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April 5, 2006

NewsWire Complete Issue

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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What A Difference Two Years Makes back to top 
Avidyne FlightMax EX500

Mooney Comes Back With A Vengeance

AVweb's special coverage of the Sun 'n Fun air show in Lakeland, Florida, continues. Watch for more, Friday.

Once the undisputed leader in high performance, Mooney was not too long ago sent to the canvas by that vexing mix of product liability, recession and management unable to overcome the challenges of the day. It soon re-emerged as the bastard child of a promoter's nightmare, and seemed destined to fall again and maybe for good. But now it's back ... Bigtime. Mooney CEO Gretchen Jahn made clear that her team believes Mooney is a manufacturer for the ages and is no longer content to rest on the laurels of 130 speed records and 11,000 aircraft sold. We told you Monday there were rumors of a new Mooney. Tuesday we found out what that meant. Mooney has mated its basic planform with a new engine and says the offspring leaves composite upstarts wallowing in its slipstream. Simply put, if Jahn wasn't reading the glass displays wrong on the way to Sun 'n Fun, the new turbonormalized Mooney Acclaim may soon look to claim title as the fastest certified piston single out there. It may also have the longest legs. Based on the attitude of the Mooney folks who did the highly-theatrical unveiling of what, to all the world, looked like a Bravo with a fancy paint job, it was clear something was up. Mooney staff, looking cool while dressed in black (it felt like 80-degrees in the shade, today), pulled the black cover from the plane to reveal Hahn in the cockpit. It was different, it was fun -- and it was not at all like the reserved atmosphere that has hung over Mooney news conferences for the past five years. We've grown used to the succession of CEOs promising the Mooney of old and failing. This was fresh and there was a tangible essence that it was something special.

236 KTAS, 25,000 feet, 20.6 GPH

Jahn flew the plane from Kerrville, Texas to Lakeland, Florida and told the large crowd of media (and the just plain interested) that those were the numbers she got. She also said that because the plane is a prototype, they expect performance to improve once the 280-hp, Continental TSIO 550G is tweaked to make the most of its new home. The speed is important because it's exactly one knot faster than Columbia Aircraft's posted maximum cruise for its fixed-gear turbo 400 model. AVweb has received several unconfirmable emails from obvious Mooney fans who claim Jahn is actually soft-peddling the performance of the Acclaim and that 250 KTAS is closer to its real enroute speed. Wait for this one to play out. The aerodynamically inclined will tell you that kind of math is very hard (read: unlikely) to achieve. Range predictions are also hard to compare to Columbia, which claims 1,300 nm at max cruise carrying 98 gallons. Mooney says the Acclaim will go 1615 nm with 130 gallons in a long-range package -- but at pulled back to 200kts.

The Acclaim looks very much like a Bravo, except for some rather impressive looking wing tips and the huge cowl openings that keep things cool in front of the firewall while eliminating the need for cowl flaps. The new plane has a full Garmin G1000 package on the panel and leather interior, which fit one of our editor's six-foot three-inch frame just fine, thank you very much. And yes, the Acclaim does come with a built-in oxygen system and the only FAA-approved flight into known icing package in its class, according to Mooney. The price is $495,000. Say bye-bye to the Bravo, Jahn says it's replacement has been found in the Acclaim. Testing, tweaking, and probably some well-deserved gloating will continue through summer. But when it's over (expect sometime in the 3rd quarter of this year) delivery of Mooney's new Acclaim begins.

Avidyne Avidyne Offers Complimentary XM WX Subscription with EX500 MFD Purchase
Avidyne is offering a 12-month subscription to XM's Aviator LT satellite weather service at no additional cost with the purchase of an Avidyne EX500 multi-function display (MFD) between April 1 and June 30, 2005. The offer provides further incentive for pilots to upgrade their aircraft panels with Avidyne's popular MFD featuring full-overlay moving map, multi-channel datalink, and the highest resolution display available. Stop by Avidyne's Sun 'n Fun booth (#D-043-044), or go online for complete details.

   Visit Avidyne at Sun 'n Fun Booths #D-043-044
Piper Digs Out back to top 
Bose® Aviation Headset X

Piper Factory Rebuilt, Product Line Getting Makeover

There are fewer more compelling hard-luck stories out there than Piper's recent history. But with "concrete bunkers" to replace its hurricane-ravaged buildings, new airplanes on the way (including -- somewhere in the distance -- the long-awaited jet), a seemingly re-energized de-unionized and united front office and factory floor, and a healthy increase in sales, Jim Bass, the company's new CEO, told a news conference Tuesday at Sun 'n Fun that the death watch for Piper is over. "This is a great American story," he said without a hint of corniness to a jaded press corps that had dutifully covered previous pronouncements of this sort with a healthy dose of skepticism. But Bass, in his "first outing" since taking over the company six months ago, gave some rapid-fire reasons for optimism as he touted his Piper as "the grand old lady of the ball." Piper struggled along with other GA companies after 9/11 but got hammered by circumstances beyond its control that others didn't, at least not to the same extent. The 2003 recall of new Lycoming engines because of potentially faulty crankshafts halted production of some of its best-selling and most profitable lines. Ongoing labor problems plagued the company and at least four hurricanes have hit in the last couple of years.

Getting Back To Basics In Vero Beach

Bass, who replaced the popular Chuck Suma as CEO last fall (there was a bomb scare at the plant on the day of the announcement) said his first priority was to "concentrate on the employees and management." Whatever he did seemed to strike a chord with the workers and last week the National Labor Relations Board accepted a vote to decertify from their union. "We are coming together as one Piper team," the energetic Bass told the news conference. In fact, he repeatedly called the sprawling Vero Beach facilities the "Piper campus" The company is back to full production strength with more than 1,000 employees and sales are up between 25 and 30 percent. As if to hammer the stake through the heart of any remaining doubters Bass added with gusto, "and we're hiring!" A lot of Piper's buildings and infrastructure dated to the 1940s and 1950s and the hurricanes showed no mercy on the elderly structures. Most have been rebuilt or replaced with "hardened" buildings built to withstand future storms. But a few of the older buildings will be demolished to make way for improved ground facilities, like a new ramp. Most importantly, said Bass, production continues at full speed. "There are no restrictions on our capacity to build airplanes," he said.

New Piper Products On The Way?

Bass told the news conference that Piper is revamping its product line. For the past couple of years, the sole topic of news conferences has been the announcement that one or two Piper models was being outfitted with Avidyne Entegra glass cockpits. True to form, Tuesday's press conference started with the announcement that the Seminole, the last(?) of the steam gauge Pipers, was getting glass. But Bass also detailed Piper's aggressive winter recruiting campaign (depicting palm trees on the beach) aimed at attracting engineers and designers from Detroit and Wichita. It seems the next generation of Piper aircraft, needs another thirty design engineers, another 10 manufacturing engineers and some fifty production workers. As for plans for a Piper jet, Bass was matter-of-fact that Piper was developing its strategy for the jet project and wouldn't give any details until he had details to give. In response to the question of how many engines it would have (one like the Cirrus and Diamond "personal jets" or two like the Eclipse and Cessna Mustang) Bass declined comment entirely ... so long as you don't count laughter. "It's taking all the energy I have not to answer your question," he said. It's rumored that Piper has had a plywood mockup of a proposed jet for several years.

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   Visit Bose at Sun 'n Fun Booths #E-014 & SNF-009
News Briefs back to top 

Airshow Legend Sean D. Tucker OK After Bailout

Details were still sketchy at our deadline, but yesterday morning at about 10:30 Sean D. Tucker was practicing a routine in Red River Parish, La., when the airplane had a problem, and he had to bail out. Expected to fly the Columbia 400 at the Sun 'n Fun this weekend, at least one early report said Tucker "flew out of the Red River Parish Airport to practice his routine for a weekend air show." The same report identified the crash aircraft as "the Challenger Aerobatic Bi-Plane." According to early reports, Tucker experienced a loss of elevator control not long after takeoff. He was able to establish a climb with trim and troubleshoot for about 10 or 15 minutes. Once the decision was made that a safe landing wasn't possible, he "flew until it was empty," according to Karl Koeppen who was quoted by local news as a spokesman for Tucker. The performer abandoned the airplane at about 8,500 feet over an uninhabited area. Tucker's exit wasn't smooth and he momentarily got hung up on the tail of the airplane but freed himself and landed safely under canopy. The airplane was destroyed when it crashed into a cotton field but nobody on the ground was hurt. The landowner witnessed who witnessed the event said, "I just saw the dust when the plane hit ... and a few miles away I saw him parachute down." Tucker regularly flies a his Challenger biplane. He is scheduled to perform at Sun 'n Fun Thursday through Sunday this week and also is scheduled to debut a new routine in a Columbia 400, demonstrating upset recovery techniques. At our deadline, there was not yet confirmation or cancellation regarding his plans to fly this weekend.

A 'New' Navion On The Way

The first "zero-time" Navion to be built in 30 years is expected to be on the grounds at Sun 'n Fun today. According to an email from Navion Aircraft International's Wes Sanda, the plane was to have arrived in Lakeland last night from the factory (yep, that's the right word) in St. Paul, Minn. Details are a little sketchy about the aircraft and we're not sure what the company's definition of "zero time" is since the FAA registry gives the manufacture date of the aircraft as 1947 but we'll track it down today.The type certificate for Navion was purchased in 2002 by Sierra Hotel Aero Inc. and Navion is now described as a division of that company. The Navion was originally built by North American (some of the same engineers involved in the P-51 helped design it) in 1946 and was bought by Ryan Aeronautical in 1947. A succession of owners, all of whom strugged to relaunch the speedy single, progressively gave up and the certificate was in the hands of the American Navion Society for decades.

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   Visit Trade-A-Plane at Sun 'n Fun Booths #A-001-003
News Briefs back to top 

Evektor's Cobra On Schedule

Somewhat Navion-like but altogether new, the Cobra is a 4/5 place very roomy, very comfortable looking aircraft that may also offer great visibility a 1000nm range and 155kt cruise speeds. Useful load for the 200hp version is 1105 pounds (there's a 315hp version that can carry 1260 lbs at 175kts). Evektor America is billing the all-metal retractable low-wing as a luxurious cruiser with the "widest cabin in its class" (51.1 inches). The Vut 100 Cobra is slated for full FAA Part 23 certification my next summer's (2007) AirVenture, but the company says positions for first U.S. deliveries are available, now. "Deliveries should start early next year, with FAR-23 certification approximately 6 months later," according to the company. If absolute room and comfort are your game, this may be one to watch. For more, see Evektor online

Busy Times At Avidyne

Avidyne Corp. made the most of this week's aviation gathering to announce a slew of new products and services. The company's TAS600 series of Traffic Advisory Systems is now approved for retrofit installation in the Garmin G1000 flight deck. The TAS provides verbal alerts on the position of other transponder-equipped aircraft within a range of up to 21 nm. The TAS is also available in new packages with a multifunction display that incorporates a moving map with lightning, terrain, obstacles, and weather info. The company also announced a new warranty option that will give customers a replacement unit when products are returned for service. And there's more. Avidyne said it's beefing up its customer support with new hires and a bigger inventory to reduce downtime on repairs and exchanges. The company also said New Piper will equip the PA-44 Seminole multi-engine trainer with the Integra flight deck, and both Diamond and Symphony Aircraft will offer the TAS600s as factory options.

Visit LightSPEED Aviation at Sun 'n Fun 2006 Mach 1 Headset by LightSPEED: Quietness of a Full-Size Headset
LightSPEED introduces the MACH 1, an in-the-ear platform with tiny digital speakers giving you the rich sound of a concert hall. The "born to be worn" MACH 1 packs a lot for its size. Featherweight boom contours to your face, picking up your voice with crystal clarity as you talk with ATC or on your cell phone. To order, contact a LightSPEED dealer or call (800) 332-2421 (PST business hours). Click here to view the 60-second MACH 1 video, or (better yet) try it out at Sun 'n Fun booths D-052-053 and D-075.

   Try it out at Sun 'n Fun Booths #D-052-053 & 075
News Briefs back to top 

Cub Convoy Cute As Can Be

One after another, squeaking onto the runway under the hot Florida sun, a seemingly endless stream of bright yellow Cubs arrived at Sun 'n Fun Monday afternoon. They kept coming.... for half an hour... then another half hour.... and finally, after an hour and a half, all 108 Cubs had landed neatly, and taxied off to park wingtip-to-wingtip on the grass next to the warbird ramp. Cubs have always had their fans, but they seem to be growing ever more popular, with several manufacturers bringing out new designs inspired by the original Piper classic. This week at Sun 'n Fun, American Legend Cub is showing off for the first time its Legend Cub Special, a variant of of its two-place sport aircraft. The Special features leather interior, adjustable pilot air vents, an interior light, and an avionics package with the Garmin SL40 Comm and GTX 327 transponder, a panel-dock-mounted Garmin 396 color moving map GPS, and a PS Engineering intercom. Other standard features of the Special are strobe, Nav, interior and landing lights; an air/oil separator; an oil quick drain; a composite propeller; and large 8.00 x 6 tires. An optional EFIS package includes the new Dynon FlightDEK-D180. The new version also sports a new two-tone paint scheme incorporating a sweeping curve that divides top and bottom of the fuselage. A Legend Cub on floats is spending the week docked at Winter Haven Airport, available for visits and demo flights.

A Full Spectrum Of GPS's -- In Color

Garmin's 396 offers an uber-impressive handheld color moving-map gps in a unit that is terrain-aware, capable of imitating a full panel of flight instruments, and brimming with more features than most average pilots might safely use while attempting to concurrently control an aircraft. An offering for those who tend to shop in another price point entirely (under $500) Lowrance's Airmap 600c brings color and terrain awareness to the less indulgent masses. Shown off at their booth at Sun 'n Fun, the brightly colorful screens of Lowrances latest offerings drew crowds in the middle of the afternoon, on a Tuesday. For those who believe the best isn't always the most capable, but simply what's best for your needs the range of handheld gps offerings is growing fast. Not good enough? How about synthetic vision for your pda?

Teledyne-Continental Motors PowerlinkTM FADEC Certified on Liberty XL-2; Is It Right for Your Aircraft?
Liberty Aerospace is the first certified piston-powered aircraft with PowerLinkTM FADEC as standard equipment. PowerLinkTM FADEC is now also available for several additional certified and experimental aircraft, including the A-36 Bonanza and VANS RV series. Find out how you can bring your aircraft into the state-of-the-art online.

   Visit TCM at Sun 'n Fun Booths #N-093-102
Images We Remember back to top 

Image Galleries

AVweb's Sun 'n Fun Image Gallery, Day 1

Sun 'n Fun Feature: Real World "Air Shows" From Days Past

From 2004:
Thunderbirds Crash -- Truth In Images -- a collection of still and video images.
DHL Airbus Hit By SAM Over Baghdad -- images of the stricken aircraft as it lands.

From 2005
Standard Floats, Dry Runway Departure -- video of a water-only equipped Beaver departing a land base with some creative piloting.

Columbia Simplifies Buying & Selling All Aircraft Brands
Selling an aircraft can be a challenging odyssey. Aircraft owners need to: locate a broker with national resources to sell for top dollar; select and utilize the most effective advertising; access no-cost, no-obligation finance pre-qualification; consult aviation tax experts; and obtain insurance quotes with higher liability limits. Columbia Aircraft has created a tool to assist pilots and aircraft owners of all brands. Check out their web site.

   Visit Columbia Aircraft at Sun 'n Fun Booths #MD-020B & C
AVweb Audio back to top 


Coming up, Friday: Don't miss the first part of our interview series with FAA administrator Marion Blakey.

Online, now: Hear FAA spokesman Greg Martin in his own words as air traffic control contract negotiations reach new levels of dissonance. Listen to an update on the possibility of user fees for general aviation as Jane Garvey talks to Senators, hear Columbia's plan to stir up the air show this week at Sun 'n Fun; NTSB's call for action as CRJ's show a potential for fire; the passing of The Great Escape pilot, and more. AVweb's latest audio newscast is available today. Click here to listen.

If you missed AVweb's Friday interview with Diamond Aircraft's Peter Mauer, find it online, here.

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Attention, flight instructors! Wouldn't it be nice to renew your flight instructor certificate from the comfort of home? ASA's FAA-approved Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic (FIRC) provides everything you need to renew your flight instructor certificate for 2 more years. Features over 11 hours of professional DVD presentations, supported with internet-based evaluation and course tracking. You don't need to be online for the entire duration of the course. For complete details, visit ASA's web site.

   Visit ASA at Sun 'n Fun Booths #B-059-061
Your Favorite FBOs back to top 

FBO of the Week: Banyan Air Service, Fort Lauderdale

AVweb's "FBO of the Week" contest is sponsored by Aviation Safety magazine, the monthly journal of risk management and accident prevention.

Thanks to all the pilots and AVweb readers who took time to nominate their favorite FBOs in our "FBO of the Week" contest. Today's ribbon finds its target in Florida.

AVweb's "FBO of the Week" ribbon goes to BANYAN AIR SERVICE at FXE in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Nominate Your Favorite FBO

Keep those nominations coming. AVweb is actively seeking the best FBO's in the country and another one, submitted by you, will be spotlighted here next Monday!
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AVweb's Business AVflash

HAVE YOU SIGNED UP yet for AVweb’s NO-COST twice monthly Business AVflash? Reporting on breaking news, Business AVflash also focuses on the companies, the products and the industry leaders that make headlines in the Business of Aviation. Business AVflash is a must read. Watch for a Business AVflash regular feature, TSA WATCH: GA IN THE "SPOTLIGHT". Sign up today at http://www.avweb.com/profile/

Low-Cost Digital Replacement Transponders!
Narco Avionics proudly announces the availability of their all-new Value Series plug & play line of digital transponders. The Value Series is designed for the cost-conscious owner. Narco's Value Series plug & play transponders include the AT165/VS (a replacement for the AT50 through AT155), the AT165/KA/VS (a replacement for the KT76A/78A), and the AT165/K/VS (a replacement for the KT76/78). Coming Soon: Narco's AT165/C and AT165/C/VS, plug & play replacements for the ARC (Cessna) RT359A/RT459A. For more information, visit Narco Avionics online.

   Visit ASA at Sun 'n Fun Booth #B-082
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Power Flow's Short Stack Approved for Cessnas, Grummans, & Pipers
Power Flow Systems, manufacturers of FAA-certified tuned exhaust systems, has a new "short stack" exhaust pipe for Skyhawks, Cardinals, Piper PA-28s, and Grumman AA5 series aircraft. The new STC'd short stack looks better while still providing up to 23 more available horsepower. For more information on the right tuned exhaust system for your aircraft, visit Power Flow's booth at Sun 'n Fun or go online.
   Visit Power Flow Tuned Exhaust Systems at Sun 'n Fun Booth #A-044

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