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Picture of the Week

Brian Snider of Alliston, ON (Canada) went all the way to Croatia to bring back our latest blue ribbon photo.

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  • Old C-47 in Croatia

    Brian Snider of Alliston, ON (Canada)

    This oldie was sitting off to the side of the apron in Zadar, Croatia.

  • Copperstate Fly-In

    Joe "Pops" Dory of Austin, NV

  • Sunset on a Sleeping Air Field

    Gilbert Benzonana of Grand Lancy, Geneva (Switzerland)

    Scene observed on the well-known Montricher Air Field, actually inactive due to -- snow! The grass runway runs normally behind the trees on the whole width of the photo.

    Photo taken with a Pentax K5 camera at 1/125 sec, F 29, focal length 68 mm. A colored spot due to sun reflection on the camera lens was removed by means of Photofiltre 7. Original file reduced to under 1 MB.

  • All Ready for the Enstrom!

    Maria Guy of Citrus Heights, CA

    Piper Guy, all ready for the helicopter!

    Photo taken with Blackberry.

  • Dawn at KFXE

    Luis Sarmiento of Miami, FL

    Not great quality, but I always get a kick when I look at this picture. I was about to embark on an 1,100-nm trip to Culver, Indiana with my oldest son.

  • N2417C Participating in the 2012 Historic Flight Foundation Air Display

    Bela P. Havasreti of Kent, WA

  • Winter

    Brad Thornberg of Nisswa, MN

    Westbound in the Brainerd Lakes area in February.

    Sony NEX-5N. Shadow tool in Photoshop used to see the panel.

  • Field Landing

    Bryan Painter & Grant Kaye of Fairfield, CA
    Grant Kaye

    Nevada Mooney M20C landing in a field.

    BCP 3SGS. 2012.

  • The End (Inca Crop Circle)

    Daniel Spitzer, M.D. of Piermont, NY

    Note: This is not your typical pretty plane in a pretty location photo! We have recently been assaulted with end-of-the-Earth predictions -- from the Fiscal Cliff to Sequester to Global Warming to the Russian Meteor. The end of the Mayan calendar in December was soooo 2012! But, recently flying over New York's Hudson Valley, I noticed a new crop circle sent by our Inca friends reminding us that the End is indeed nigh!

    Location: From 2,000 feet AGL, WEETS intersection.

    iPad photo. Contrast augmented in Photoshop to facilitate appreciation of the message.

  • Sunset at KLRU

    Joshua Sims of Goddard, KS

    Photographed with iPhone 5. Edited to remove N-number and enhance colors.

  • Heritage Flight

    Kai Hansen of Victoria, BC (Canada)

    Taken with a Sony SLT77-V at Aviation Nation Air Show at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

  • Before Tow for Winter Soaring in Minden

    Mark Hogan of Bethesda, MD

    This picture was taken by my son before his first glider flight. It was a warm January day in Minden, with beautiful soaring!

    Taken with an iPhone 4; no Photoshopping.

  • How Aeronca Champs See Piper Cubs

    Mark Peterson of Kirkland, WA

    Cub is hanging at McMinnville, Oregon at the Evergreen Air Museum.

    Fisheye-lens setting on a Canon. Resized for submission.

  • Early Days

    Phil Comingore of Madras, OR

  • The Airport Never Sleeps

    Richard Depinay of Keller, TX

  • Banking in the Clouds

    Ron Harway of Lasalle, ON (Canada)

    Canadian CF-18 at the Windsor Air Show.


  • Short Final: Marikoi, Borneo (Indonesia)

    Sean Cannon of Monte Vista, CO

    Taken from my GoPro camera mounted on the tail of our Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) C-185F floatplane.

    No modifications done to the picture.

    See JungleAviator.Blogspot.com for more pictures of the approach to landing in Marikoi, Central Borneo, Indonesia.

Old C-47 in Croatia

Brian Snider of Alliston, ON (Canada) This oldie was sitting off to the side of the apron in Zadar, Croatia.

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