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May 23, 2008

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
Mach 1 Headset by Lightspeed: Redefining In-the-Ear (ITE) Headset Boundaries
Utilizing advancements in ear plug attenuation and ultra-comfort, the Mach 1 series continues to set the ITE headset curve with its artisan-crafted custom ear molds, ultra-compact speakers, and noise-cancelling microphones that deliver crystal-clear audio communications. Feather-light at less than an ounce, the Mach 1 continues to be an industry favorite! For more information and to view a video clip, click here.
EBACE Wraps with Record Numbers back to top 

EBACE 2008 Shatters Records

The European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) recorded 21.5 percent more visitors and 35 percent more exhibitors at this year's show in Geneva. Officials say 13,762 people went through the doors of the PalExpo Convention Center at Geneva International Airport. For first-time exhibitors like Cirrus Design it's a permanent mark on the already-busy show calendar. "You just have to be here," said Cirrus spokeswoman Kate Dougherty. Cirrus rented prime exhibit space in prestigious Halle 7, which included booths from virtually all major business jet manufacturers. Many companies significantly upgraded their booths this year as they welcomed some of the richest and most powerful business people, political leaders and royalty from all over the world. Outside, the cheek-by-jowl static display is a harbinger of challenges to come.

EBACE is held at Geneva International Airport, a busy mini-hub for several budget and legacy airlines, and the ramp in front of the convention center was at capacity at this show. Parking for visiting aircraft was also at a premium and there were aircraft parked on taxiways next to active runways.

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JA Air Center, Your Garmin Source
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JA Air Center [Dupage Airport (KDPA), West Chicago, IL] provides the finest avionics installations, turbine/piston maintenance, avionics/instrument service, mail order, and aircraft sales. Call (800) 323-5966, or click for more information.
Jets, Jets and More Jets back to top 

Big Bizjets Are Mainstream

So, how big should a business jet be? As big as it can get, apparently. Airbus announced an order for six as yet not prototyped A350 extra-wide-body aircraft to MAZ Aviation, which represents clients in the Middle East. The deal is worth $1.5 billion. As little as six months ago, Boeing and Airbus were heavily promoting the smallest aircraft in their airliner lineups as super-sized business aircraft. At EBACE 2008, both companies unveiled product strategies, manufacturing slot arrangements and spiffy cutaway models for private configurations of their full product lines, including 747-8 and A380 aircraft.

The Airbus order is remarkable but the greater issue is availability of the aircraft for conversion to the leather, dining table, bedroom and shower motif. According to Boeing and Airbus, the business jet sides of their companies have dedicated slots with guaranteed delivery dates to completion centers. The aircraft are delivered "green" and completion can add tens or hundreds of millions to the cost.

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Fly With Bose® Aviation Headset X™
Enjoy an unmatched combination of full-spectrum noise reduction, clearer audio, and comfortable fit. Voted the #1 headset for the seventh consecutive year in Professional Pilot's 2007 Headset Preference Survey. Also rated "Best ANR Headset: The Aviation Consumer Product of the Year" by Aviation Consumer. Learn more and order.

Quotes reprinted with permission: Professional Pilot, 2007 Headset Preference Survey, 12/07; Aviation Consumer, 8/07.
Cirrus Gives Us a Glimpse of "The-Jet" back to top 

Cirrus Updates Jet Program, Shows Pictures

Cirrus CEO Alan Klapmeier says the company will give "the jet" a real name before it hits the market and the moniker was simply an in-house convenience that stuck when the company went public. But Klapmeier also took pains to assure a news conference at EBACE 2008 that the jet itself is "real" and he's anxious for the prototype to fly. "Obviously I want it to fly as soon as possible but that has to be left up to the test pilots," he said. So, while he's said before that he'd like to fly the aircraft to EAA AirVenture at the end of July, he told the EBACE press conference that he's not predicting a date because he doesn't want to pressure the test pilots. "They'll decide when it's ready," he said. Klapmeier showed photos of the prototype now under construction in Duluth and they indicate an aircraft that may be ready to fly sooner rather than later.

The Williams FJ44 engine was installed within the last week, Klapmeier said the L-3 panel is in and powered up. It appears that most of the control surfaces are in place and the aircraft is resting on its gear. Cirrus has taken more than 400 refundable $100,000 deposits on the aircraft.

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Cessna Aircraft Company, the World's Largest General Aviation Manufacturer
Based on unit sales, Cessna Aircraft Company is the world's largest manufacturer of general aviation airplanes. In 2007, Cessna delivered 1,272 aircraft, including 387 Citation business jets, and reported revenues of about $5 billion. Cessna has a current backlog of $12.6 billion. The global fleet of more than 5,100 Citations is the largest fleet of business jets in the world. More information about Cessna Aircraft Company is available at Cessna.com.
Project Phoenix Gives CRJs a Sleek Second Life back to top 

Redone Regional Jets Offer New Jet Alternative

One of the most mundane forms of air transportation is finding new life at the top of the food chain. Project Phoenix is converting Bombardier CRJ 200 regional jets to ultra-luxurious business jets in the same league as the Bombardier Global Express at less than half the price. But while the $18.5 million price tag is attractive, it's the availability that's caused business to boom for Phoenix. "We aim to deliver five in this coming year," European sales agent Hugh Wilson told AVweb in a podcast interview.

He said the project aircraft are typically regional airliners that have about 20,000 hours on them and the company is "very selective" about their purchases. Wilson said the aircraft have a design life of 80,000 hours and the RJs are designed for the rough and tumble of an airline existence. The engines are redone and all mechanical work is brought to the "re-life" stage on the aircraft. It's unlikely they'll come close to achieving their design life in private service. Wilson said that while many customers will be happy with the converted RJs, others will buy them to use while they wait for their factory-fresh aircraft.

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Need a Jet? Can't Wait for It New? Meet Project Phoenix
(Recorded Live at EBACE 2008)

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One of the biggest issues facing business aircraft manufacturers is the fact that their products are in such demand they're losing orders to people and companies who don't want to wait three, four, five and even six years to get their jet. The aftermarket is also tight, with used aircraft selling for more than new in some cases, but there is an alternative and even an interim solution. Project Phoenix buys good used CRJ200 regional jets from airlines that are shedding them and turns them into the equivalent of a Bombardier Global Express at half the price. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Hugh Wilson, Project Phoenix's European sales agent.

Click here to listen. (6.7 MB, 7:16)

AVweb Bookstore Features Downloadable Jeppesen Training Manuals
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EBACE 2008 Photo Gallery

There were plenty of jets to see at the European Business Aviation Conference and Expo (EBACE), but not enough time to tour them all. We saw as much as we could, but we also snapped plenty of photographs, working off the theory that we could look at a few airplanes in more detail on our flight home. With the show behind us, here are some of our favorite images from the expo.

Click here to view photos.

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