AVwebBiz - Volume 11, Number 9

February 27, 2013

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
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Collapsed Investment Deal Contributed To Diamond's Woes

An 2011 investment deal from a Dubai company never materialized and that contributed to Diamond Aircraft North America's decision to curtail operations and suspend the recently-resurrected D-JET personal jet program. Diamond CEO Peter Maurer said Tuesday that although the deal was made, Medrar never executed the plan and no funding flowed to Diamond. "We have pursued others, but nothing in time to prevent [the] current action. In [the] meantime shareholders were continuing to fund. We will continue to try to find the funding," Maurer said in an email to AVweb. Late Monday the company announced that most of its employees will be laid off pending a reorganization.

Maurer said enough staff have been kept on to fulfill orders and maintain fleet support but most of the employees got notices. "We want to hire back as many employees as possible, as quickly as possible but the exact number and timing will be determined as we develop our restructuring plans in the coming weeks," he said. "Regrettably, we need to suspend activity on the D-JET program pending the securing of additional funding." The action affects only the Canadian operations. Austrian-based Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH is independent from the North American company.

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Balloon Crash Kills 19 In Egypt

Nineteen tourists flying above the temples and tombs near Egypt's Nile River in a hot-air balloon were killed on Tuesday when the aircraft caught fire, according to the Associated Press. The passengers were from Europe, Hong Kong, and Japan. The pilot and several others survived and are being treated for burns. Tourist flights are popular in the Luxor region, where they are a mainstay in the local economy, and several other balloons were flying at the time of the accident. Local officials have grounded all flights.

According to the AP, officials said the balloon was approaching to land when a "landing cable" caught on a propane hose, which ruptured and caught fire. The balloon then shot up into the air, and the fire set off an explosion in at least one of the propane tanks on board. The balloon reached about 1,000 feet before the envelope failed and the aircraft crashed in a sugar cane field. Luxor's tourist industry has suffered, says the AP, since recent unrest in Egypt has scared foreigners away.

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Heli-Expo Next Week In Vegas

HAI Heli-Expo starts next week in Las Vegas and since the fling wing market is weathering the downturn better than most other sectors there should be some major announcements at the show. Among the new products that will be on display is the Eurocopter EC175 that is on its first North American tour. There will be 720 exhibitors at the Las Vegas Convention Center along with a full schedule of seminars, speeches and educational sessions. There will be two on-site static displays with a total of 60 aircraft involved.

Heli-Expo has made arrangements with the FAA and the convention center to establish a temporary heliport on the convention center grounds. It will not only accommodate the static display aircraft, it will allow demo flights during the convention by the various manufacturers. The event begins March 4 with business sessions and the annual safety symposium with a speech by NTSB board member Robert Sumwalt. The exhibit hall opens March 5 and the convention runs until March 7.

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GE Advances Jet Engine Technology

Engineers at General Electric have achieved the highest combination of temperatures ever recorded inside the core of a jet engine, the company said on Tuesday. The higher temperatures, up to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit, could lead to the development of jet engines that exceed today's fuel efficiency by 25 percent. The company said it plans to use its new technology in a supersonic jet engine that will combine the fuel economy of passenger aircraft with "the raw power of military jets." The pilot will be able to switch between two modes, one to maximize speed and power, and another for cruising at a slower pace.

To withstand such extreme temperatures, the engine uses new lightweight ceramic matrix composite materials that were developed by GE engineers. The high temperature of jet fuel combustion typically exceeds the melting point of even the most advanced aviation alloys, so engines are designed with tiny ducts and pinholes inside the turbine blades to make the engine cooler -- but that also decrease efficiency. The new high-tolerance ceramics allow the engine to run hotter without melting down, and more heat generates more power. The technology could extend range up to 30 percent while providing an extra 10 percent in thrust, the company said.

'Bad Boy' Pilot Surrenders Helicopter

A Tulsa pilot's ham-handed attempt to cover his tracks has cost him his helicopter and earned him a two-year ban on flying or even owning an aircraft. William Stokely agreed to a plea deal with federal authorities last week to surrender his Robinson R44 and accept the flight ban after admitting he tried to outwit them by using a piece of electrical tape to change one of the registration marks on his aircraft from a Q to an O. Turns out that his five-cent solution to the fallout from a previous encounter with the FAA is a felony that could have put him in jail for three years. "I've been a bad boy in the eyes of the FAA," he told Tulsa's News On 6.

However it took a little digging by the Arizona Daily Sun in Flagstaff where the charges originated to find out the rest of the story. Stokely's business is in Tulsa but he lives most of the summer in Flagstaff and that's where he kept the helicopter and apparently had misbehaved with it before. Court records obtained by the Sun showed the FAA revoked his certificate for buzzing homes in Flagstaff with the helicopter. His hardware-store alteration of the helicopter's tail number was his attempt to conceal the fact that he was still flying it regularly. But it wasn't that crime that originally drew attention to him from the feds. According to the Sun they began investigating him because of a report of "suspicious behavior" when he was spotted filling jerry cans of fuel at the Winslow Airport and someone told the local Homeland Security office. Thinking he might be involved in something nefarious (he was caching fuel in the desert to extend the range of his helicopter) the federal agents started following him in 2011. They eventually determined that he wasn't a national security threat but they'd also discovered the revocation and altered tail number and prosecuted him for that.

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Correction: Contract Maintenance Rule

A story in last week's AVwebBiz incorrectly stated the impact of the FAA's proposed rule on contract maintenance. According to Richard Mills of the Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association, the effect on his members is greater than stated in the story. "The article states: 'The new rule only applies to air carriers who operate aircraft with 10 passenger seats (not including pilots) and pure cargo aircraft are exempt,'" Mills said. "Unfortunately, pure cargo aircraft are not exempt. The dividing line is between operators of nine-or-less passenger seats programs under Part 135.411(a)(1) and everyone else (Part 135 ten-or-more, Part 121, and Part 145 repair stations)." RACCA is urging members to comment on the proposed rule.

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Brown Promoted at Aviation Search Group

Beverly Brown

Beverly Brown has been appointed sales manager of Aviation Search Group. She's been with the company for more than 10 years in various roles.

Name Correction

Richard Shyne

Richard Shyne's name was spelled incorrectly in last week's "Who's Where." He's FlexJet's new sales director for the Midwest.

Who's Where? You Tell Us

Get a promotion or a new job? Your colleagues want to know about it, and AVwebBiz can get the word out. Drop us a line about the staff appointment, with a nice recent photo, and we'll do our best to include it in our new section, "Who's Where." The items will be permanently archived on AVweb for future reference, too.

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AVweb Insider Blog: So Close the Towers Already

That's Paul Bertorelli's radical idea to gain a little relief from hysterical rantings about the impacts of the looming budget sequestration. That's another way of asking why so many special interests believe everyone else should take service and budget cuts, but not them. This promises to be a spirited discussion.

Join the fun on the AVweb Insider blog.

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Video: Historic Flight Foundation DC-3

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

Everett, Washington's Historic Flight Foundation recently flew home its newly-restored DC-3 from Sealand Aviation in Campbell River, British Columbia. The museum's founder, John Sessions, talks about the aircraft's rich history and its future at the Foundation.

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