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Volume 12, Number 34b
August 24, 2006
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Security, Up In The Airback to top 
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With traveling on the airlines just getting worse, and ever more security restrictions and delays, some observers now are fretting that travelers will go looking for charter flights and encounter shady operators. "There's going to be a lot more guys out there calling themselves John Doe's Charter," Miami attorney Stuart Grossman told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Grossman was involved in litigation after the fatal charter crash that killed R&B singer Aaliyah and eight others in the Bahamas five years ago. FAA spokesman Les Dorr told the Sun-Sentinel that inspectors can't oversee every operator, every day. "The sheer number of operators requires the FAA to allocate resources where the greatest benefit can be gained," he said. More...

Reporter Christiane Amanpour took a look at GA security on CNN's Larry King Live last week, and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) says the show was "irresponsible in its lack of balance." NBAA President Ed Bolen wrote to the network, asking for an opportunity to present "a full picture of GA security." No organization representing general aviation was included in the report, which looked at the security measures at GA airports. "As a result, key facts about GA security were ignored in favor of sensationalist comments from only one source, and the industry as a whole was mischaracterized," Bolen said. More...

Meanwhile, across the pond, airline officials and pilots are fed up with security measures and delays. RyanAir CEO Michael O'Leary said last week that measures such as banning shampoo and lipstick in carry-on bags are "farcical, Keystone Cops-like and completely insane and ineffectual.... We are not in danger of dying at the hands of toiletries." He said he would sue the government if security is not restored to normal levels within a week. His airline lost about £2 million during the latest security crisis. Pilots also have been banned from taking contact-lens solution into the cockpit, The Mirror reported. "There is no logic at all in this," said Capt Mervyn Granshaw. More...

Sino Swearingen's SJ30-2 Business 
Jet The SJ30-2 Is the World's Fastest Light Business Jet
Not only is it fast; it has intercontinental range — 560 mph and over 2800 sm range. The SJ30-2 is the most advanced light business jet in the sky today — the perfect package of speed, range, and good looks. Click here for details.
Politics Of Airplane Buildingback to top 

When LoPresti Aviation announced plans to build its Fury in Belen, N.M., last week, it made a point of saying there were dozens of other communities interested in the business. Belen, along with the New Mexico government, offered a fat incentive program that included the state's Job Training Incentive Program, the High Wage Job Tax Credit and the Rural Job Tax Credit. The local government is also kicking in property-tax incentives, according to ExpansionManagement.com. Among the losing bidders for LoPresti was Manitowac, Wisc. Officials of that town publicly questioned LoPresti's description of the lengths to which other communities and states were willing to go to lure an airplane company and questioned the manufacturer's business plan. More...

In a story in the Manitowac Herald Times that ran shortly before the New Mexico announcement, Ken Stubbe, head of the town's economic development commission, said "LoPresti didn't seem willing or able to provide a detailed business plan to us, and that's what we should have before we put together a proposal." The paper characterized LoPresti's claims that other locations were offering millions in incentives as an attempt to create an artificial bidding war. "The normal entrepreneur is exuberant and tends to exaggerate. That wouldn't surprise me and you kind of ignore it, but when it goes over the pale, you have to consider that a red flag," Stubbe told the Herald Times. More...

R.J. Siegel, LoPresti's vice president of operations, told AVweb on Tuesday that officials in Manitowac "are really nice guys with good intentions," but it was clear early on that Wisconsin was not a lead contender for the Fury manufacturing plant. He added that he negotiated with about 75 communities across the U.S. to find the right place to locate his business, and secured non-disclosure agreements with each one, which was breached in only one case. "So unfortunately the process became public and of course political," he said. "My job was to find the best deal for my company. I can only hope I did just that." More...

Voyager FreeFlight 
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News Briefsback to top 

Adam Aircraft has attained $93 million in fresh funding, led by new investor DCM, a venture capital firm, the company said on Tuesday. "This funding round puts Adam Aircraft in a strong position to accelerate our product development and production plans," spokeswoman Shelly Simi told AVweb yesterday. Deliveries have started on the A500 piston twin, though full FAA certification for night and IFR operations is still pending. That certification is now just "days away," Simi said. The company now will roll its resources over to the A700 VLJ program and hire additional engineers for its facilities in Colorado and Utah. A700 certification is currently aimed at early 2007, Simi said. More...

A Tupolev 154 operated by Pulkovo Airlines, of Russia, crashed in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday, with no survivors. Reports varied from 169 to 171 killed. The aircraft was flying at about 33,000 feet in stormy weather, with heavy rains and strong winds, and the crew issued several emergency calls. Some reports said the airplane had caught fire in flight and the crew was trying to make an emergency landing. Others said it didn't start to burn until after it hit the ground. Authorities don't suspect terrorism. The airplane hit a hillside field and was destroyed. Both data recorders have been recovered by investigators. It was the third major incident involving a Russian airliner in less than four months. Tuesday, Russian officials said a criminal inquiry will look into a possible violation of safety rules. More...

Garmin GPSMap 496 
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News Briefsback to top 

A boater repeatedly swerved in front of a floatplane on Bantam Lake, near Hartford, Conn., earlier this month, apparently trying to prevent it from taking off because he thought the airplane shouldn't be operating on the lake, the Hartford Courant reported this week. The boater was arrested on Sunday. The floatplane pilot had been donating rides to inner-city campers for many years, according to the state Department of Environmental Protection, whose officers made the arrest. On Aug. 4, the pilot was trying to take off with two girls on board, when the boat pulled in front of the airplane and stopped, forcing the pilot to abort, state officials said. It happened a second time, and the pilot returned to the dock and dropped off the girls. More...

Advocates for a new tower at Palm Springs International Airport in California say it's needed not only for safety, but also to ensure that business and tourism continue to grow in the area. In an editorial in The Desert Sun on Sunday, the newspaper said airplanes have nearly collided at the airport once every four months during the last year, and one reason is that the control tower is too short. The tower, built in 1967, sits in a gully, and controllers can't see to the ends of the runway. A new tower and new radar equipment would cost about $20 million. "Our $1 billion tourism industry is heavily dependent upon people flying here," the editorial says. "If our airport gains a bad reputation for safety, that's a mark against our ability to draw tourists and conventions." More...

Motors, Inc. PowerLink™ FADEC Certified on Liberty XL-2; Is It Right for Your Aircraft?
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News Briefsback to top 

The FAA and the National Weather Service are running a test in the Leesburg, Va., Air Route Traffic Control Center this month to see if it's really necessary to have on-staff meteorologists in the center, or if off-site weather briefers could do the work instead. The FAA says it's trying to determine if it can save money and at the same time enhance services. "We pay the Weather Service $12 million to do face-to-face briefings for us at our facilities," FAA spokesman Paul Takemoto told The Baltimore Sun. "We could be doing this remotely through video conferencing. It's a more efficient and cost-effective way of doing things." More...

David Clark Co.'s new X11 Electronic Noise-Canceling aviation headset has hit the market, with "dramatically enhanced" comfort and new user-friendly features. The X11 represents the culmination of years of research and development, the company says, based on the input of dozens of commercial and GA pilots. The sleek, lightweight headset uses a low-force carbon-fiber suspension assembly and fabric-faced, contoured gel ear seals for comfort. The entire headset weights just 12 ounces and folds compactly into its own carrying case. A small control unit, powered by two AA batteries (good for about 30 hours), features inputs for your cellphone and music player. More...

Do You Know Who Aviation Insurance Brokers Represent?
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News in Briefback to top 

AOPA gives Lockheed-Martin a B+ for its operation of FSSs...
The FAA okayed a new airport site for St. George, Utah...
Kaiser Aluminum will provide aluminum for Eclipse jets...
FAA AD aims to correct heading errors in Sandel TAWS/RMI units...
Microlon aviation-engine treatment pushing into auto market...
Synergy Air offers kitbuilders a course in fiberglass fabrication. More...

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As the Beacon Turns #104: History Books
A pilot's logbooks can be a simple list of flight times, or they can be a journey into the past as you relive each flight. Or someone else's flights, as Michael Maya Charles discovers in this months As The Beacon Turns column.


A Tale of Whoa
With the right tools and the right techniques, you can replace your brakes quickly and easily.


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This week, AVweb wants to know a little bit about your flying pedigree. What influences helped bring you to aviation (or aircraft ownership)? PLUS: Results of last week's question on 100LL — and the nebulous future of avgas. More...

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