AVwebBiz Complete Issue: Volume 8, Number 20

May 26, 2010

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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AVflash! FAA Targets Carbon Monoxide back to top 
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FAA Says: Replace Old Mufflers

If the muffler on your reciprocating aircraft engine is more than 1,000 hours old, you should replace it to help minimize the chance of getting carbon monoxide in the cockpit, according to a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin released by the FAA. The recommendation is not mandatory. The FAA based its suggestion on the results of a technical study by Wichita (Kans.) State University that was completed last year. The researchers surveyed accident data from the NTSB and found that when CO was a factor, the muffler system was the top source. In 92 percent of the muffler-related accidents, the muffler had been in service for more than 1,000 hours. Diesel-powered engines are not affected by this recommendation, Centurion Aircraft Engines said this week, because that combustion process produces hardly any excess CO.

The next revision of the FAA's SAIB will make note of the fact that diesel engines are exempt, Centurion said. The FAA bulletin also noted that pilots should use CO detectors in the cockpit. The Wichita study, which is posted online (PDF), found that electrochemical sensor-based CO detectors were the most effective of the commonly used detectors and the instrument panel was the most effective location.

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The Race for New Fuels back to top 

Biofuel-Friendly GA Engine Debuts In South Africa

A South African company has introduced a new engine for general aviation aircraft that the company says will run on a range of fuels, including unleaded mogas with an octane rating as low as 85, standard avgas, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), or biofuel. The 320-hp Adept Aviation engine "sets new standards for performance and low life-cycle costs," according to the company's news release. The liquid-cooled engine with electronic engine management was rolled out last week in an SA Ravin 500 airplane. The engine features low emissions and noise levels, the company said, and weighs about 348 pounds. "It is roughly 30 percent lighter than traditional piston engines of comparable horsepower and offers fuel efficiencies of up to 30 percent better than conventional GA powerplants," the company said.

The company, which is based at Virginia Airport in Durban, S.A., has been ground-testing the engine and expects to start flight tests soon, according to its Web site. Adept Aviation is a seven-year-old company that was launched with private funding. Since 2005, UK-based AgustaWestland Helicopters has provided significant support and continues to fund Adept's certification process through the European Aviation and Safety Agency (EASA). In 2007, the South African government's Department of Science and Technology invested R10.5m (about $1.4 million in US dollars) to fund the company to a pre-production stage. Adept is now in discussion with prospective funders for support to ramp up to full production.

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Road to Recovery back to top 

Used Aircraft Inventory Down Slightly

Business aircraft use is up and used aircraft inventories are down but both are a long way from the heady days of early 2008, according to a study released by JETNET. There are still 2,700 used business jets on the market and 1,400 turboprops for sale in the U.S. but both figures are down slightly compared to the same time last year. The number of jets for sale represents 15.5 percent of the fleet, down from 17.7 percent at its peak in July of 2009. Proportionately fewer turboprops are on the market. As of the end of April, about 11 percent were available compared to the high of 12 percent last summer. Meanwhile, perhaps one of the most encouraging signs is the increase in business aircraft use.

JETNET says the FAA is reporting that business jet use was up 11.3 percent in the first quarter of 2010 over 2009; it also noted that the 2009 figure was down by more than 30 percent over the previous year. So, despite the double-digit increase this year, business jet operations are still down by 21 percent when compared to the pre-recession days. So, it's still a buyer's market out there and prices remain depressed, but it looks like it isn't going to last forever.

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A Dark Horse Enters the Supersonic Race back to top 

Sukhoi-Alenia Supersonic Bizjet?

A Turkish newspaper says Italian aviation giant Alenia is in talks with Russia's Sukhoi to bring a new supersonic business jet to market by 2015. Hurriyet, an English daily, says the aircraft will fly at more than Mach 1.6, carry eight passengers and be designed to mitigate sonic booms. It sounds like an update on Gulfstream's collaboration with Sukhoi to develop the S-21 supersonic business jet. Gulfstream bowed out of that project years ago but Sukhoi apparently kept working on it.

Sukhoi and Alenia have been working together on the Superjet, a regional jet that is now in flight testing. The S-21 was envisioned as a three-engine aircraft that would have been as big as a regional jet (more than 100 feet long and more than 50,000 lbs.) but most of that bulk was to be employed in quest for speed. Aerion, an American company, continues to work on a supersonic business jet design and is looking for a manufacturing partner.

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Opinion & Commentary back to top 

AVweb Insider Blog: Should You Butt In When Another Pilot Goes Awry?

Every airport has at least one ace of the base whose judgment is just cock-eyed. Do the rest of us have an obligation to straighten this person out? That's the question guest blogger Mark Sletten addresses in the latest installment of the AVweb Insider.

Click here to read Mark's post and share your own thoughts.

AVweb Insider Blog: Survival by Random Chance

What does the Deepwater Horizon disaster have to do with aviation? Maybe nothing — if you don't count the powerful lesson in preparedness that Paul Bertorelli took away from a 60 Minutes interview with survivor Mike Williams.

Click here to read Paul's latest post to the AVweb Insider blog and share your own thoughts.

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Who's Where back to top 

Harlan New Uvalde GM

Samantha Harlan

Samantha Harlan has been named general manager of Uvalde Flight Center. She was most recently the office manager, dispatcher and customer service rep at Tomball Jet Center in Houston.

Sigler to AIA

Todd Sigler is AIA's new Assistant Vice President of Civil Aviation. He was formerly at Cirrus Aircraft, most recently vice president of manufacturing support and process engineering.

Who's Where? You Tell Us

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The Top Reporter on Our Crack Staff ... Is You! back to top 

Aviation Consumer: Tell Us About Your Opinions on Diesel Engines and Alternate Fuels

Our sister publication, Aviation Consumer, is conducting research on attitudes toward replacement strategies for 100LL.

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Aviation Consumer's LSA Durability Survey

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Aviation Consumer is looking at the long-term durability of these aircraft when subjected to the rigors of flight training, as well as their cost and ease of repair. Whether you run a flight school with LSAs, own an LSA that you lease back, or just rent them for your flight training, you voice matters.

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AVweb Media: Look, Listen, Laugh and Learn back to top 

Aviation Consumer's Diamond Motor Glider Gliding Trial

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

At Sun 'n Fun, AVweb took a look at Diamond's reintroduced HK36 motor glider. In this follow-up video, we tried it out in extended glider operation, and (no suprise) it's a great performer. If you want to learn soaring and still want a powered airplane, the HK36 is a remarkably well-executed compromise.

If you enjoy this video, be sure to look for the print review of the FX8 in the June issue of our sister publication, Aviation Consumer.

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IFR Magazine Shares GPS Tricks for VOR Clearances

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

Handling clearances with that panel-mount GPS is a snap — until they throw some rogue radial off a VOR into the mix. IFR editor Jeff Van West unlocks the insider techniques that make clearances like this just another day plying the airways.

If you enjoy this video, be sure to check out our sister publication, IFR magazine.

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