AVwebBiz - Volume 10, Number 44

November 21, 2012

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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AVflash! Change of Plan for Hawker Liquidation back to top 

Judge Rejects Hawker 4000 Sell-Off

A bankruptcy judge has rejected Hawker Beechcraft's bid to fire-sale its inventory of Hawker 4000 jets to raise some quick cash. The company was planning to dump the aircraft, the all-composite flagship of its jet roster, for as little as about 35 cents on the dollar until some existing 4000 owners stepped in to prevent their $20 million aircraft from suffering the same devaluation. Hawker Beech has 13 finished new 4000s, three in production and four used aircraft. The inventory clearance bid was part of a filing made by the company that also requested the court to allow it to abandon warranty and extended service plans on the 4000 and on Premier I and Premier IA jets. Hawker Beechcraft VP Shawn Vick outlined the warranty decision in a podcast interview at the 2012 NBAA convention in Orlando in October.

Hawker Beech said in its filing it wanted to dump the aircraft before more advanced competitors hit the market and make them harder to sell. Cessna and Embraer are both working on aircraft in the same class as the 4000 that offer new technology and are more efficient and are in the same price range. However, bankruptcy judge Stuart Bernstein wrote Monday that the company failed to make the case that immediately slashing the price was necessary. The owners committee argued that Hawker Beech has promised it will find someone to take over service and support of the jets and if it does that the aircraft can retain their normal used value. "This process will require a reasonable amount of time, not an accelerated process," the committee argued in its filing. "Thus, there is simply no reason to race to sell the Hawker 4000 inventory before those efforts play out."

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Aviation Safety back to top 

Contract Maintenance NPRM Issued

The FAA has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking covering aircraft with 10 or more passenger seats that will require much more comprehensive monitoring and record-keeping concerning contract maintenance. The new rule was mandated by the recent reauthorization of the FAA but the FAA seems to agree there's a need. "These changes are needed because contract maintenance has increased to over 70 percent of all air carrier maintenance, and numerous investigations have shown deficiencies in maintenance performed by contract maintenance providers," the NPRM says. Although the rule is aimed primarily at Part 121 operators, it will capture larger business jets and charter aircraft, too.

The FAA wants contract maintenance to be performed with the equivalent level of operator oversight as in-house maintenance. That means maintenance manuals have to be rewritten and operators have "to develop policies, procedures, methods, and instructions for performing contract maintenance that are acceptable to the FAA." Affected parties have until Feb. 13 to comment.

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Dassault Goes to China back to top 

Dassault Opens China Subsidiary

Dassault has created a wholly-owned subsidiary in China to secure its stake in that market. The company, Dassault Falcon Business Services (Beijing) Co. Ltd., is based in Beijing and will look after creating a customer support network in the country that will include maintenance specialists and even a couple of "jump-seat support" pilots. "Firmly establishing Dassault's presence in China today positions us to serve the needs of its growing business aviation sector with the highest level of support in the years to come," said CEO John Rosanvallon.

The company says it has 20 orders for its big Falcon 7X trijet and that the twin Falcon 2000S is doing well since it was introduced a year ago. "We sold our first new Falcon to China in 2006. But, by 2011 the market had already grown to become our largest for new aircraft orders and one of the most promising," said Rosanvallon. Jean Michel Jacob has been named general manager of the subsidiary.

U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, FL || January 17-20, 
U.S. Sport Aviation Expo
January 17-20, 2013

Sunny Sebring, Florida will hold its 9th annual U.S. Sport Aviation Expo this January 17-20, 2013 — the largest sport aircraft-dedicated event in the world. Additions for 2013 range from a twilight air show opened by Patty Wagstaff demonstrating LSA aerobatic aircraft to The Year of the Cub to star-studded Manufacturers Showcases and a contest that will crown sport aviation's most efficient aircraft/pilot duo. Four days in Sebring, Florida to "See, Try, Fly and Buy" ... everything in the world of sport aviation. Visit Sport-Aviation-Expo.com for details.
FAA, NTSB on Safety Fairness back to top 

NBAA "Disappointed" In Safety Board Action

The NTSB said last week it won't make any major changes in the way it oversees FAA enforcement actions against pilots, and NBAA says that's not fair to small aviation businesses. The current NTSB rules stipulate that NTSB administrative law judges who review emergency actions by the FAA against certificate holders must assume the allegations presented by the FAA are correct and accurate. NBAA and other aviation advocacy groups, including AOPA, EAA, NATA, and the Air Line Pilots Association, objected to this "assumption of truth" standard, but the safety board declined to change it.

The NTSB said (PDF) it considered all of their arguments, but decided to retain the rule, mainly because it doesn't have enough staff or time to do things differently. The NTSB said it would make some minor changes in the rule's language and would remain open to reconsidering the policy again in the future. "NBAA and its members have seen examples of perceived 'misuse' of this government-benefitting provision that provides practically no opportunity for a certificate holder to present additional information that may materially alter whether an emergency safety issue does or does not, in fact, exist," said Doug Carr, NBAA vice president for safety, security, operations and regulation. He said NBAA was "disappointed" in the NTSB's decision, calling the assumption-of-truth requirement "a practice of biased judicial review."

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Figuring Out Tomorrow's Air Spaces back to top 

Report: UAV Integration On Hold

Citing concerns over privacy, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta has told members of Congress that the selection of six testing sites for unmanned aerial vehicles, which was expected this year, has been indefinitely put on hold. According to the Dayton Daily News, Huerta wrote to members of the Unmanned Systems Congressional Caucus, but no public statement has been released about the decision. Earlier this month, 20 aviation advocacy groups (including AOPA, EAA, NATCA, NBAA, GAMA, and more) jointly sent a letter (PDF) to Huerta, asking him to "ensure UAS are safely and responsibly integrated into the national airspace in a timely manner." The groups also said, "It is our belief that for FAA to succeed, the agency must remain focused on safety rather than privacy issues, where the FAA has no statutory standing or technical expertise."

At a meeting of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems in August, Huerta said he was "very optimistic" that the FAA would meet the congressional mandate to integrate most UAVs into the national airspace system by 2015 (2014 for UAVs weighing less than 55 pounds). "Rest assured that the FAA will fulfill its statutory obligations to integrate unmanned aircraft systems," he said. A government report released in September noted that although the FAA "has taken steps to meet the requirements set forth in the 2012 Act, it is uncertain when the national airspace system will be prepared to accommodate UAS."

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Who's Where back to top 

Jaran Takes China for Bell

Bell Helicopter

Bell Helicopter has appointed Chris Jaran as its managing director in China. Jaran is familiar with the Chinese market and was president of the China chapter of the American Helicopter Society International.

Cords Joins StandardAero

Rob Cords

Rob Cords is the Senior VP for Airlines and Fleets at StandardAero. He was most recently Associate Partner for Oliver Wyman's Aerospace and Defense Practice.

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Opinion & Commentary back to top 

AVweb Insider Blog: Taxing Airplanes for Carbon Emissions

The European Union has the dubious distinction of being a leader in this harebrained idea. Last week, it momentarily suspended a plan to penalize airplanes flying into Europe for carbon emissions, but don't expect the decision to hold. Certainly there must be a better way? On the AVweb Insider blog, Paul Bertorelli suggests there is: Minimize carbon emissions from airplane as much as practical, but otherwise just get yourself ready for life in a warmer world.

Read more and join the conversation.

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Video: Piper's 75th Birthday Party

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On Saturday, November 10, Piper Aircraft celebrated its 75th anniversary as an aircraft company. AVweb was there and got a look at some terrific vintage aircraft as well as Piper's latest line of M-class airplanes.

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