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June 29, 2006

NewsWire Complete Issue

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
New Bags from Zuluworks Zuluworks Adds Three New Bags to Its Line-Up!
Introducing the Oryx Roller Office, the Topi Shoulder Pack, and the Mongoose Essentials Bag. Whether you're just going up for a quick spin or setting out on a week-long adventure, Zuluworks has all your bag needs covered. Prices starting at $29.95. To see the complete line and order direct, visit the Zuluworks web site.
Lockheed Martin Wants To Hear From You back to top 
Aviation Consumer's Used Aircraft Guide 

Next For Lockheed, The National Airspace System?

If Lockheed Martin proves successful with the AFSS transition, will the airspace system be next? The company recently teamed up with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to create the "Airport of the Future," a technology test bed at Daytona Beach International Airport. This "teaching airport" will demonstrate how to provide more comprehensive data to air traffic controllers, airport operators, security officials and airline dispatchers. "We believe that a strong transportation infrastructure is critical to our nation's economic well-being and our citizens' way of life," Judy Marks, president of Lockheed Martin Transportation and Security Solutions, said last week at a briefing of the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. "What works today may not be effective tomorrow," said Marks. "For example, when you add micro-jets to the mix by 2025, you need to fundamentally change the National Airspace System and our airports. When it comes to transportation innovation, we must look with a long eye toward the future."

New Web Site Launched For AFSS Feedback

Lockheed Martin, which last year took over operation of Automated Flight Service Stations (AFSS), this week launched a new AFSS Pilot Information Web Portal for GA pilots. The Web site provides a feedback mechanism where pilots who use AFSS services can register complaints, comments or compliments. The site also includes contact information for each AFSS, system status reports, and general information about using the system. The new information portal will serve on an interim basis until the spring of 2007, when the new Web-based FS-21 system is expected to be deployed, the company said. The FS-21 portal will enable pilots to file flight plans online, plus provide weather, NOTAMs and other services. Pilots can easily sign up and gain a member logon to the new site by providing just an e-mail address and password. "We want pilots to log on to the site frequently and tell us how we're doing," Dan Courain, vice president for Flight Services at Lockheed Martin Information Technology, said in a news release. "Feedback from our users is critical as we strive to maintain excellent service on a continuing basis." Lockheed Martin Information Technology assumed operation of all Flight Service Stations in October 2005 after being awarded a $1.7 billion outsourcing contract by the FAA.

AOPA Lists Performance Parameters

When Lockheed took over the system, the company set its performance standards high. AOPA this week provided details of what kind of service you should be getting -- and said if you're not getting it, you should report that via the feedback form on the new Web portal. (After all, you paid for it.) According to AOPA, the AFSS should answer your phone call within 20 seconds and radio calls within 5 seconds. You must receive service from your radio call within 15 seconds. PIREPs must be processed within 30 seconds and within 15 seconds if they are urgent. Briefers must have knowledge of the unique weather conditions in your area. Briefers must meet those standards whether it is a busy, clear summer day or a slow, dreary day in winter, AOPA says. And if Lockheed doesn't live up to those standards, the company will face financial consequences. "If your telephone or radio call isn't answered promptly, I would be registering a complaint through their Web site," said Melissa Rudinger, AOPA vice president of regulatory affairs. "We want to make sure the modernization is done right ... If pilots report when and where they have service problems, Lockheed will be able to address and correct those issues."

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Aviators Prep For Trek To AirVenture

As thousands of pilots polish their airplanes and study their NOTAMs for the flight to Oshkosh, less than four weeks away, exhibitors too are busily getting ready to show off the latest of everything. Diamond's brand-new D-Jet will arrive at AirVenture on Wednesday morning, July 26, taxi into Aeroshell Square, fly a demo at 2 p.m., then head back to work in Ontario. "We look forward to publicly showcasing our latest achievement for the first time at AirVenture and sharing with the industry our excitement and prospects for the D-Jet," said CEO Christian Dries. Cessna has promised to unveil its Light Sport Aircraft concept aircraft on Monday the 24th. The one-of-a-kind experimental HondaJet, which made a brief visit last year, will return and stay for the whole week, EAA says. The Javelin jet prototype will be too busy with flight testing to make it to Oshkosh, ATG spokeswoman Sara Newton told AVweb on Tuesday. But the company will be there with a mock-up, right off Aeroshell Square. Just yesterday, the company announced a few final tweaks to the design, and said the airframe is now "frozen" so suppliers can start producing the production parts. Newton promises more announcements to come just before the show. Austin Blue, of Spectrum Aeronautical, told us the company is fully occupied right now with technical development of its highly anticipated Spectrum 33 bizjet, so won't be staffing a booth at the show. The jet first flew in April. Go to each company's Web site for videos of the jets in flight.

AVweb's Coverage -- Text, Pictures, And Audio

Whether you're at home, in the office or at your hotel in Wisconsin, AVweb's intrepid news staff will bring it all to you. This year's expanded AVwebFlash schedule will deliver the news to your inbox Monday, Wednesday and Friday, July 24 to 28. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, we'll supplement that with special expanded podcasts. Image galleries will be posted online at Monday, July 31, we'll wrap it all up and get back to the regular schedule. And you'll get to enjoy it all via our brand-new redesigned Web site, due to launch soon, with all of our great content, easier navigation, and a crisp, readable look.

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Light Aircraft And The Struggle To Survive back to top 

Symphony 160: Cash Needed, Customers Waiting

Symphony Aircraft, based in Quebec, has been through many ups and downs already in its short life, and President Paul Costanzo says the latest snag is just one more. "This thing's going to survive," Costanzo told reporters in an upbeat teleconference on Tuesday. But for that to happen, the company needs to raise at least $5.5 million. "That's about what we need, to execute our business plan," Costanzo said. "We've turned over every stone here in Quebec and have not been able to bring the capital in." Canadian tax rules give a hefty advantage to local investment, Costanzo said, but he's now issuing "last call" and looking to U.S. investors instead. Meanwhile, the company has cut its staff from about 30 down to 15. "We've been trying for months to work our way through this," Costanzo said. Some suppliers grew impatient with the cash crunch, forcing the company to go to court and seek protection from creditors. It's been one thing after another for Symphony Aircraft -- in 2003, its German parent company declared bankruptcy, shortly after starting up a brand-new production plant in Trois-Rivières. Costanzo worked then for almost seven months to put together a new company, and finally brought the two-seat Symphony 160 to the North American market.

The Product Will Prevail, Company Says

"We got calls from three different U.S. groups just today," Costanzo said. Those investors want the company to relocate, which would incur significant costs and downtime, but the company is ready to go if that's what it takes. Symphony recently announced a deal with Spartan School of Aeronautics to provide a fleet of about 40 training aircraft. "Spartan understands our situation, and they are standing by us," Costanzo said. "They'll give us some time to get it solved, but we know they won't wait forever." Meanwhile, the company is moving forward with plans to have a strong marketing presence at AirVenture 2006, coming up in just a few weeks. "We'll be there in full force, and might have some positive updates for you then," Costanzo said. An all-glass version of the 160 is nearing certification, and a diesel version and a four-seater are in the works.

Swearingen's SJ30-2 Business Jet The SJ30-2 Is the World's Fastest Light Business Jet
Not only is it fast; it has intercontinental range -- 560 mph and over 2800 sm range. The SJ30-2 is the most advanced light business jet in the sky today -- the perfect package of speed, range, and good looks. Click here for details.
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Stay Away From Nuclear Plants -- Unless FAA Routes You There

While GA pilots have been warned over and over to stay far away from nuclear plants (lest a Skyhawk might dive into one and ... bounce off), the FAA's proposed new departure routes from Westchester County Airport in New York would send airplanes directly above the Indian Point nuke. The plan is "a significant security risk that is not acceptable and must be avoided," according to Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano. U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel also was critical. "This decision by the FAA, coupled with the Homeland Security Department's decision to cut funding for New York City, makes me wonder what these people are smoking," he told Spano said the FAA's study of the airport was inadequate. "Precipitous reassignment of air traffic without the legally required level of review is unacceptable and could undo decades of hard work and good will," Spano said in a letter to the FAA's Steve Kelley. The county will soon unveil a Web site from which the public will be able to send "electronic postcards" to the FAA on the matter, Spano said.

Man Killed By Prop, Airplane Crashes Same Day

David Herrington, 74, had just climbed out of a Cessna 210 at Hayward (Calif.) Executive Airport on Sunday when he was hit by the propeller and killed. Herrington had been along on a banner-towing flight with pilot Robert Franklin, 58. Later that same day, Franklin took off in the 210 and the engine failed on climbout. Franklin was able to get the airplane down on a nearby golf course, and was unhurt. "We are all in shock," Brent Shiner, manager of the city airport, told "When you get a call about an incident and it was the same plane that we had just been out for, it was very disheartening ... We haven't had a fatality in I don't know how long." The FAA said a propeller should be inspected after a strike, and it wasn't yet known if this one had been checked before the last takeoff. The airplane was substantially damaged.

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Islanders Face Shutdown Of Lone Runway

The 1,000 or so residents of Block Island, 12 miles off the New England coast, are facing six weeks or more with no aviation access later this year, when the local airport corporation plans to close their lone 2,500-foot runway for reconstruction. That will leave islanders dependent on the off-season ferry schedule, or in an emergency, helicopter service from pricey private operators or the U.S. Coast Guard. Bill Bendokas, operator of New England Airlines, has proposed that the grassy area adjacent to the runway should be made available so he can continue to fly the airlines' six flights per day. At a recent meeting about the shutdown, concerns were raised that using the grass would disturb the habitat of the endangered burying beetle. "That time of year, on the ferry schedule, it's tough for islanders to get to the mainland, conduct business or get to a doctor's appointment, and get back the same day," Bendokas told AVweb on Tuesday. The ferry trip takes about an hour, while the flight is just 12 minutes. Patti Goldstein, a spokeswoman for the state airport corporation, told AVweb that the grass-runway option will be looked into. "We want to work with the community," she said, and added that another meeting on the matter will be scheduled soon.

Meigs: Chicago Pays $200K To Fight $33K Fine

"It may be time for the city to re-evaluate this strategy," Laurence Msall, president of the Civic Federation, a budget watchdog group, told Crain's Business News. The FAA levied the $33,000 fine against the city last October for failing to provide advance notice of its intent to close (that is, bulldoze) Meigs Field three years ago. The city has spent even more to fight FAA allegations that it misused $2.9 million in airport development funds, according to Crain's, and claims the fight is about more than money. The city has said that to simply pay the fine could damage its position in other continuing legal battles over Meigs. Friends of Meigs Field, an advocacy group, continues to lobby for bringing airplanes back to the site. The city's recent proposal to open a private heliport on public lakefront land shows the baselessness of the city's position that it needs a "no-fly zone" for security reasons, according to the group.

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Blue Origin Reveals Spaceport Plan

The FAA has released its draft Environmental Assessment for a plan by Blue Origin to build a spaceport in West Texas. The move was welcomed by space fans as a move forward in what seems to be an excruciatingly slow-moving process, and a glimpse into what the secretive company has in the works. The FAA report says Blue Origin plans to launch reusable launch vehicles to altitudes above 325,000 feet. The spaceport plans include a launch complex, a training facility and a landing area. Space Review gleaned a few more facts from the 229-page document -- the planned reusable launch vehicle (RLV), dubbed the "New Shepard," will take off vertically, using hydrogen peroxide and kerosene as propellants. A separate crew capsule atop the propulsion module could carry three or more paying passengers. After zooming 100 kilometers into space, the RLV would return to a vertical landing, or under another scenario, the crew capsule would separate and land beneath a parachute. The entire trip would take about 10 minutes. Operations could start as soon as 2010.

Mooney CEO Wins Air Race Classic

It's been good times for Mooney lately, with the introduction of two speedy new models in the past few months, and fair winds were with the company again last week, when CEO Gretchen Jahn took first place in the Air Race Classic, recording an average speed near 195 knots. In her 14th year in the race, Jahn and teammate Carol Foy flew a Mooney M20 R Ovation2 GX over a 2,400-mile course from Arizona to Michigan. Thirty-seven aircraft competed in the all-woman race, which traces its origins to the original Women's Air Derby in 1929. "This event is one of the highlights of my year every year, but this year will obviously be a memorable one," said Jahn. "I am especially pleased to represent my colleagues and fellow employees at Mooney, and Carol and I owe them a special 'thank you' for building us such a great airplane and helping us prepare for this race. They certainly deserve a great deal of credit for contributing to this victory." Jahn and Foy will split a $5,000 cash prize.

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On The Fly...

The pilot was killed Tuesday morning when a BD-5J microjet crashed near Ocean City, Md., while flying in military radar tests. Another BD-5J pilot died in a crash two weeks ago in Ottawa...

The pilot of a helicopter that crashed in North Carolina in 2004, killing a sheriff on board, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. Prosecutors say the pilot was not licensed to fly the helicopter and failed to maintain it in an airworthy condition...

OurPlane has teamed with a fractional yacht company, so you can fly in your fractional Eclipse jet to the seaside resort where your fractional yacht awaits...

Kids out of school and getting on your nerves? Try an aviation day camp...

Two Navy F/A-18 Hornets collided over California Monday; one pilot was killed and the other was seriously hurt...

Boeing is trying to unload its Connexion in-flight wireless system, which has failed to make money after five years of trying...

Wind-farm projects across the U.S. are still stalled, while the FAA waits for a Defense Department report that was due in May. The FAA is worried about impacts of the wind turbines on radar...

A milestone was reached last week for the project that used ultralights to reintroduce endangered whooping cranes to the wild -- for the first time in 100 years, wild chicks were born in the U.S. Midwest.


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As the Beacon Turns #102: The Eyes Have It
Flying is definitely a visual activity, and nowhere is that more obvious than when you're landing. Where you look has a big impact (sometimes literally) as Michael Maya Charles points out in this month's As The Beacon Turns column.

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Avidyne Introduces Large-Format Version of MHAS6000
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AVweb's "FBO of the Week" ribbon goes to COOK AVIATION, INC. at KBMG, Bloomington, IN.


Keep those nominations coming.

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LSA has officially been with us for more than a year now — and last week AVweb asked if the Sport Pilot Rule is really bringing new pilots into the fold.

The greater part of you who took time to answer last week's question (46%, to be exact) thought said NOThe barrier isn't training; nor is it medical considerations, you wrote.  The barrier is money.

A much smaller (but still notable) 14% of our readership said that YES, Sport Pilot has removed some of the barriers that prevent new pilots from taking up flying.  According to those readers, we should expect a steady and growing flow of sport pilots as the years go by.

Another significant segment of respondents, 37%, told us to instead expect old pilots to retire to Sport Pilot status, [but] don't expect a big influx of new pilot starts due to the Sport Pilot rules.

Finally, 13 readers (3% of the total response group) told us that growing the pilot pool is not what Sport Pilot is about.  It's about legalizing fat ultralights, you said, and it's done that.

For real-time results of last week's question, click here.


This week, AVweb looks to the future and asks you to speculate on some of the possible perks of a privatized ATC system.  Are pilots overlooking the upsides of privatization?

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Summer rolls on — and photo submissions continue to roll in.  This week, we received just under 100 photos from readers all across the globe.  After an exhaustive gawking session (and a few minutes of heated debate), we managed to pick a handful of photos to share in our weekly "POTW" column.

This week's top photo comes to us courtesy of Eric Van Glider of Moorpark, California.  As a first-place winner, Eric should start watching his mailbox.  He'll receive an official AVweb baseball cap any day now — along with the thanks and well wishes of everyone here at AVweb.  We always enjoy looking at reader photos, so please send us some more!  Even if we don't pick yours as top winner in a given week — and believe us, the competition can be fierce at times — we'll still enjoy seeing it.  And with a little luck, your photo may end up here one Thursday morning, in front of more than 100,000 AVweb readers.


medium | large

copyright © Eric Van Gilder
Used with permission

"Dawn Patrol"

Eric Van Gilder of Moorpark, California cornered the top spot this week with a tried-and-true formula:  Classic plane + classic composition = one of our favorite "POTW" entries.  The Fokker, Eric tells us, is flown by pilot Jimmie New while the photo was taken from an accompanying Stearman just a few weeks ago.

AVweb continues to receive a large number of excellent images for our POTW contest. Here are some of the runners-up.  Due to privacy issues, AVweb does not publish e-mail addresses of readers who submit photos.

medium | large

copyright © Brian Emch,
Wings of Fury Aviation Photography

Used with permission

"Not-So-Calm Before the Storm"

Brian Emch of Lancaster, California turned up twice in this week's finalist pile.  But as much as we enjoyed his other photo, we couldn't pass up this one of Sean Tucker at this year's Riverside Air Show.  According to Brian, this was Tucker's "final ribbon cut in the Oracle prior to [the] accident."

For the camera buffs in the crowd, Brian got this terrific air show photo "with the Canon EOS digital Rebel with a Sigma 175-500 (+60%) AF lens."


medium | large

Used with permission of Garrett Nievin

"Reflections at Udvar-Hazy"

Garrett Nievin of Ashburn, Virginia attended the Become a Pilot Fly-In at the National Aeronautics and Space Museum this past weekend — along with Bruce Bohannon and the Exxon Flying Tiger.  Here, Garrett captures both man and machine in a rare moment of downtime, reflecting off the windows of an Udvar-Hazy Center hangar.


medium | large

copyright © Margaret Jackson
Used with permission

"Margaret's Monthly Splash-In"

Margaret Jackson of Lake Wales, Florida tells us this is "just one of the many monthly seaplane fly-ins in Florida."  They may be nothing special to Floridians, but to many of a us a moored seaplane is synonymous with summer ... .


medium | large

copyright © Gary L. Dikkers
Used with permission

"AT-6 and KC-135"

Gary Dikkers of Madison, Wisconsin sends us this image of "an AT-6 and a Wisconsin Air National Guard KC-135 at the Volk Air National Guard Base Fly-In [at] Camp Douglas, Wisconsin."

Wisconsin, eh, Gary?  Are you planning to stop in and visit with us at AirVenture this year?  (You can find us in Hangar C.)


medium | large

Used with permission of
Timothy O'Connor & Mark Webb

"Will Fly for Food"

Tim O'Connor of Cincinnati, Ohio recently took his girlfriend, Connie Brockman, for her first spin in his Twinstar Gyroplane.  According to Tim, both photos were shot while "on our way from the local EAA pancake breakfast ... to Sporty's (I69) for hot dogs."  (We all know about the $100 hamburger, but man — were you guys just trying to get your money's worth?)

In the inset, Tim cheekily gives Connie the caption Why Aren't You Supposed to Look Down?

Distance photo taken by Mark Webb. and used with his kind permission.


medium | large

copyright © Erwin Stam
Used with permission

"Dutch Wave for Fat Albert"

The Blue Angels arrive in the Netherlands for the first time since the 1960s, according to semi-regular "POTW" contributor Erwin Stam of Medemblik, North Holland.  Shot at Leeuwarden Air Base.

Thanks for the photo, Erwin — we'll let this wave from the 'Angels see us off this week.

To enter next week's contest, click here.

A Reminder About Copyrights: Please take a moment to consider the source of your image before submitting to our "Picture of the Week" contest. If you did not take the photo yourself, ask yourself if you are indeed authorized to release publication rights to AVweb. If you're uncertain, consult the POTW Rules or send us an e-mail.

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