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Volume 12, Number 46a
November 13, 2006
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AOPA Tallies The Numbersback to top 
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The massive shift in the political winds in Washington is a major boost to the fight against general aviation user fees, delegates to AOPA Expo in Palm Springs were told on Saturday. "The election says we're in much better shape," AOPA President Phil Boyer told those attending the morning general session. Boyer said the political dynamics might result in the FAA's proposal to replace taxation with user fees to fund most of the agency's operation being shelved. "There will be gridlock in Washington for at least a year," he said. Since Congress must reauthorize the FAA funding formula by the end of next September, a frozen Congress might not be able to deal with it in time and that could mean the current system will just be rolled over for another 10 years. But even if Congress does become unstuck enough to deal with a new funding proposal, Boyer said the user-fee option now has powerful opposition in Washington. More...

Although the user-fee issue dominated the political discussions in Palm Springs, there were some other victories being heralded in the host state of California. Earlier this year, the FAA, with some prodding from AOPA, emphatically denied a request from the city of Bakersfield that it be released from its obligations to the FAA so the airport could be closed in favor of residential and commercial development. Since federal funds were used to buy the land for the airport in the 1980s, the site must remain an airport in perpetuity, unless the FAA says so. In a 10-page denunciation of Bakersfield's rationale for closing the airport, the agency made it clear that option wasn't on the table. The Oceanside, Calif., battle wasn't as simple. Andy Cebula, AOPA's government relations expert, said pilots, with AOPA help, got directly involved in local elections. More...

This year's AOPA Expo reached an all-time record high of 12,973 attendees by the time the show closed on Saturday afternoon. Later that evening, AOPA paid tribute to Rep. Harold "Hal" Rogers, R-Ky., for his dedication to general aviation, awarding him with the prestigious J.B. "Doc" Hartranft Award for 2006. Rogers is responsible for funding and oversight of the Department of Homeland Security as chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee On Homeland Security, and he's been an advocate for reasonable approaches to GA security. As a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, Rogers has ensured that resources paid into the aviation trust fund reach GA airports across the country. More...

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The project that started the very light jet movement almost 30 years ago might be revived in a modern form. Millennium Aerospace earlier this year purchased the rights to manufacture the rakish little jet that Tony Fox predicted would revolutionize air travel when he introduced it in 1977. Although there are plenty of opinions about why the project never progressed beyond the mockup stage (it still hasn't), Fox says it was just too far ahead of its time. His plan was to use modified cruise missile engines from Williams International (sound familiar?) but the federal government wasn't keen on having the technology released to the public at that time and there were no suitable substitutes. Fox, now 85 and promoting his latest invention, talking garbage cans for fast food restaurants, said times have changed and the world is ready for his jet, even though he considers himself too old to take it the rest of the way. "I just want to see it take off," he told AVweb last week at AOPA Expo. More...

NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS), which is widely used by pilots and other airline employees to identify potential safety hazards, last week marked its 30-year anniversary. Established under a memorandum of understanding between NASA and the FAA, the system collects, analyzes and responds to voluntarily submitted aviation safety incident reports to reduce aviation accidents and improve safety. The confidential reports are also used to identify deficiencies and discrepancies in the National Aviation System that need to be remedied. More...

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One of the first high-tech American-built light sport aircraft (LSA) made the trip to Palm Springs for AOPA Expo on a trailer, but it should be flying freely soon. The Nexaer LS1, with its distinctive swooping fuselage, has flown a couple of hours at home base at Meadow Lake Airport near Peyton, Colo., but its experimental research and development designation with the FAA prevented it from being flown to the show, said spokesman Scott Belliveau. The plane, which is surprisingly large for an LSA, made its first flight in October but then the emphasis switched to getting it painted and in show condition in time for Expo, Belliveau said. The aircraft is only being flown a few feet above the runway at first to assess its flying qualities and the FAA restrictions will keep it within a few miles of Meadow Lake when it does put some air under its wings. More...

Late last week the NTSB said its investigation of Comair Flight 5191 continues to make progress. The board will not hold a public hearing on this investigation, but the public docket is expected to open in January. According to the NTSB, the docket will contain the cockpit voice recorder transcript, flight data recorder information and the other group factual reports, including interviews. More...

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Van's Aircraft's entry in the LSA category had its first flight last Thursday. The mini-RV, which sports many of the characteristics of its larger stablemates (bubble canopy and a big, fat wing), was flown by company founder Dick VanGrunsven, who put it through a variety of speed profiles and basic handling tests. "It’s far too early to make any statements about what the airplane is like or what it will do, or what the performance numbers may eventually be," said Van's Web site. "We can report that when Van taxied in and opened the swing-up canopy, he was grinning." More...

Hayden Lake, Idaho-based Aerostar Aircraft unveiled its latest model, the Aerostar 702P, at AOPA Expo. The company holds the type certificate of the venerable recip twin, but is now only modifying previously manufactured Aerostars to this new model. Aerostar vice president Jim Christy told AVweb at the show that the 702P recently completed extensive FAA flight testing that allows for an increased max takeoff weight of 6,850 pounds, a 2,200-pound useful load and a 6,850-pound max landing weight. To handle the extra loads, Aerostar beefed up the landing gear and brakes on the airplane. More...

Precise Flight to Supply Fixed Oxygen as Standard Equipment on Cirrus Turbo® SR-22 & SE-22
Bend, ORNovember 9, 2006Precise Flight announced it has received STC approval for its Fixed Oxygen System for Cirrus Design Corporation's SR-22 aircraft. This follows Cirrus' selection of Precise Flight at Oshkosh to provide the Fixed Oxygen System as standard equipment on the Cirrus Turbo® SR-22 and SE-22 and as an option on the SR-22 and SE-22. Click here to read the full release.
News Briefsback to top 

The media around Martinsburg, W. Va., are chronicling the fortunes of Tiger Aircraft and the implication is that the company can't last much longer. According to a story in the Martinsburg Journal, the latest nail in the coffin is that the company owes $115,000 in back taxes. It has, however, paid its lease to the airport through next April for a building that, according to the Journal, houses only two employees at the moment. The company hasn't shipped any airplanes for at least three months and civic politicians are now pondering the potential demise of the company. "You sense it's coming," noted Bob Crawford, executive director of the Berkeley County Development Authority. The Journal says a company employee declined comment. A phone message left by AVweb this weekend was not immediately returned. More...

With some 1,100 hours of flight testing logged, the Epic Dynasty -- the $1.9 million certified version of the owner-assisted-built Epic LT -- made its first public display last week at AOPA Expo in Palm Springs, Calif. With a high-speed cruise of up to 340 knots and an 1,874-nm NBAA IFR range, Epic said the single-turboprop pressurized Dynasty is very competitive with very light jets. AVweb had the opportunity to conduct a short demo flight of the Dynasty on Saturday at the show, and the airplane appears to be a solid performer. More...

The deal between skydivers and the airport in Deland, Fla., won't prevent a control tower from being built there, but will ensure that skydiving operations can continue after the tower is built. More...

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A court denied Aviace's request for a preliminary injunction...
Mooney Airplane is launching a multi-city "Lead with Speed" tour this week...
The Ninety-Nines are seeking donations of aircraft to preserve its Museum of Women Pilots...
Another lawsuit was filed against Honeywell in the aftermath of the Brazilian midair...
The use of ultralights to lead migrating whooping cranes to Florida is succeeding...
Chelton's synthetic vision EFIS approved for Eurocopter EC 120B. More...

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AVmail: Nov. 13, 2006
Reader mail this week about PATCO, user fees, Deland tower and skydivers outcome and much more. More...

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Come take a wild ride with champion aerobatic pilot Patty Wagstaff in today's "Video of the Week"! This week's clip was posted on YouTube by user Louie Schwartzberg and brought to our attention by AVweb reader Paul Stambaugh. (We'll be sending Paul a hat for his troubles — and we'll do the same for you, if you point us to an interesting new video that we use here in "VOTW.") More...

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Heard at Lawrence, Massachusetts:
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Ultralight: "Tower, we'll climb out so he can land."
Tower: "Roger, climb and maintain 1700, runway heading. Arrow Eight Two Xray, cleared to land, caution, mowing in progress, right side of runwav."
Arrow: "Roger, duck under the lawn mower ahead and avoid the one on the ground, cleared to land, Arrow Eight Two Xray."



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