AVwebBiz Complete Issue: Volume 7, Number 46

November 25, 2009

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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Top News: A New Epic on the Horizon? back to top 

Four Bidders For Epic

The Chapter 11 bankruptcy of Epic Aircraft continues to wind its way through the courts and the next hearing is set for Dec. 7 in Portland. Interim CEO Christopher Sanders told AVweb Tuesday there are four bidders vying to buy the company out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy including one established aircraft manufacturer. The names of the bidders are confidential for now but Sanders said at least two of them would be well known to those who follow aviation. There are currently 15 incomplete aircraft at the Bend, Oregon plant and Sanders said he's talking with all the owner/builders to try and ensure they can complete their projects. Epic sold a $1.8 million kit that produced a six place turboprop aircraft called the LT and the 15 unfinished aircraft are in varying stages of construction. Sanders said he was hired shortly after the departure of former CEO Rick Schramek and his role is to "maximize the value of the company and to make the company viable again."

The company ran into trouble earlier this year and the doors shut in August. By September, lawsuits were flying and the company was formally in Chapter 11. There have also been allegations of wrongdoing by some Epic executives but none have been proven in court.

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Training Continues as Copyright Case Moves Forward back to top 

Court Denies Instructor Injunction

A California court has denied an injunction application (PDF) by JoAnn and Sandy Hill that would have stopped the National Association of Flight Instructors from using curriculum the Hills say they created. The Hills have filed a lawsuit claiming NAFI is violating their copyright on the instructional material. Rich Stowell, who authored the aerobatics section of the material, has also filed suit. They sought the injunction to stop NAFI from using the material while the suit moves through the courts. In denying the application, U.S. District Court Judge Christina A. Snyder ruled that the circumstances of the case do not meet the test of whether an injunction is appropriate. "It's what we expected," said NAFI President Jason Blair. JoAnn Hill told AVweb a press release would be forthcoming from their group after it's been discussed among them.

The Hills lost their positions on the NAFI board of directors in 2008. They had been on the board for more than 15 years and were active in the development of the Masters Instructors program, which was run through NAFI during that time. After their departure from NAFI, the Hills created Masters Instructors LLC and their court actions are an attempt to claim the curriculum they developed while at NAFI as their own intellectual property.

Business Aviation Will Help Companies Not Only Survive
But Prosper During the Current Financial Crisis

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Middle East Leading the Economic Recovery back to top 

MidEast Bizjet Sales Increase

As the graphs point persistently downward for business aircraft sales for the next two years, there are pockets of brightness and none is shinier than the Middle East market. Even the oil-rich area has been hit by the worldwide recession but business jet sales continue to increase and Maktoob Business reports that analysts predict an 11 percent jump in sales this year. That's in contrast to an overall drop of 37 percent in business jet sales worldwide. The increase in jet purchases is tied directly to the increase in the number of high net worth individuals in the region, according to analyst John Siddharth, of the consulting firm Frost and Sullivan.

Siddharth says the Middle East now has about 250,000 people with the means to buy jets and that's expected to increase to about 700,000 by 2012. The increased demand for jets is expected to average 6.2 percent per year through 2018 and Siddharth said deliveries in the region should hit about 457 units by then. Saudi Arabia accounts for a third of the market potential in the area while the United Arab Emirates will take about a quarter of the new aircraft.

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The Second Life of Air Taxis? back to top 

Air Taxi Launches In India

A company in India is ready to launch the country's first small-airplane air-charter service, starting with a fleet of two Cirrus SR22s. Air Car seats are priced competitively with business-class airline tickets and half the price of other air-charter options, entrepreneur Manav Singh told Business Standard. The company will fly out of Delhi and serve destinations within a 300-mile radius, including several emerging cities that lack airline service. "Air Car offers the option to travel faster to these places at reasonable rates," said Uttam Kumar Bose, a partner in the launch. Air Car has another 10 SR-22s on order. The company plans to add two or three airplanes each quarter and expand nationwide by 2013, according to the Standard. The company is also working to offer package deals to corporate clients.

Singh owns a fractional company, Club One, and Bose is the former CEO of Air Sahara. New air-charter companies trying to appeal to business travelers with small airplane service have had mixed results here in the U.S. -- DayJet, with its fleet of Eclipse jets, went down for lack of capital, and even SATSAir, which had been showing promise with its Cirrus service, recently closed, but Linear Air and several others are holding their own.

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BizAv Group Envisions Better Skies by 2020 back to top 

GA Sets Carbon-Emissions Targets

With an international U.N. climate-change summit coming up in Copenhagen next month, a group of business aviation associations this week set targets to achieve carbon-neutral growth by 2020 and improve fuel efficiency an average of 2 percent per year through 2020. They also said that by 2050 they aim to produce half as much carbon waste as in 2005. "These aggressive targets are largely based on developments and advancements in four areas: technology, infrastructure and operational improvements, alternative fuels, and market-based measures," the groups said in a news release. Meanwhile, at a conference in France last week, Cessna CEO Jack Pelton said the aviation industry needs governmental help to ensure continued improvement in fuel efficiency. Otherwise, he said, "We risk damaging the growth and vitality of the aviation industry, one of the most dynamic, forward-looking and innovative sectors in the world, and an essential part of both the world's transportation system and the global economy."

GAMA President Pete Bunce took a similar stand, while signing on to the ambitious emissions targets. "Business aviation manufacturers and operators will put forth a sustained effort to meet these targets, but a strong partnership between industry and government is also absolutely necessary to achieve these goals," he said. "We look forward to working hand-in-hand with all stakeholders to meet this critical global challenge of emissions reduction even as we grow to meet expanding demand for transportation." Business aviation contributes about .04 percent of global manmade carbon emissions, and aviation fuel efficiency has improved about 40 percent in the last 40 years. Besides GAMA and NBAA, about a dozen other business-aviation advocacy groups from around the world signed on to the letter (PDF). Also, KLM said this week it flew a passenger flight using a biofuel mixture for the first time. The fuel was 50 percent traditional kerosene and 50 percent biofuel running in one engine of a Boeing 747. The fuel was derived from camelina, a weed that is easy to grow with minimal management, and which can thrive on marginal lands unsuitable for farming.

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Delayed Pax Cost Continental and Express back to top 

Airlines Fined For Ramp Delay

Passenger rights groups are applauding the Department of Transportation's decision to levy $175,000 in fines after 47 passengers were held onboard a regional jet overnight on the ramp at Rochester, Minn., on Aug. 8. The DOT fined Continental Airlines and ExpressJet, who operated Continental Express Flight 2816 from Houston with an intended destination of Minneapolis-St. Paul. It fined Mesaba Airlines, which provided ground handling services for the Rochester Airport, $75,000 for its role in the incident, which resulted in the passengers being confined to the aircraft from about 12:30 a.m. to 6:15 a.m. "I hope that this sends a signal to the rest of the airline industry that we expect airlines to respect the rights of air travelers," said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. "We will also use what we have learned from this investigation to strengthen protections for airline passengers subjected to long tarmac delays." The plane was diverted to Rochester because of bad weather and that's when a bad night got worse for the pax, according to the DOT.

As he taxied to the terminal, the aircraft captain asked to deplane the passengers but the ground crew refused because there were no Transportation Security Administration staff in the airport at that hour. The captain tried several times but eventually had to take no for an answer even though TSA rules would have allowed the passengers to get off as long as they were kept in a sterile area of the airport. It's the first time airlines have been punished for a ramp delay, Lahood said.

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AVweb Insider Blog: Hey, Women — Where Are You?

Women make up only 6 percent of the pilot population in the U.S. In the latest installment of our AVweb Insider blog, Mary Grady explores the reasons why.

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Exclusive Video: Product Minutes — New Products at AOPA Summit

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Our cup did runneth over AOPA Summit last week, but we managed some time to shoot another brief video on cool products we saw, including a Cirrus engine modification from Next Dimension, Flightline Systems' new AuRACLE Engine Monitor for legacy twins, a nifty flashlight that's really a glove, and a new Cessna 210 inspection guide from the Cessna Pilots Association.

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