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Picture of the Week

Chuck Tippett of Warrenton, VA crowds everyone together for our latest "PotW"-winning shot. Click through for more reader-submitted photos.

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  • Who's Falling Asleep Next Pops or His Faithful Lab?

    Chuck Tippett of Warrenton, VA

    Pops flying back from a fun day at the beach in his J-3 Cub with his grandsons and faithful Lab Dixie.

  • "Daddy, Are They Playing Tag?"

    Ray St. Laurent of Hanwell, NB (Canada)

    Snowbirds at Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in 2013.

    Untouched frame from Panasonic HX-DC2 video.

  • Juneau Sunrise

    Brett Coblentz of Juneau, AK

    Taken with Samsung Galaxy SIII in cold vintage format.

  • Richard Keyt Banking the Polen Special Over the Runways

    Geoff Sobering of Madison, WI
    copyright Geoff Sobering

    Taken from Dick Keyt's Bonanza flown by Joe Coraggio during the open house before the 2012 AirVenture Cup Race.

    Shot with a Canon 40D and Canon 28-136mm IS lens.

  • Indian Summer In Switzerland
    (Jura Mountains from Montricher Air Field)

    Gilbert Benzonana of Grand Lancy, Geneva (Switzerland)
    copyright Gilbert Benzonana

    End of flying season. Montricher Air Field will be closed up to March 2014 due to bad weather conditions for gliding flight in autumn and winter.

    Photo taken with a Pentax K5 camera at 1/300 sec, F10, focal length 50 mm. No other modification than reduction of the original file to under 1 MB.

  • Rescue into the Evening

    John W. Taylor of Cape Girardeau, MO

    Taken at KFAM (Farmington Regional Airport, Missouri). Subject is ARCH 1, a BK-117 operated by Air Methods Corporation/ARCH Air Medical Service, departing on a flight.

    No digital manipulations. Taken with my Samsung ST76.

  • P-51 Sunrise Flight

    Kai Hansen of Victoria, BC (Canada)
    copyright Kai Hansen

    Taken at the 2013 California Capital Air Show.

    Cropped, but no other corrections. Sony SLT A55V.

  • Winging It

    Rich Provenzano of Milford, PA

    This photo was taken on the October 25, 2013 approximately 40 nautical miles west/northwest of Philadelphia toward the end of a trip from 60J in North Carolina.

    It was taken with a Nikon Cool Pix 12.0 MP. This is the original photo with no enhancements.

  • Building Time

    Gary R. Hockensmith of Mustang, OK

    Photo of my great grandson Max along with his parents, my granddaughter Christi, and her hubby Mark preparing for a tandem skydive near Fort Worth, Texas.

    Photos altered in Pic Monkey.

  • Flying Out to a Remote Beach for a Morning Jog

    Greg Pattison of Neenah, WI

    Morning colors and contrails jump alive with this October sunrise shot on a U.S.A. Great Lake. This is old-school bush aviation, reminding us that life can still be simple even with the modern era of jet contrails overhead. The pilot got in a couple-mile jog and was back home by 9a.m. to make breakfast and church with family. This is how it was after WWII and the boom in general aviation.

    Nikon D5000. No image doctoring. 30F.

  • Beartooth Mountain Range Near Red Lodge (Montana)

    Daniel C. During of Middleton, WI

    VFR flight out of Cody, Wyoming on a local sightseeing flight.

  • Boeing 727 Landing at Salt Lake

    Jay D. Flitton of Sunset, UT
    copyright Jay D. Flitton

    Shot at the Salt Lake International Airport in March 1987, about a month before the merger with Delta.

    Minolta X570 with a 300 mm lens. Scanned from a Kodachrome slide.

  • Late Afternoon Sun

    Mark Espenant of Ottawa, ON (Canada)

    Returning from a late afternoon flight. The skies opened up to the west, creating a dramatic contrast with the retreating dark skies.

  • This Is Reklaw!

    Jack Fleetwood of Round Rock, TX

  • Four Corners Colors

    Barry Whitley of Temecula, CA

    Taken on a return flight from Gallup, New Mexico, to Blanding, Utah.

  • Catalina Framed by Constellation

    Paul Reynolds of Paddington, NSW (Australia)
    copyright Paul Reynolds

    At the Temora Aviation Museum's Warbirds Down Under 2013 air show at Temora, New South Wales, Australia (about 350 km west of Sydney) on November 2, 2013, the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society, Inc.'s PBY Catalina is framed by the tail of HARS's Super Constellation.

    Taken with a Nikon 5100. No modifications.

  • Prepping for the Big Day

    A. D. "Butch" Horn of Blacklick, OH

    A flight of five WWII B-25 bombers were prepped for a fly-over at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, on November 9 to salute remaining members of Doolittle's Raiders who were on hand for a Veterans' Day event.

  • Bright Inlet

    Michael Grabbe of Indianapolis, IN

    Walking through the hangar in the morning, I noticed that this inlet was lit up. The rising sun was shining through a hangar door window at just the right angle to illuminate this engine inlet.

    Resized image to meet file size limitations and used MS Paint to remove registration number of aircraft in the background. Image shot in the hangar with an iPhone 4.

  • Titan Tornado

    Allan Farr of New Plymouth (New Zealand)

    Stratford, New Zealand.

  • Sunrise Over Mt. Rainier

    Paul Danis of Woodinville, WA
    copyright Paul Danis

    Early morning Angel Flight to Boise, Idaho, from Seattle, Washington. On the climb out, we were treated to this amazing sunrise.

Who's Falling Asleep Next Pops or His Faithful Lab?

Chuck Tippett of Warrenton, VA Pops flying back from a fun day at the beach in his J-3 Cub with his grandsons and faithful Lab Dixie.

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