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Volume 13, Number 9a
February 26, 2007
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Eclipse Aviation and Avidyne have decided to terminate their relationship, Eclipse spokesman Andrew Broom told AVweb on Sunday. The troubles between the two companies go back to December 2005 when Eclipse announced a three-month delay for its Model 500 very light jet due to problems with an avionics vendor, which last summer was identified as Avidyne. Since then, the relationship soured further and the delays became longer. "Avidyne will no longer supply components for the Avio Total Aircraft Integration system in the Eclipse 500. We have agreed it is in the mutual best interest of both companies, and our customers, to wind down our relationship and go our separate ways," Broom said. An announcement revealing Eclipse's new suppliers and detailing its specific plans for Avio will be made within the next two weeks, he added. More...

Controllers at Dallas-Fort Worth International's regional TRACON have been given a refresher on the meaning of the words "we need to get on the ground right away, please" after they denied an American Airlines 757 priority handling, despite the fact that the crew declared an emergency. According to ABC News, which broke the story last week, the incident happened on Aug. 31 when the crew reported a fuel shortage, possibly due to a leak. When the crew asked for a straight-in approach to runway 17C to get the airplane and its passengers on the ground quickly, the TRACON controller twice denied the request. In the end, the aircraft circled to Runway 31R and landed uneventfully. But the tape–which we review in today's podcast has been used as a training aid to remind controllers of the nuances of pilot phraseology. More...

An article recently printed by the Examiner.com takes critical aim at Cirrus Design, picking from a recent NTSB report regarding the Cory Lidle crash in New York city and citing crash statistics it says give the SR20 and SR22 a "spotty record." While the article notes that Lidle had time in type that most insurers would find anemic and that the NTSB cited he was not trained by nor was he flying with a Cirrus qualified instructor, it adds that the SR20 and 22 have suffered "more than 40 incidents [in sum] since 2001." As is often the case in the popular press, the Examiner’s article fails to put its reporting in context. Exhaustive research by AVweb sister publications Aviation Safety and Aviation Consumer found that the Cirrus fleet has a relatively good overall accident record – 4.1 accidents per 100,000 hours versus 6.2 for the entire GA fleet. The Cirrus fleet fatal accident rate is 1.4 per 100,000 hours, only slightly higher than the GA average of 1.2. More...

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FAA brass have approved nationwide deployment of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast as the cornerstone of the Next Generation Air Transportation System. The agency’s Joint Resources Council (JRC), which reviews major acquisitions, believes full implementation of ADS-B will give pilots the in-cockpit information they need to play a role in maintaining separation from other traffic and that, combined with the more accurate position data available to controllers, will, theoretically at least, allow more airplanes in the same amount of airspace. "With real-time situational awareness in the cockpit, aircraft will be able to fly closer together, resulting in a significant increase in airspace capacity," the FAA says. More...

ADS-B deployment will be a massive undertaking, requiring new gear to be installed in ground facilities all over the U.S. But while the FAA is big on sweeping statements about how the government and the successful bidder will create this entirely new way of doing business, it’s short on detail about a key component of the plan. To work, every airplane using airspace under ADS-B control must be equipped with the avionics that receive and transmit the position data. That gear currently costs thousands of dollars per installation, and so far all that has been offered to mitigate those costs are unverifiable assumptions that the price will drop as demand increases. More...

As preparations continue for modernization of the airspace system, the recently privatized flight service station (FSS) system reached a milestone last week when the switches were flicked at the first of three "hub" FSSs at Dulles Airport near Washington, D.C. The others will be in Prescott, Ariz., and Dallas. The hubs will act as regional command posts that will allow Lockheed Martin to reduce the number of actual field stations from 58 to 16. More...

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The FAA has issued an Airworthiness Directivethat takes effect March 12 and covers 1,354 Superior Air Parts cylinder assemblies used in new Superior engines and as replacement parts in Lycoming four- and six-cylinder mills and Continental sixes. The affected cylinders didn’t get proper heat treating and can come apart, as nine have done so far. Since that would ruin your day in a hurry, the FAA has gone straight to final rule on this AD and it becomes effective in two weeks. More...

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has named Brig. Juniti Saito to take over the country’s air force, and along with that comes the unenviable task of sorting out its increasingly troubled air traffic control system. The air force oversees ATC there and, since the collision between a Gol Airlines Boeing 737 and a U.S.-bound Embraer Legacy last Sept. 29, problems with the system seem to be escalating. Flight delays are common and the controllers, who are civilian, are complaining about workload and conditions as the government investigates the role of controllers in the crash, which killed all 154 people aboard the 737. The two American pilots of the Legacy are also under investigation. They were able to land the damaged business jet, with five passengers on board, safely at a military base in the Amazon jungle. More...

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Flight International says Grob Aerospace conducted a test flight of the first prototype of its SPn light business jet last Friday, marking the resumption of a program halted three months ago when the second prototype was lost in a crash in Germany, killing the sole-occupant pilot. German authorities have since speculated that the crash was caused by elevator flutter, which led to separation of some of the control surface and part of the horizontal stabilizer. Test pilot Gerard Guillaumaud, 45, a former French air force pilot, was killed. More...

As expected, Comair has filed suit against the FAA for alleged negligence in the crash of a Bombardier regional jet that killed 49 people last August in Lexington, Ky. After the crash, in which the pilots mistakenly took off on a runway too short for the CRJ, it was revealed that only one controller was on duty at the time instead of the required two. The controller cleared the aircraft to the correct runway, but had turned away from the windows to do other work as the CRJ rolled. The airline has not specified damages sought in the suit. More...

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EAA and the FAA have reached a deal that will allow Young Eagles flights to continue unhindered by the new rules affecting sightseeing flights. Some parts of the rule (like the one that bans charity flights in uncertified airplanes) naturally raised concerns at EAA but it all got ironed out in meetings in Washington, D.C., that included FAA Administrator Marion Blakey. "Everyone we met with at FAA assured us that there was no intent to harm the Young Eagles program in any manner through the air-tour rule," EAA President Tom Poberezny said. More...

The pilot of an Ohio Air National Guard two-place F-16 with Lt. Gov. Bruce Johnson as a backseater broke several FAA regs in his high-speed tour of Columbus last summer. According to the Columbus Dispatch, the unidentified pilot buzzed the city at speeds as high as 500 knots and altitudes as low as 2,100 feet last Aug. 17. FAA regs restrict speed in that area to 250 knots and, according to the agency's report on the flight, the pilot did not have clearance to fly below 10,000 feet. That, says the FAA, means the pilot violated a regulation banning careless or reckless flying. But the report will likely be the end of the matter. More...

Columbia Introduces 2007 Models
The 2007 Columbias have arrived. Fresh for this year are new, dynamic paint schemes for both the Columbia 350 and 400, as well as a host of thoughtful and unique features for the discerning aircraft owner. See how your new Columbia will look with the interactive online Paint Selector. Just go online and click on the "Paint Your Passion" icon.
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Former Mooney CEO joins New Zealand's Alpha Aviation...
Dayton uses aviation in marketing plan…
Big Bear Airport may buy adjacent park…
Predator may be based in Puerto Rico…
Columbus to host Air Force Heritage Week.

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The Pilot's Lounge #110: Bad News Coming? Refuse Delivery
When the future of GA looks bleak, go meet up with fellow pilots, fly planes you haven't tried and get your groove back.

AVMAIL: FEB. 26, 2007


AVmail: Feb. 26, 2007
Reader mail this week about fuel taxes, new charity rules, and still more concern about user fees. More...

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AVweb posts audio news on Mondays, plus a new in-depth interview each Friday. In last Friday's podcast, you'll find an interview with Eclipse's Vern Raburn on aviation user fees. And AVweb's podcast index includes interviews with B-29 restoration program manager Cliff Gaston; NBAA's Ed Bolen; Alaska pilot Cable Wells; NATCA's Paul Rinaldi; AOPA's Kathleen Vascouselos; Maule Air's Mikel Boorom; Professsional Aviation Maintenance Association president Brian Finnegan; aviation forecaster Richard Aboulafia; NORAD; Bill Lear, Jr.; and NATA President Jim Coyne. In today's podcast, Aviation Safety's Paul Bertorelli examines an August 2006 botched emergency handling at Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Remember: In AVweb's podcasts, you'll hear things you won't find anywhere else.

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AVweb's "FBO of the Week" ribbon goes to Executive Flight Center at KMDQ in Huntsville, Ala.

AVweb reader Breck Hopkins said the personnel at the FBO made his literally messy situation better.

"Executive offered the best and most helpful service I have experienced in 49 years of GA travel. I had a bird strike en route, and though it was frigid and gusty, they cheerfully spent more than a half hour scrubbing the remains off the windshield and wing. We met someone there to look at an airplane, and they offered to put the airplane in a hangar to make the inspection more comfortable, shuttled us back and forth to the hangar and let us use the crew car. The facilities are first rate, too. I will go out of my way to stop at MDQ."

Keep those nominations coming. For complete contest rules, click here.

AVweb is actively seeking out the best FBOs in the country and another one, submitted by you, will be spotlighted here next Monday!


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There are two videos we receive (and stumble across) more often than any others on the web. Both videos are testaments to human ingenuity and technical achievement — and they never fail to raise a giggle when we see them. We've held them in reserve for a while, just in case we needed them to brighten a particularly rough Monday morning. (Plus, we were afraid that it we ran these videos, people would stop sending them to us. And that would ruin the pleasant surprise of watching these videos at 4:00 on a Thursday afternoon and laughing our heads off.) But the time has come, at last, to unveil the first of our Two Most-Submitted Videos: the flying lawnmower! (Click through to watch.) More...

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Overheard in IFR 
Magazine's 'On the Air' Section
Overheard in IFR Magazine's "On the Air"

Heard at Gainesville, Florida Airport:

Cessna: Gainesville tower, Cessna Three Four Five, seven west with Tango.

Tower: Cessna One Two Three Four Five, cleared to land Runway six.

Cessna: We'd prefer Runway one zero, we have some passengers to drop off at the terminal.

Tower: Cessna Three Four Five, you can't do that, you have to use the general aviation FBO.

Cessna: We called ahead and they said we could drop them off as long as we staved clear of the gate.

Tower: I don't know who told you that, but I'll ask the airport manager.

Tower (a short time later): Cessna Three Four Five. I'm sorry, but you can't taxi to the terminal. However, if you'd like I can clear you for a low approach, and your passengers can jump out as you fly by.

Cessna: (Laughs) How about I just use Runway six? More...

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