AVwebBiz Complete Issue: Volume 8, Number 25

June 30, 2010

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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AVflash! FAA Reauthorization Delayed (Again) back to top 
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FAA Reauthorization Extended One Month

Labor politics continues to prevent passage of the FAA's funding reauthorization. The Senate passed its version of the bill some time ago but the House remains stalled on a provision that would make it easier for FedEx employees to unionize. The House voted Tuesday to extend the current funding authorization of the FAA for a month. It was due to run out on Friday. The one-month extension of the current reauthorization might suggest the matter is inching to the upper priority levels in the House, but at least one Capitol Hill publication suggests there's little interest in reconciling the differences between the House and Senate bills.

CQ Politics says the bill is barely on the legislative radar if the process thus far is any indication. "The reauthorization bill has never been formally sent to conference, and as a result negotiations have been conducted informally, mostly at the staff level," the publication says. It characterizes the outstanding disagreements as "member-level" issues. The FedEx amendment was introduced by Sen. James Oberstar, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. It would put FedEx employees under the authority of the National Labor Relations Act, the same legislation governing UPS employees. Under that legislation, employees have the ability to organize local unions while, under the Railway Labor Act, which governs FedEx employees, employees can only organize nationally.

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Re-Examining Icing back to top 

FAA Proposes Part 25 Icing Amendments

The FAA has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (big PDF) that would impose extra icing certification requirements on Part 25 (transport category) aircraft that weigh less than 60,000 pounds and would also amend rules for larger aircraft. The rule has been in the making since the 1994 icing-related crash of an ATR 72 in Roselawn, Ind. For smaller aircraft, the rule focuses particularly on ice caused by supercooled large droplets, which can coat surfaces beyond the normal ice protection systems on existing aircraft. "These regulations will help ensure future aircraft can operate safely in some of the toughest icing conditions," FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt said in statement.

The NPRM will also affect engine certification. Turbine engines will have to be able to handle icing conditions that have been the cause of uncommanded shutdowns. The agency estimates the annual industry-wide cost of compliance will be $71 million. The comment period on the NPRM ends Aug. 30.

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Today: New Runway Clearance Rules back to top 

New Taxi Terms In Effect Wednesday

If you're talking to air traffic controllers this week, you're going to hear some new directions from ground control: starting Wednesday, June 30, "taxi to" will no longer be used when issuing taxi instructions to an assigned takeoff runway. Controllers are now required to issue explicit instructions to cross or hold short of each runway that intersects a taxi route. Instructions to cross multiple runways will not be issued; you will be cleared to cross each runway one at a time. This applies even to inactive or closed runways. The only exception: At airports where the taxi route between runway centerlines is less than 1,000 feet apart, multiple runway crossings may be issued, but only after ATC has received approval to do so. In effect, every hold line now is considered a "stop sign."

If you need more information, you can go to the FAA order changing the procedures (PDF), which provides official details, or to this condensed runway safety notice (PDF), which is meant for pilots, and clearly spells out the changes. You can also watch a brief video that succinctly explains and illustrates the new rules. To sum it up, the FAA says: "Never cross a hold line without explicit ATC instructions. If in doubt, ASK! You may not enter a runway unless you have been: instructed to cross that specific runway; cleared to take off from that runway; or instructed to position and hold on that specific runway."

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The Load Road to the Top of the TSA back to top 

Pistole Confirmed As New TSA Chief

The Senate has unanimously confirmed John Pistole, President Barack Obama's nominee, as the next head of the Transportation Security Administration. The post has been vacant for about a year and a half, and two previous nominees failed to win confirmation. Pistole, a former deputy director at the FBI, was seen as "bulletproof" when his nomination was announced and apparently that was the case. He faces multiple challenges. The TSA has had four administrators in the last eight years. Rep. John Mica, head of the House Transportation Committee, this week described the agency as an "out-of-control bureaucracy." Union leaders already have asked for meetings to press for collective bargaining rights for TSA employees. GA leaders welcomed the new administrator.

AOPA President Craig Fuller said, "We look forward to working with him on issues affecting general aviation, such as the Large Aircraft Security Program." NBAA President Ed Bolen said, "We look forward to working with Administrator Pistole on security policies for general aviation that harden the industry from threats while preserving the mobility and flexibility that are the industry's hallmarks." Pistole helped to lead the investigation of the Egypt Air Flight 990 crash in 1999, and recently was involved with the pursuit of the Times Square bombing suspect. Maj. Gen. Robert Harding, a retired Army intelligence officer, withdrew his nomination in March, and Erroll Southers, a former FBI agent and counterterrorism supervisor for the Los Angeles airport police, dropped out in January.

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Late Addition to Oshkosh Guest List? back to top 

Dreamliner Invited To AirVenture

There's a chance the Boeing 787 will make its airshow debut at this year's AirVenture Oshkosh. EAA spokesman Dick Knapinski has confirmed that Boeing has been invited to show off its latest design and is considering the idea. "The Boeing folks have an open invitation to join us, and we have had discussions about them attending," Knapinski said Tuesday. He noted that the participation of the Dreamliner and its extent will depend on the aggressive flight-test schedule Boeing has set for the aircraft. The schedule hit a minor setback last week when "workmanship issues" were discovered in the horizontal stabilizers of the five test aircraft.

The aircraft resumed flying Sunday and Monday after a three-day stand down. The 18 787s on the production line were also inspected. "Some airplanes have issues with improperly installed shims and the torque of associated fasteners," the company said in a statement. The horizontal stabilizers are built by Alenia-Aeronautica.

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Who's Where back to top 

Trevino Promoted at Donaldson

Michael Trevino

Michael Trevino has been named Director of Global Commercial Aerospace Sales by Donaldson Aerospace and Defense. Donaldson makes filtration products, and Trevino was most recently its director of sales for Donaldson Valencia.

Curtice on Staff at Wichita Aero Club

Stephanie Curtice

Stephanie Curtice is the new person in charge of membership, development, event coordination and marketing at the Wichita Aero Club. Curtice was raised in Wichita and has held various public relations posts.

Jimenez and White Appointments at General Dynamics

Vince JimenezMark White

Vince Jimenez and Mark White have been named Regional Product Support Sales Managers for General Dynamics Aviation Services. Both will work out of the Lincoln, CA facility, and both are longtime General Dynamics employees.

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AVweb Media: Look, Listen, Laugh and Learn back to top 

Cirrus SR22T Flight Demo

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

Cirrus is out with a new version of the SR22, the SR22T, with a TSIO-550-K groundboosted turbo system. AVweb's Paul Bertorelli took a demo flight in the new airplane with Cirrus's Matt Bergwall.

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Supersonic Flight & Transonic Phenomena

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

Sound travels at about 760 miles per hour, or 340 meters per second and about 661 knots on an average day at sea level. And sometimes, you can almost see it. Going close to that speed through air can cause some unusual visual effects. This compiled footage includes F-14s, standard and Blue Angels F-18s, plus the SR-71 and an Atlas Rocket launch. AVweb contacted sources at NASA to research the phenomena.

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