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December 23, 2003
By The AVweb Editorial Staff

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Securing Business Aviation

SSI Specializes In Helicopter Security Training...

As many regions in the world experience an ongoing terrorist threat, new companies are emerging to help corporate flight departments secure their assets and personnel. AVweb recently had the chance to talk with key management personnel from Security Solutions International, a Miami-based firm specializing in aviation security training. Carving out its own niche in the security industry, the company claims to be the first in the world to offer courses for helicopter crews in emergency preparedness and counter-terrorism. The courses range from dealing with terrorist attacks to guarding against alcohol and drug use. "There are numerous aspects to the importance of security in business aviation," said Sol Bradman, SSI's director of aviation. "The security of high-profile passengers is just one of them. At small airports, where business aviation is normally located (unless there are large commercial air carrier operations), the current security is very limited." Bradman said there's a need to integrate security training in today's business aviation environment. "Anytime you are dealing with aviation the word security will today become synonymous with safety. A truly safe aviation operation can only be truly safe if it is secure." All of SSI's courses are conducted by company personnel and instructors from the Israeli College For Security and Investigations . Helicenter International Academy -- SSI's aviation base -- is already conducting training for foreign governments and will be used for its new domestic training.

...NBAA Offers Security Seminars In 2004

The NBAA has launched its own security initiative, including a series of seminars titled NBAA Security Training for Part 91 Operators, based upon the security project developed in partnership with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The NBAA has already performed security-training seminars for Part 91 operators based at Teterboro (TEB), Westchester County (HPN) and Morristown (MMU) airports. These "Train-the-Trainer" sessions have given participants the materials necessary to train their companies' employees to meet the standards needed to obtain a TSA Access Certificate (TSAAC), which eventually may grant TSAAC holders access to TFRs equivalent to that afforded scheduled air carriers. Although the TSA has not yet expanded the proof-of-concept security project to allow TSAAC applications from operators based outside of TEB, HPN and MMU, the TSAAC program may be launched nationally after the first of the year. The first two seminars will be held on Jan. 20, 2004, in Minneapolis, Minn., and Jan. 22 in Wichita, Kan. Attendance is limited to a maximum of three employees per company. For information about the content of this seminar, contact the NBAA's Eric Ramsdell at (202) 737-4481 or

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Middle East Gains BizAv Momentum

First Authorized BBJ Service Center In Middle East...

The Middle East is emerging as a business aviation center, as evidenced by several recent announcements at this year's Dubai Air International Show . On Dec. 8, Boeing signed an agreement with Alsalam Aircraft Company, making the company the first authorized service center for Boeing Business Jets (BBJs) in the Middle East. The agreement was announced during the eighth annual Dubai event, which features a mix of military, airline and business aircraft displays. Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Alsalam will provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services as well as BBJ warranty work on behalf of Boeing. More than 27 percent of BBJ customers are from the Middle East and Lee Monson, president of BBJ, sees this new service center as a geographical link between the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa. This latest agreement coincides with the addition of Alsalam's three service centers in Europe and two in the United States for authorized service and warranty work. Those include Associated Air in Dallas, Texas; DeCrane Aircraft Systems Integration Group (PATS) in Georgetown, Del.; Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg, Germany; and Jet Aviation in Basel and Geneva, Switzerland.

...Jet Aviation To Launch Maintenance Facility In Dubai...

During the Dubai Show, Jet Aviation unveiled construction plans for a new facility to be located at the Dubai International Airport. In addition to its facilities in Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, the Dubai location will be the third Jet Aviation facility in the Middle East and will primarily offer maintenance service and fixed-based operations. Jet Aviation Dubai, a joint venture with the Almulla Business Group of Dubai, is expected to be fully operational in the second half of 2004 and will include a large hangar capable of accommodating two BBJs or Airbus Corporate Jets in addition to 1,000 square meters of workshop space. Jet Aviation Dubai will offer scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, aircraft repair, aircraft modifications and avionics installations and retrofits for a large variety of business aircraft, as the maintenance division plans to apply for authorized service center status for Boeing, Gulfstream, Falcon, Cessna, Raytheon and Embraer aircraft. On a related note, Jet Aviation Saudi Arabia recently reported a market share increase of 5 percent in the FBO business. Jet Aviation's facilities in Jeddah and Riyadh were established in 1979 and 1983, respectively, where both facilities now offer aircraft handling, executive charter, line maintenance and aircraft-on-ground (AOG) services to private, business and military operators. The two locations each hold Saudi Arabian Presidency of Civil Aviation (PCA) certification.

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...First CAE Sim XXI Level D-Qualified...

The first CAE Sim XXI has received Level-D qualification for the Gulfstream IV-SP full-flight simulator located at the Emirates-CAE Flight Training center in Dubai. Concurrently, Level D certification was also received for the center's new Hawker 800/800 XP full-flight simulator. The FAA and Europe's Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) qualified both devices on Nov. 14, with a public announcement by CAE made recently. CAE claims the Sim XXI, which was launched in 2002, is the next generation of full-flight simulators. The Emirates-CAE training center is jointly operated by CAE and the Emirates Group under a long-term teaming alliance. A new, larger 14-bay facility is set to open officially this December.

...ARINC Opens New Office In Dubai

Along with the BBJ and Jet Aviation announcements at the Dubai show, ARINC Incorporatedannounced the opening of a new customer-service office in the host city. The dedicated office will support ARINC's aviation clients in the Middle East and Africa, as well as the company's overall regional business expansion plans. ARINC's new offices are located in the newly developed West Wing of Dubai Airport Free Zone, where the company will initially concentrate on the development of regional marketing, sales and support teams in what it describes as "a preliminary growth phase to address current and growing business." With the addition of Dubai, ARINC now has offices in eight European and Middle East cities including Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Paris, Zurich, Krakow, and London.

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NBAA: Prepare For Holiday Volume

Before the start of the busy holiday travel season, the NBAA released a notice advising members to be wary of flight delays due to changes in the air traffic control flow. As we bump into the Christmas and New Year holiday, it might be a good idea to review the organization's warnings. The NBAA claims that during the winter months -- specifically on Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays and days associated with holidays -- the increased volume of general aviation traffic to and from Florida terminals and the New York metropolitan area results in departure and en route delays to all National Airspace System (NAS) operators. The NBAA has compiled a list of suggestions to help reduce these delays. RVSM-equipped NBAA member aircraft should take advantage of this technology allowing unrestricted use of the offshore A761/R511 Radar Routes to travel up and down the East Coast between the New York and Florida areas. Crews are encouraged to file these routes between the specified city pairs whenever peak-volume periods exist. During non-peak times, operators should file preferred routes but indicate "offshore capable" in the Remarks section of the flight plan. This will allow ATC to move aircraft to this route instead of piling up long departure delays. Operators using these routes will be exempt from or experience minimal traffic management initiatives, such as miles-in-trail and ground stops. The NBAA also suggests operators file flight plans on anticipated high-volume days as soon as possible and no less than three hours in advance, where possible, to assist ATC in anticipating the extra volume to make effective and appropriate traffic-management decisions.

PBI Business Aircraft & Jet Preview

Business aviation was in force recently at the West Palm Beach Business Aircraft & Jet Preview, held Dec. 9. Nearly 40 exhibitors with more than 20 jets were on display at Signature Flight Support's facility at the Palm Beach International Airport (PBI). Many of the heavy hitters in business aviation were present, including the all-new Premier I from Raytheon, the Avanti from Piaggio, and various offerings from Bombardier, Gulfstream, and Dassault Falcon Jet. As was the case with the NBAA's recent convention in Orlando, the business aviation representatives on hand collectively offered high expectations for 2004. The next Business Aircraft & Jet Preview event will be held on Thursday, Jan. 22, 2004, at the French Valley Airport (F70) in Murrieta/Temecula, Calif.

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Don Baldwin To Remain Chairman Of NBAA

National Business Aviation Association Chairman of the Board Donald E. Baldwin has accepted a position on the board of The Whitewind Company, an NBAA member. Baldwin has resigned his current position with the Coca-Cola flight department effective Dec. 30, 2003. In accordance with the NBAA bylaws, Baldwin will retain his chairmanship with no interruption in leadership. The NBAA's executive committee is composed of Baldwin, Kenneth E. Emerick of GM Worldwide Travel Services as vice chairman, Jeffrey W. Lee of IBM Corporation as treasurer, George A. Saling of Altria Corporate Services as immediate past chairman, and Shelley A. Longmuir as NBAA president and CEO.

Biz AV AD Watch, Pilatus...

The FAA proposes to supersede Airworthiness Directive (AD) 2002-01-09, which applies to all Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. Models PC-7, PC-12, and PC-12/45 airplanes that incorporate a certain engine-driven pump. AD 2002-01-09 currently requires you to inspect the joints between the engine-driven pump housing, the relief valve housing, and the relief valve cover for signs of fuel leakage and extruding gasket material; replace any engine-driven pump with any of the above problems; and ensure that the relief valve attachment screws are adequately torqued and re-torque as necessary. This proposed AD is the result of mandatory continuing airworthiness information (MCAI) issued by the airworthiness authority for Switzerland. The FAA says the proposal would retain the actions from AD 2002-01-09, would add certain engine-driven pumps to the applicability, and would require eventual replacement of the pump with an improved design pump to assure that the unsafe condition does not recur. The FAA claims it is issuing this proposed AD to detect and correct gasket material extruding from the engine-driven pump housing and detect and correct relief valve attachment screws with inadequate torque. These conditions could lead to fuel leakage and result in a fire in the engine compartment. Public comments on this proposed AD must be received by Jan. 6, 2004.

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...Israel Aircraft Industries...

The FAA has issued Final Special Conditions for Israel Aircraft Industries Model 1124 airplanes modified by Garrett Aviation Services. The FAA advises, "These modified airplanes will have a novel or unusual design feature when compared to the state of technology envisioned in the airworthiness standards for transport category airplanes." The modification incorporates the installation of dual Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S) Air Data Display Unit systems with the IS&S Air Data Sensor that perform critical functions. The applicable airworthiness regulations do not contain adequate or appropriate safety standards for the protection of these systems from the effects of high-intensity-radiated fields (HIRF). These special conditions contain the additional safety standards that the Administrator considers necessary to establish a level of safety equivalent to that established by the existing airworthiness standards.


The FAA has published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that is applicable to certain Dassault Model Mystere-Falcon 900 series airplanes. This proposal would require revising the Abnormal Procedures section of the airplane flight manual to advise the flight crew to avoid use of certain display modes during approaches. This proposal also would require replacing certain symbol generators of the Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS) with modified symbol generators. The FAA claims this action is necessary to prevent distraction of the flight crew during a critical phase of flight due to certain EFIS displays flashing or going blank, which could result in loss of control of the airplane. All public comments must be received by Jan. 7, 2004.

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