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October 21, 2010

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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AVflash! Eclipse Courts a Surprise Investor back to top 

Sikorsky May Invest In Eclipse

In perhaps the most surprising announcement of NBAA 2010, Sikorsky confirmed it intends to invest in Eclipse Aerospace, prompting speculation that the sometimes bizarre story of the original very light jet might have a happier than expected outcome. "This agreement in principle affords us an opportunity to invest in a great product and to further leverage our strong aftermarket and product support capabilities for fixed-wing application," Sikorsky VP Mark Cherry said in a statement. Sikorsky President Jeff Pino, incidentally, has an Eclipse and thinks highly of it. Eclipse owner Mason Holland is understandably thrilled about the recent events.

"We are elated about this potential new venture with Sikorsky Aircraft and the phenomenal reach we can extend to Eclipse Jet owners by access to the global service, support and supply chain network of Sikorsky," Holland said. "With the closing of this agreement we would have it all -- a phenomenal fuel efficient twin-engine jet, an enthusiastic customer base and a fantastic support staff, all coupled with the depth and strength of a sound and experienced partner, Sikorsky Aircraft!

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XM WX: As Vital as Vision
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NBAA Recognizes Wright Brothers Master Pilots back to top 

Palmer Honored By NBAA

A blue-chip lineup of aviation icons were on hand at the National Business Aviation Association's convention in Atlanta on Wednesday to be named Wright Brothers Master Pilots. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan, former Cessna CEO Russ Meyer, former airline pilot and aviation entrepreneur Clay Lacy and legendary golf pro and business aviation advocate Arnold Palmer received the honors from FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt. Test pilot and airshow legend Bob Hoover was unable to attend. Palmer was also given NBAA's Meritorious Service to Aviation Award, the association's highest honor. Meanwhile, business aviation in general got a collective pat on the back for its huge contribution to the Haiti earthquake relief effort.

NBAA awarded the Al Ueltschi Award for Humanitarian Leadership to everyone who helped in the Haiti effort and dozens were on hand in the audience to watch a specially commissioned video commemorating business aviation's contribution. Millions of pounds of food and supplies were delivered to Haiti's outlying areas, sometimes using improvised landing strips on narrow country roads to accomplish the missions. Hundreds of sick and injured people were also evacuated by private aircraft.

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Embraer Legacy 650 Racks Up More Certifications back to top 

Legacy 650 Certified In Brazil, Europe

Embraer celebrated the European and Brazilian certification of its Legacy 650 business jet at the National Business Aviation Association convention in Atlanta on Wednesday and the company says the FAA nod is imminent. The company is showing a 13-seat version of the aircraft at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport and Luis Carlos Affonso, Embraer's Executive Vice President for business jets, told AVweb the certification came right on time. "We announced the Legacy 650 at last year's NBAA and we said that deliveries would begin in the second half of 2010," he noted. First deliveries will occur within weeks.

The 650 is a derivative of the popular Legacy 600, which was Embraer's first foray into business jets. The 600 is itself a derivative of the Embraer regional jet. The 650's major selling point is additional range. It has a beefed-up wing and landing gear, allowing higher landing and takeoff weights to accommodate fuel to give it a 3,900-nm range with four passengers. It goes 3,840 nm with eight pax aboard. The 650 also has a Honeywell Primus avionics package with LCD screens in a spacious cockpit.

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Phillips 66. The most trusted wings in aviation.
Meanwhile, Outside of NBAA ... back to top 

Report Details ADS-B Challenges

The FAA's plan to implement ADS-B in the National Airspace System faces "significant risks and challenges," according to a report released last week by the Office of Inspector General for the Transportation Department. The number-one issue is the reluctance of those who use the airspace to purchase and install new avionics for their aircraft. "Users have raised justifiable concerns about evolving requirements and uncertain equipage costs and benefits," the report says. The FAA plans to mandate the use of "ADS-B out" by 2020, the report says, but that equipment essentially provides the same radar services currently available, "resulting in few new benefits to airspace users." Other challenges cited in the report include system integration and contract management issues, which the FAA must resolve to avoid further delays in the program.

One solution proposed by the report for the equipage problem might be for the FAA to provide tax incentives or find other ways to share the costs of the upgrades, at least for commercial users. "Cost-sharing mechanisms have merit because they help share risks between the government and airspace users," the report says. Until the FAA deals with the challenges to implementation, "the realization of ADS-B program goals will remain uncertain, and NextGen initiatives will be delayed," the report concludes. The FAA said it is already working with several airline partners to refine its ADS-B technology and will issue a report on its findings by Sept. 30, 2011.

Vertical Power VP-X System from Aircraft Spruce
Vertical Power VP-X System Now at Aircraft Spruce
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AVweb Audio — Are You Listening? back to top 

Fractionals Remain Relevant

File Size 5.9 MB / Running Time 6:25

Bose® A20™ Aviation Headset XM WX Satellite Weather Aviator Pro Data Package || As Vital as Vision

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The market is down everywhere, but people still need to fly. FlexJet president Fred Reid told AVweb's Russ Niles that while the recovery remains up to 18 months away, the fractional market will continue to provide the best value for many.

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Wichita Opens Massive Training Center

File Size 5.3 MB / Running Time 5:44

Phillips 66 Aviation || Why Do Over 725 FBOs Call Us Home?  Find 
Out at NBAA Lightspeed Aviation || Change Your Mind

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The common wisdom is that there will be a shortage of skilled labor for the aviation business in the future. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Sherry Utash of the National Center for Aviation Training about ensuring there will be skilled workers for the industry when they're needed.

This podcast is brought to you by Phillips 66 Aviation and Lightspeed Aviation.

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AVweb Media: Look, Listen, Laugh and Learn back to top 

Video: Hawker 200 at NBAA

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At NBAA 2010 in Atlanta, Hawker Beechcraft announced a new variant on its Premier line, the Hawker 200. Shawn Vick gave AVweb a tour of the new aircraft.

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Video: AmSafe Airbags for Divans

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For biz aircraft operators, side-facing divan seating — common in these airplanes — represents a problem. These seats can't be certified with full occupancy because of safety considerations. AmSafe's new airbags address this shortcoming.

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Diamond Aircraft
Diamond Has Your Training Needs Covered
Getting your license or upgrading your rating? Operating a flight school? Diamond offers the only complete modern fleet of technically-advanced training aircraft, along with model-specific flight training devices and a safety record that is second to none. Leading flight training schools around the globe fly Diamond Aircraft. Find out why.
Your Favorite FBOs back to top 

FBO of the Week: American Airports (Gen. William J. Fox Air Field, Lancaster, CA)

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AVweb reader Charlie Tipton attended Edwards Air Force Base's recent GA fly-in on the Rosamond Lakebed — and while he didn't get us the proverbial "lousy t-shirt," he dropped a fantastic gift on us when he mentioned his trip blog in this week's FBO nominations. (In fact, we'd better stop reading and get back to work!)

Having visited 37 airports in 29 states on his cross-country flight to Edwards, you could say Charlie conducted his own version of our "FBO of the Week" contest. "There were other FBOs who are also did a super job," he writes, but "my personal, hands-down winner is" — drumroll, please — American Airports at Gen. William J. Fox Air Field in Lancaster, California.

Charlie writes:

Within minutes of our first meeting, manager Steve Irving gave me unsolicited complimentary hangar space to ensure that my [L-16A] warbird didn't get rained on with the unexpected storms that were brewing in the area the night before the big event. At the time, I didn't even know there was a potential threat, but it sure came to pass that night. He also provided personal transportation to a Lancaster hotel when I unexpectedly arrived the second time after weather forced me to return there following the fly-in — and he again offered the hangar space.

His staff, including Mark, Rick, Ken and others, went out of their way to ensure that all my needs were met. ... They were available 24/7, and, no matter what shift was on duty, their service was uniformly consistent. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect was sharing in the aviation camaraderie that was pervasive throughout the operation and particularly evident at lunch or breaks taken in the wonderful Foxy's airport restaurant, where waitress Brandy and others quickly made me feel like one of the long-time regulars.

Keep those nominations coming. For complete contest rules, click here.

AVweb is actively seeking out the best FBOs in the country and another one, submitted by you, will be spotlighted here next Monday!

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