AVwebFlash Complete Issue: AVweb Audio News Update

December 15, 2006

By The AVweb Editorial Staff

AVweb's Friday Podcast: Bill Lear Jr. on the Lear 23 Bizjet and Its Successors

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Athough you'll get some arguments in some quarters, it's generally accepted that the Lear 23 was the first practical business jet. It's been flying for more than 43 years, and, remarkably, of the 100 Lear 23s made, 45 are still flying. Bill Lear Jr. worked on the project with his father Bill Sr., and he wonders just how much progress the new crop of very light jets represents, in light of the relatively fast, relatively inexpensive, and relatively problem-free development of the 23. Bill Lear Jr. spoke with AVweb's Russ Niles on the history — and the future — of small jets.

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Bonus Audio!

In a special bonus interview, AVweb's Glenn Pew (on assignment for our sister publication IFR Magazine) speaks with AOPA Air Safety Foundation Executive Director Bruce Landsberg. In just over 12 minutes, Landsberg shares a wealth of knowledge on the causes of accidents; flying in inclement weather; and ways you can train yourself to reduce risk — regardless of whether you fly IFR or VFR.

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