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February 2, 2007

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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AVweb's Friday Podcast: Air Excursions' Cable Wells on ADS-B

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Automatic Dependent Broadcast-Surveillance, or ADS-B, is a system that allows pilots of ADS-B equipped aircraft to see other airplanes that also have the gear, and it also sends its signals to ground stations for monitoring by air traffic control. By 2020, it will be mandatory for flight into congested airspace, but for now its main application is in the wide open spaces of Alaska as part of the Capstone Project. But while ADS-B is being portrayed as the main reason for a sharp decline in accidents in those areas covered by Capstone, Cable Wells, who flies for Air Excursions out of Gustavus, near Juneau, tells AVweb it's the other gear that goes along with ADS-B that's making the real difference.

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