb on Wednesday. "It can be a request for general operating support or it can be program-specific," Kenyon said. The training scholarships will be offered in amounts up to $5,000. The Foundation is also offering free AOPA memberships to teenagers and members of the armed forces.

The grant applications for nonprofit groups are due by July 1, Kenyon said, but the scholarships and membership programs are ongoing. This is the first year of the program, and depending on response, the offerings might change in subsequent years, she said. More details about the grant programs and how to apply can be found at the Foundation's website. AVweb's Mary Grady spoke with Kenyon about the program; click here to listen to the podcast.

Podcast: AOPA Foundation 'Giving Back'

File Size 6.0 MB / Running Time 6:36

Podcast Index | How to Listen | Subscribe Via RSS

The AOPA Foundation has launched a new initiative that aims to give away money to non-profit aviation groups and student pilots, as well as offering free AOPA memberships to teenagers and members of the armed forces. AVweb's Mary Grady spoke with Stephanie Kenyon, a vice president of the foundation, to learn more about it.

Click here to listen. (6.0 MB, 6:36)

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Masimo Introduces a Pulse Oximeter for
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From the leader in hospital pulse oximetry comes the world's first pulse oximeter for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that measures during movement and low blood flow to the finger. The iSpO2 allows you to noninvasively track and trend blood oxygenation (SpO2), pulse rate, and perfusion index – for sports and aviation use.* Click here for more information.

* Not intended for medical use.
Dr. Lercel, Aviation back to top 

First Ph.D. In Aviation Conferred

St. Louis University's Parks College has conferred the first-ever Ph.D. in Aviation in the U.S. to Damon Lercel. The school has been working on establishing the degree for 10 years and the new doctor says it's an important milestone in aviation education. "The program offered not only an in-depth immersion in research, but also opportunities to interact with both the domestic and international aviation industries." Lercel said, "It's a victory for the advancement of aviation." The degree was also the first for the school.

Dean Theodosios Alexander Sc.D said it's part of the school's program to up the ante in aviation and engineering studies. "Parks College is dedicated to excellence in research-led education via building collaborative and inter-disciplinary research capabilities. The doctoral programs in aviation and engineering are part of the foundation for the national and international recognition of Parks College as a leading powerhouse for cutting-edge, industry-relevant and science-driven research." Lercel's studies were funded by Dr. Manoj Patankar, the executive director of the Center for Aviation Safety Research at the school.

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Manufacturers Make News at EBACE back to top 

Planemakers Provide Updates At EBACE

At this week's European Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition, in Geneva, Switzerland, representatives from leading business-jet companies provided updates on their newest airplanes. Honda Aircraft Co. CEO Michimasa Fujino said the HondaJet is nearly ready for the final phase of flight testing, and the production line is ready to build customer aircraft. Construction is underway on a customer-service center in Greensboro, N.C., to provide aftermarket support. "Our team is working very hard to bring the HondaJet to market as quickly as possible," Fujino said. The company said recently it expects certification in 2014. Officials from Embraer and Bombardier also provided updates.

Bombardier introduced a new model, the Challenger 350, an upgraded version of the 300, with new engines, avionics, and cabin-management features. The super-midsize jet is scheduled to start deliveries next year and will sell for about $26 million. Embraer officials said the Lineage 1000 jet has achieved steep-approach certification enabling it to land at airports like London City. The company also now has a Legacy 650 simulator available for training, and is expanding its customer support facilities in Europe.

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What You Missed in AVwebBiz This Week back to top 

Pilatus Introduces PC-24 TwinJet

Pilatus, best known for its PC-12 turboprop, on Tuesday released details of the PC-24, which will be the company's first jet. At the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland, board chairman Oscar Schwenk said the "super-versatile" jet will be able to use very short runways, paved or unpaved, and a cargo door will be standard. The cabin can be fitted with up to 10 seats, or six to eight in executive configuration. Range is up to 2,243 miles with four passengers, and maximum speed is 425 knots. The PC-24 is powered by two Williams FJ44-4A turbine engines. The jet project was launched last summer and work on the prototype "is in full swing" in Switzerland, the company said. First deliveries are expected in 2017, at a price of about $9 million.

"Over ten years ago, we started asking our PC-12 customers what they would like to see in the next Pilatus aircraft," said Schwenk. "The answers were always the same: Further and faster -- whilst retaining the much appreciated strengths of the PC-12, such as the ability to use very short runways. It was a huge challenge for our development team!" The company has designed its own "Advanced Cockpit Environment" system, which aims to reduce workloads, and it will be single-pilot certified. The passenger cabin, at 23 feet long, is somewhat larger than the PC-12's, which is about 17 feet. The jet rollout is scheduled for the third quarter of 2014 and first flight is expected soon after. The program is financed "entirely from company funds," according to Tuesday's news release.

Click here for a video look at the new jet.

Video: Pilatus Unveils PC-24 TwinJet

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At the European Business Aircraft Conference & Exhibition in Geneva this week, Pilatus unveiled its design for a new twin-engine jet that can operate from short and unpaved runways.

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International Association of Flight Training Professionals (IAFTP)
How Should IAFTP Ensure That Its Members Are Professional
Contributors to Flight Training in More than Name Only?

What are the corporate characteristics that might create a common bond?
What do they do as individual organizations that demonstrates their industry professionalism?
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AVweb Insider Blog: NORDO No More

For months, the local pilots have been spanking Paul Bertorelli in his Cub for not having a working radio. Now, with his powerful SP400, he can fight back. And those Aunt Janes in the pattern are wondering if his NORDO days weren't preferable.

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FBO of the Week: St. Clair County Airport (KPLR, Pell City, Alabama)

Nominate an FBO | Rules | Tips | Questions | Winning FBOs

AVweb's "FBO of the Week" ribbon goes to St. Clair County Airport (KPLR) in Pell City, Alabama.

AVweb reader Mike Grossberg got the royal treatment there recently:

The service is "over the top" at this beautiful country airport. The airport manager, Larry, answered my airport advisory request and offered to meet me on the ramp with the rental car as I taxied in from landing. Larry escorted us to the transient hangar, helped push the plane in, and gave us directions. This lovely airport even has a shady gazebo for watching the airplanes come and go. Real Southern hospitality at its best.

Keep those nominations coming. For complete contest rules, click here.

AVweb is actively seeking out the best FBOs in the country and another one, submitted by you, will be spotlighted here next Monday!

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Picture of the Week: AVweb's Flying Photography Showcase

Our latest winning photo comes from Dale Morris of Woodland, CA. Click here for the rest of this week's submissions.
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