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AirVenture 2006 Edition

July 24, 2006

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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Setting The Stage For Big Announcements

If size means anything, manufacturers displaying their wares at EAA AirVenture are exploiting its full potential. Many of the displays are noticeably larger, grander and more spectacle-oriented (which may just be an indication that, in the absence of anything really new, they've had time to hype up the hype). Of anticipated news, it's expected that Eclipse will have a big announcement about its 500 very light jet sometime during the show. (We've heard much more specific information, but Eclipse's press briefing isn't until Thursday). The first Eclipse 500 destined for customer ownership flew yesterday, and whatever other news is coming, the Eclipse display matches the magnitude of a grand announcement. Gone are the motivational-poster-style sign panels and replacing them is a theatre-style valance with a head-on shot of the airplane bearing down on a bright orange path painted down the middle of the display area. Eclipse may also upstage one of its competitors. Both Eclipse and Adam have scheduled news conferences for the same time on Thursday.

HondaJet Rumors (And Reality?)

True or rumor (we'll know soon) -- scuttlebutt around the Honda display yesterday imagined that the decision has been made to go into production with the HondaJet at a price in the current (rather broad) VLJ range -- now that the show's begun we'll soon see if that's fantasy or reality. For now, local lore suggests GE, which developed the allegedly ultra-efficient engines along with Honda, will be taking a big role in the commercial exploitation of the technology. Honda has always been a large, if somewhat peripheral, player at AirVenture. But perhaps fueling speculation of a big announcement, Honda is this year on the fringes no more and the HondaJet is the centerpiece of a massive collection of boy toys housed in a huge, carpeted tent with theatrical lighting and enough flat-screen televisions to outfit a sports bar. In the past, Honda has been a sponsor of one of the seminar pavilions and always put up an impressive display of motorcycles, ATVs, generators and other equipment on the edge of the main exhibit area. It continued in that vein last year, even when its innovative light jet made its flight debut at Oshkosh, with the corporate display set up as usual and the jet parked on Aeroshell Square.

Other Attention-Getters

Of course, not every airplane company has the budget to claim half an acre of prime real estate (this week) at Oshkosh, but that doesn't mean they don't stand out. For instance, a patch of grass between two exhibit hangars, can be seen from all over the grounds for the bright yellow copy Cub hoisted 10 feet in the air on a steel frame (advertising a different product altogether). Even EAA has turned up the Fun, Fun, Fun at this year's show, as expressed by a huge stage that went up in Aeroshell Square on Sunday. The Beach Boys will play a concert against a backdrop of military aircraft, business jets and war birds on Monday. There's no extra charge for the musical interlude. By mid-day Sunday, parking and camping areas were filling up and mass arrivals by Mooneys, Bonanzas and Cessnas had arrived. The west end of Runway 9/27 is filled with Cessna 172s, there to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the most popular airplane ever built.

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Garmin WAAS Coming Really Soon. No, Really

Garmin couldn't keep the cat in the bag about its new GPSMAP 496, but it still had a few surprises up its sleeve for its Sunday afternoon press conference. The WAAS-capable GNS 430W and GNS 530W (W for WAAS, get it?) will be available this fall for $10,750 and $16,495 respectively. Garmin is sticking with its word to owners of non-WAAS 400- or 500-series navigators with an upgrade cost of $1500. The G1000 is also getting WAAS capable. Unlike the panel-mount GPS navigators, the G1000 uses Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) for its GPS information and that redesign is much more complex, according to Garmin's Senior Director of Aviation Marketing and Sales Carl Wolf. "It's not like the 430/530 where you can just slide in a chip," says Wolf, "it's going to take a lot of certification work yet." The upgrade picture isn't pretty for current G1000 owners either. The actual upgrade in the airplane will be as simple as replacing the non-WAAS GIA 63 with the WAAS GIA 63W and some software tweaks. Getting that new LRU though will cost many thousands. Garmin can't say exactly how many because it will be up to each OEM to set prices and timelines for G1000 upgrades, as well as work with owners or core credits for exchanged non-WAAS GIA 63s

Note: Garmin's press conference presentation is available, here (as a PowerPoint .pps file).

Garmin Math: A G600 Is More Than Half A G1000

The bigger announcement was that Garmin is going after the retrofit market in three ways. The full G1000 system will be made available on select aircraft, one at a time, with the first instance being late-model King Air C-90s. No firm price is set but the estimate is $350,000. If you wish you could put a glass panel in your cardinal but that's a bit more than you planned to spend, you may get part of your wish. Garmin announced the G600, which houses two portrait-orientation screen (taller than they are wide) in a 6.75 inch by 10 inch bezel. The size is designed to fit in the area used by the six-pack in most airplanes. Of course, it's not quite that simple.You'll need to keep some backup instruments. One or two should go where the CDIs are, since the G600 has its own HSI. It's up to your how you want to beef-up the electrical system as well. You must have a GNS 430 or GNS 530 to go with the G600 as it can display flight plans, but can't enter them and has no GPS receiver of its own. The heading, altitude, and bugs are also for advisory only and won't communicate with any autopilot. Somewhere in between the G1000 and the G600 will be the G900X. This unit is a full G1000 sans the GFC700 autopilot, but will only be available for the Experimental market. In fact, it will only be available to select Lancair and RV builders to start with. The plus side this that the G900X will interface with several experimental-only autopilots and Garmin is putting extensive support behind both systems. The G600 and G900X will sell for $29,772 and $66,745 respectively -- but remember the G900X includes two NAV/COMs and two GPS.

GPS 496 Good On The Details

While the GPSMAP 496 we reported on Thursday was already old news by the conference, seeing it in action was cool. The new SafeTaxi system places the symbolic aircraft on high-resolution airport diagrams for over 600 airports. Smart Airspace automatically highlights airspace when the pilot might fly through it and automatically deemphasizes it when the airplane will pass above or below it. The map resolution is 11 times greater, making for stunning topographic and terrain-warning images and the update rate is now five hertz -- practically matching the performance of the real instruments in the airplane. AOPA's airport directory also coming preinstalled. ... Did we mention we're giving one 496 away at our booth?

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Owning And Flying Diamond's Diesel Twin

Aviation news tends to be made in the press area, a long way from the tie-down area at the west end of Wittman Regional Airport, but a couple of German pilots may have quietly made history when they touched down in a DA42 TwinStar (serial number 16) on Friday. Aircraft owner Wolfgang Daiser and his friend and co-pilot Michael Frohling flew from their home in Dusseldorf to Oshkosh, via Greenland, Canada, and New York. Flight time was about 38 hours and, while TwinStars have been showcased at the Diamond display for the past couple of years, theirs may be the first owner-flown copy to have made it to the show. Daiser said he and Frohling spent six months getting ready for the trip, including taking ditching survival training from the German Naval Air Force and doing a week-long course designed for mechanics on the TwinStar's systems. They wore stifling survival suits for the entire water portion of the journey and followed the drama of a Beech Baron as its crew ditched the crippled aircraft in the ocean off Greenland.

Daiser and Frohling said they were blessed with near perfect weather for the flight, and the TwinStar performed flawlessly, as it has since Daiser bought it. "When I bought it I thought I would either be on the leading edge or the bleeding edge," Daiser told AVweb. "I think I am on the leading edge." He said there have been no maintenance or repair issues with the aircraft in the 170 hours he's been flying the plane and he has a lot of confidence in the plane. He's also getting performance at least equal to his expectations. On a typical flight, he'll cruise at 10,000 feet with a true airspeed of 150 knots and burn about five gallons per hour on each side. If he's going for endurance, he'll drop back to 140 knots and decrease consumption to 4.3 gph. Daiser, an IT consultant, appears to fit the demographic Diamond had in mind for the TwinStar. A typical flight takes him to an island in northern Germany about a 1.5 hou r flight from home. He and his wife also like stretching the Diamond's legs a little with flights to France, England and Ireland. Daiser has about 600 hours total and IFR capability was essential because German weather limits VFR days. Although the TwinStar is a relatively complex airplane, features like FADEC and automatic propeller control ease the burden. "The plane is very easy to fly," he said, adding that the biggest learning curve was the G1000 glass panel.

Other Diamond Doings

While the TwinStar was Diamond's big draw at last year's show, the star attraction this year will be the appearance of the D-Jet, the single-engine personal jet that may find work in the air taxi business. Although details haven't been released, Diamond and Point2Point Airways, a North Dakota-based air taxi company, will be holding a joint news conference with Diamond this week. Diamond is also joining Ballistic Recovery Systems to talk about parachutes for the D-Jet, Powerflo Exhaust (to show off the installation on the new faster DA40XLS) and Utah State University, which is going all-Diamond in its flight school. AirVenture could be a chance to gauge reaction to Diamond's announcement last week that the D-Jet is going to be a lot more expensive than earlier predicted. The sticker price has ballooned from a projected $850,000 to $1.38 million. Diamond says that's because customers have been ordering the plane with every possible option, anyway, so it might as well be built that way as the standard model.

D-Jet Mock-up, First Impressions

Diamond's actual D-Jet will be coming to Oshkosh this week, but people are already checking out the mockup. The D-Jet interior isn't much bigger than most single-engine piston airplanes, but the view from the front is quite different. The mock-up has the full, three-screen G1000 with two audio panels, FMS-style keypad, and autopilot controls under the glareshield. Like most of the other VLJs, the layout looks simple compared to bigger jets, although it's even simpler in the D-Jet with only one power lever for its single engine. Diamond also left its penchant for a control stick behind, and gave the D-Jet conventional yokes. Click here to look inside the D-Jet mock-up for yourself.

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User Fee Discussion

A precedent-setting decision north of the border will undoubtedly come up in a discussion planned for EAA AirVenture on Tuesday. The General Aviation Manufacturers Association is hosting the forum and featured speakers include Cirrus CEO Alan Klapmeier and Cessna President Jack Pelton, along with NBAA President Ed Bolen, AOPA President Phil Boyer and GAMA President Pete Bunce. EAA President Tom Poberezny will moderate and the solidarity represented should send a strong message to the FAA. The session comes a week after the Canadian Transportation Agency upheld Nav Canada's decision to impose a so-called "daily charge" on general aviation aircraft using the country's seven busiest airports. GA operators will pay $10 for 24 hours of access to any or all of the airports but it's not the money that's bothering Kevin Psutka, president of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association. "The age of pay-as-you-go is upon us, indeed a very slippery slop e that has played out elsewhere in the world," Psutka said. "COPA considers this a devastating precedent that will most likely be expanded over time to capture more airports and/or services." AOPA says the Canadian experience will be repeated in the U.S. if user fees are allowed at all, a discussion senior levels of government are having with the FAA. "There can be no compromise on this issue in the United States," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "We won't be fooled by U.S. user fee proponents who think they can 'buy off' light GA by exempting us from per flight user fees." Boyer said the FAA seems to be trying to soften up the GA community (and its half a million or more votes) by exempting certain types of general aviation aircraft and operations from extra fees. "User fees for some mean user fees for all," Boyer said. "User fees for anyone would harm all of general aviation."

Turbo Cirrus

While original equipment manufacturers put the whole package together, GA has thousands of smaller companies that specialize in all the bits and pieces that go into an airplane. And when a good airplane like the Cirrus SR22 starts flying in numbers, there are plenty of specialists ready to make it better. When AVweb talked to George Braly, of General Aviation Modifications Inc. last winter, his Tornado Alley Turbo engineers were testing a turbonormalizing system for the Cirrus and hoped to have it ready for AirVenture. Looks like they made it. Cirrus has scheduled a news conference for Wednesday to discuss particulars of the system, which should maintain the SR22's airspeed while flying the high teens in altitude, resulting in a true airspeed in the 200-knot range.

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Columbia Still Fastest?

Columbia Aircraft says its 400 model remains "the undisputed speed champion" (Mooney might disagree) and a big reason for that is the Continental twin turbo TSIO 550C that pulls the composite airplane along at about 235 knots (true). To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Teledyne Continental Motors, Columbia has created the Columbia 400LCE (Limited Commemorative Edition). As you might expect, the aircraft is a fully decked out 400 with every bell and whistle offered by Columbia. It also has a platinum paint job. Only 10 will be made and joining that exclusive club has a price. The 400LCE will cost $676,700 and a non-refundable deposit of $35,000 is required to make you one of the 10.

Craving The Simple Life

Francessco Rizzi flys left-seat in an Alitalia Airbus for his day job, but his passion is decidedly old-school. He has designed the Aerolab Sport Camper to meet the LSA standards in the U.S. and Europe, as well as sell as a kit. The airplane is an open-cockpit, radial-engine powered taildragger. The wings are even made of wood. The instruments have an old style but reveal modern amenities -- such as an electrical system. The radial engines -- you have a choice of two -- are also both modern. The Parmatechnik Mikron IIIC is an 80-hp engine out of the Czech republic and the Rotec R2800 is a 110-hp model out of Australia. The Aerolab also comes in three versions, a biplane, a low-wing, and a parasol, high-wing. The complete kit, including engine, is under $50,000. There is no price for the certified LSA version yet, but the plan is to have it ready by next year's Oshkosh.

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What Have I Forgotten?

Most pilots planning to fly to Oshkosh likely prepare more for this arrival than any other, and with good reason. Spend a half hour listening to a handheld radio and the closely choreographed parade of airplanes landing less than a half mile apart, sometimes three at a time on the same runway, gives you some idea how important that advance preparation can be. Mostly, it goes off without a hitch, with tense, but friendly controllers welcoming and even congratulating pilots for their performance in some demanding conditions. But icy silence greeted the pilot of a 182 who landed on Runway 36R late on Sunday morning. "I'm out of gas," the pilot reported as the plane rolled out. Without comment, controllers smoothly shifted traffic to the parallel runway 36L with only one go-around. Within a minute or so, aircraft were landing long on 36R beyond the disabled 182 and shortly afterward the plane was moved off the runway and "normal" operations resumed. Unconfirmed reports suggest the same thing happened again sometime in the afternoon, this time on Runway 9.

On The Fly...

Welcome to our pre-show AirVenture 2006 photo-gallery (images captured before the show officially began). Watch this spot Wednesday for more...

Visit AVweb.com tomorrow for a podcast recorded on the grounds at Oshkosh...

BellAgusta has begun ground testing of its second prototype tilt rotor aircraft at the consortium's Italian facility in Carmeri. The first BA609C is undergoing flight tests in Arlington, TX and has been as high as 25,000 feet and flown as fast as 300 knots...

Space Adventures is now offering a spacewalk option when its well-heeled clients pay a visit to the International Space Station. For an extra $15 million (on top of the usual $20 million fee ... really, why wouldn't you), space tourists can take a 90-minute walk outside the station. An extra month of training is involved and the stay at the station is lengthened by about a week...

The Blue Angels will pay a visit to EAA AirVenture on Friday but they won't be staying. The team will make several formation flypasts about 10:45 a.m.

GA pilots and flight operations personnel from Moody Air Force Base in Georgia met to discuss how to share the airspace. About 50 local pilots from Valdosta Regional Airport attended the meeting.

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Reader feedback on AVweb's news coverage and feature articles:

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Offering up Ocean Air, Scott Burton told us, "The elegant and relaxing facilities make it worth the stop coupled with the extraordinary service and friendly people. Denise runs that FBO as best as I have ever seen and always with a smile. Truly one of the best FBOís I have been to and the service is impeccable."

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Short Final

The following was an exchange between a friend and a pre-flight briefer last weekend. The briefer got to the NOTAMS and there was one for a rocketry club near Schaumburg, IL...

Briefer : ... and Schaumburg has a warning that they'll be firing rockets.

My Friend: Man! First it's North Korea, now Schaumburg!

It took the briefer about two minutes to stop laughing enough to continue the briefing.

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