AVwebBiz Complete Issue: Volume 7, Number 21

May 27, 2009

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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Top News: Light at the End of the Tunnel? back to top 

Bizjet Recovery On The Way

The Gerson Lehrmann Group has issued its take on the state of business aviation and it claims there are a few things working in the industry's favor. For one thing, airlines are going out of business or cutting back flights and destinations to avoid that, leaving business aviation as an increasingly attractive option for business owners and execs whose travel needs haven't disappeared in the current climate. "In the weeks and months after 9/11 when the airlines were in lockdown and security requirements made airline travel, if not impossible, extremely unpleasant, business aviation had its finest hour," the analysts said. "Every business jet on a charter certificate was booked."

Gerson Lehrmann also says the current anti-business aviation attitude will disappear and be a non-issue in the decision-making processes of companies and individuals looking for new aircraft. It quotes the Teal Group as predicting recovery for the industry by 2012 with a 10-percent annual growth rate after that. A total of 12,768 business aircraft will be delivered in the next ten years, according to the Teal Group. But even the downturn hasn't been that bad, according to Gerson Lehrmann. "While the industry is working through this down cycle, business jets have not been grounded," the analysis reads. "Flight hours may be off 20%, but the fleet is still growing, and aging."

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Canadian Business Aviation Association Conference back to top 

CBAA Starts Today

The Canadian Business Aviation Association annual convention begins today in Montreal with the upbeat theme of "Moving Canada's Economy," but the main presenters will likely be tempering the mood with some sober comments on the state of the economy and the industry. The business part of the convention starts Thursday with the Teal Group's Richard Aboulafia giving his overview and forecast of aviation industry. Aboulafia will no doubt review his most recent report, which predicts continued challenges for business aviation through 2012, before growth returns.

Later in the morning, David Stewart-Paterson, Executive VP of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, will give his views on responding to the current economic situation. The CBAA says it's planning for good attendance and looking forward to the first visit of the Embraer Phenom 100. On Friday, the keynote address will be given by former Apollo astronaut Capt. Gene Cernan.

Business Aviation Will Help Companies Not Only Survive
But Prosper During the Current Financial Crisis

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Tough Times in Russian Market back to top 

Russian BizAv Hit Hard

The plunge in oil prices has hit Russia's elite business sector hard and the effect is being felt by the fledgling business aviation industry. Forbes Magazine has profiled the pioneering company in business aircraft charter in Russia and, like business everywhere, Kurosh Tehranchian and Nikki Rokni, of Ocean Sky, are feeling the pinch. The husband-and-wife business was started four years ago and brought much of the structure and form to the current charter and management business. Now the wealthy people they served are cutting back. "They had overstretched themselves," said Tehranchian.

The couple is now looking outside Russia for business opportunities, including expansion to the lucrative London area. They took over space vacated by Harrods at Luton Airport, which is only a 40-minute drive from London. The company is also reinvesting more than $50 million in their business. "We wanted to send a signal that we don't need to raise [more capital]," says Tehranchian.

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NY to Face Heavier Taxes on Aircraft Maintenance? back to top 

New York's Aviation Tax Break Due To Expire

Five years ago, New York passed a law that exempts general aviation aircraft repairs, maintenance and parts from state sales tax, but that tax break will expire on Dec. 1 if legislators don't re-enact it. Albany County Airport Authority CEO John O'Donnell told the Albany Times-Union this week that the exemption created "a substantial boom in business," and he is working for its renewal. In addition, he'd like to see sales tax on aircraft purchases eliminated. Like other states, New York is looking for ways to boost revenue rather than offer exemptions, but O'Donnell says many nearby states provide sales-tax relief and such taxes can be an important factor when companies are deciding where to locate. The current exemptions were a factor in deciding to build a HondaJet maintenance facility in New York, Molly Martin Pearce, a spokeswoman for HondaJet East, told the Times-Union. "Some of our other candidate sites were in states that didn't have this exemption," she said.

NBAA said recently that an onerous luxury tax proposal on business aircraft has been removed from the New York state budget, but under the current proposal previously exempt transactions could now be subject to sales or use tax at a rate of up to 8.75 percent.

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News Briefs back to top 

New Branson West GA Airport To Open This Year

As the first privately built commercial airport in the U.S., Branson Airport got a lot of attention when it opened earlier this month, but another airport is due to open nearby soon -- a municipal general aviation field. While that's not a first, it happens all too rarely in these times when the news is more often about GA fields closing down. The Branson West Municipal Airport is just about 20 miles from Branson, Mo., and will feature a 5,000-foot airstrip, a taxiway, a terminal building, fuel, and about 30 hangars. The airfield is now under construction, after years of planning, and is expected to be up and running by this December.

Most of the land was donated to the city, which will invest about $16 million to complete the project. The city hopes to attract business and industry with the new airport. The Branson region is a popular vacation destination, with more than 50 live music venues, 12 championship golf courses, a theme park and other attractions.

FAA Bird Radar Tests To Expand This Summer

The FAA has been experimenting with ways to detect bird movements with radar for quite a while, but since an airliner had to ditch in New York in January after its engines ingested birds, interest in the systems has intensified. The FAA told the Wall Street Journal this week that a test of avian radar in Seattle, which started in 2007, has been promising, and new experiments will be deployed this summer in Chicago and New York. "We're very excited about the technologies out there and the ones to come," said Michael O'Donnell, FAA director of airport safety and standards. The FAA system still gets too many "false positive" radar returns to be reliable, showing returns from ground equipment, airplanes, weather, and even insects.

However, a company that makes bird-detection equipment for the military told the WSJ its gear is ready now to be deployed in control towers. "The notion that these bird radars aren't ready for prime time is wrong," said Adam Kelly, chief technology officer for DeTect. "You can tell the difference between small birds that would just be a blood smear on a plane or big birds that could be catastrophic." DeTect and the FAA have talked about working together but so far the two parties haven't agreed on a plan. The Web site for DeTect says its operating software was specifically developed to track the unique characteristics of birds and provides superior performance over systems using modified aircraft or marine radar software. An Air Force user of the system in Nebraska told the WSJ that the most significant problem with the DeTect system is that it can be hard to distinguish between rain and birds, but he said the system is helpful, especially at night.

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Opinion & Commentary back to top 

AVweb Insider Blog: Colgan — No Experience Equals No Judgment

Regardless of the probable cause, the first officer of Colgan Flight 3407 admitted she had never seen ice and couldn't make judgments about it. To AVweb's Paul Bertorelli, that, more than anything, points to a broken advanced training system in general aviation. And in the latest installment of our AVweb Insider blog, Paul says the aviation press has a hand in it.

Read more.

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AVweb Media: Look, Listen, Laugh and Learn back to top 

IFR Magazine Talks to 2009 Archie Award-Winning Controllers

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IFR magazine editor Jeff Van West goes behind the scenes and talks to some of the controllers who won Archie awards this year for helping save pilots' lives. It turns out that success boils down to one word: teamwork.

For those of you who may have been looking for this podcast last month, we apologize. We weren't able to get it finished as soon as we planned, but it's here now. For more IFR-related content, subscribe to IFR magazine.

Click here to listen. (13.0 MB, 19:04)

Exclusive Video: F-16 Fighting Falcon Cockpit Tour

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

At Edwards Air Force Base, AVweb's Glenn Pew had the chance to take a quick look around the cockpit of an F-16 Viper — F-16 folks never use the official name of "Fighting Falcon" — courtesy of military test pilot Desmond Brophy.

If you're wondering what test pilots are doing in a relatively senior and proven airframe, the answer lies in continuous improvement and the fact that the airframe itself is far from the only thing that changes the flight characteristics of a modern fighter. These aircraft are inherently unstable, and, though they are flown by pilots, it's computers that keep them in the air. When changes are made to the hardware, software, or weapons systems that give these aircraft their edge, test pilots are sent up to evaluate the effects of those changes on the aircrafts performance, capability, and controllability.

But enough with the big picture — click the "play" button for your guided tour of the front office.

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Video Marketplace Spotlight

RANS S-7 Light Sport Aircraft
Dave Martin from Kitplanes magazine visits RANS founder Randy Schlitter for the lowdown on the S-7 light sport aircraft kit and all the ways consumers can get their hands on it.

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AVweb Fiddling Around America back to top 

Exclusive Video: Fiddling Around America, Part 1

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

Russ Niles files the first report from his grand DC-3 tour of America with Dan Gryder and the band. They got rained in at Litchfield, Illinois.

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Don't Miss Our Live Broadcast Wednesday Morning

Russ and Dan will be broadcasting live on Wednesday, May 27, at 10am EDT (2pm GMT) from Great Lakes Air at Mackinac County Airport (a former "FBO of the Week" winner!) before taking to the skies again.

Tune in here for the live feed.

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Attention, Aircraft Owners/Operators: Aviation Consumer Wants to Hear About Your Experiences with Electronic Tachometers

Our sister magazine, Aviation Consumer, wants to hear about your experiences with aftermarket electronic tachometers. We'd like to know why you installed an electronic tach; which one you chose and why; how easy or complicated the installation and paperwork were; how well you like the product; and whether you'd do it again. We'd also like to know about any warranty work you may have had and if you're happy with the tach's internal lighting, if any. Please also tell us where you mounted the electronic tachometer and a rough idea of how much you spent, including installation.

Please send a note to aviation_safety@hotmail.com and let us know your experiences, including the nature of any problems.

(The results will appear in a future issue of Aviation Consumer. For subscription information, click here.)

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