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AVweb Audio News Update
January 19, 2007
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AVweb sat down with AOPA spokeswoman Kathleen Vascouselos to talk about the disturbing downward trend of the U.S. pilot population, which the FAA recently said has dipped below the 600,000 mark.

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Bonus Audio from Aviation Consumer

At Oshkosh last July, Garmin unveiled the G600, which looked like a pale offshoot of the G1000. But hold the phone; there's a lot more to this glass panel than meets the eye. Our sister publication, Aviation Consumer, recently reviewed the product and interviewed Garmin's Carl Wolf on the future of glass panels for the aftermarket.

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Bonus Audio from Aviation Safety

The editors of Aviation Safety caught up with Brent Blue, co-founder of the very successful aviation medical and safety technology vendor Aeromedix.com. His company has brought to the general aviation marketplace numerous products previously unavailable to pilots at any price.

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