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Picture of the Week

It wasn't easy picking a single photo to lead off our latest batch, but we're confident this breathtaking shot from Brian Wilcox of Tilden, NE won't disappoint you. Click through for more reader-submitted photos.

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  • Thin Ice Pilots

    Brian Wilcox of Tilden, NE

    Shot out of my Citabria 7GCBC. Louis and Clark Dam near Yankton, South Dakota the last dam on the Missouri River system. Picture of 85hp Cub flown by Ryan Lihs.

    Canon 6D.

  • 1Lt. Don Taylor, 80th Flight Squadron Burma Banshee Late 1943 or Early 1944

    Wilfred K. and Donald P. Taylor of Oklahoma City, OK
    copyright Donald P. Taylor

    Dad was a P-40 combat pilot with the 25th Flight Squadron ("Assam Dragons" or "Ass am Draggin's,", as they joked). When the 80th FS arrived in the CBI theater, he was reassigned to the 80th ("Burma Banshees") as a "seasoned flight lead combat pilot" to help bring the fresh squadron pilots up-to combat capability (over the rugged jungles and mountains of the CBI) as quickly and safely as humanly possible.

    My sister Dorothy scanned the small/old/discolored black-and-white photo for Dad's unpublished memoir (in color mode) and did the initial sharpness and definition. I slightly enhanced the contrast and light/dark aspects to work better on my flat-panel display.

    He has one poor quality photo of this 25th FS P-40 Assam Dragon aircraft Sue Fay. Also he found other photos taken of him when he first arrived in-theater, and then later in-theater which show the effects of combat stress on this 25- to 26-year-old man.

    Ed. Note: If you ever get around to scanning Sue Fay, we'd love to see her even if the photo is too small or low-res to use on on the site, you've got our curiosity up!

  • "How Long Must I Wait?"

    Walter Hankinson of Greenwich, NJ

  • Storm System Moving in Over the Air Field

    Cindy Howland of Bartonville, IL

    This picture was taken while working as an airport operations specialist at Peoria International Airport. I saw a storm system beginning to move in during the spring months and positioned myself on the FBO ramp to get the control tower and fuel trucks in sight.

    This was taken with an iPhone 4, and no changes were made.

  • Last Run of the Day

    Kevin Quinn of Olympic Valley, CA

    Canon G11. No manipulations.

  • George and John Yakking It Up!

    Keith Cleversley of Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA
    copyright Keith Cleversley

    A candid shot of pilot-friends George and John as I prepared for some back-seat flying in Todd's Yak-52.

    Shot on my iPhone, as usual.

  • Texas Sunset

    Billy Robin Brough of Harker Heights, TX

    I was in an Army C-12 (King Air) between Waco, Texas, and Fort Hood, Texas.

  • Reflection

    Markus Roedel of Erlangen, Bavaria (Germany)
    copyright Markus Roedel

    Picture was taken by myself with a Samsung Galaxy W mobile phone held out of the window of a Grob G-103B Twin Astir glider on December 31, 2013. Tow plane is a PA-18 Super Cub.

    No image manipulation was made.

  • Waiting at LAX

    John Winter of Tucson, AZ
    copyright John Winter

    Shot out of the LAX terminal window while waiting on a delayed flight.

    Sony Alpha 55; no Photoshop use.

  • Idaho Sky Flying in a Rans S-7S

    Tom Simko of Inkom, ID

    Southeast Idaho Lemhi range.

    Nikon D60 camera.

  • Falling Down?

    Gilbert Benzonana of Grand-Lancy, Geneva (Switzerland)
    copyright Gilbert Benzonana

    Piper Super Cub on the way to land on Montricher Air Field. The propeller seems stopped, but look at the shutter speed!

    Photo taken with a Pentax K10 camera at 1/3000 sec, F11, focal length 295 mm. The original file was slightly cropped and reduced to under 1 MB.

  • Two Birds Above the Clouds

    Karl Thomas of Mesquite, TX

    Taken eastbound out of Del Rio, Texas. Cloud off the wing looks like the stylized Cardinal most C-177 Cardinals have painted on their tails.

  • After a Long Day of Flying

    Eric Hollingsworth of Canton, MS
    copyright Eric Hollingsworth

    Took this shot at dusk.

  • Student Pilots Seem Younger and Younger These Days

    Ray Damijonaitis of Gurnee, IL

    Slightly cropped; no other mods.

  • Going Up

    Doug Eatman of Vero Beach, FL

    Variometers pegged at 10 knots up in the wave near Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina. Climb topped out at 24,000 feet talking to ATL approach. Not bad for no engine.

    Taken with a Kin phone.

  • Just Around the Corner

    Ed Kimbrough of Cheyenne, WY

    Just as it looked from the cockpit.

    Shot with an iPhone 4S.

  • Grass Strip Landing

    Dennis Thate of Fairmont, MN
    copyright Dennis Thate

    Actual untouched photo taken of a Kolb Firestar II experimental aircraft. Taken the summer of 2012 at my private grass strip in Minnesota.

    Taken with a Nikon Coolpix 510.

  • "Air Force One" and C-17

    Maurice Songy of Tunnel Hill, GA

    Taken during a Presidential visit to Chattanooga, Tennessee, (with a C-17 support aircraft in the background) using a Canon 40D DLSR.

  • Five-Month-Old Piper Cruising at 9,500 in a Bonanza F-33A

    Fill Cee of Sparks, NV
    copyright Fill Cee

    Our five-month-old had been flying since he was conceived, and after he came out, he naturally took to grabbing the controls. Of course "George" the autopilot helped some.

    The photo was taken somewhere between Reno, Nevada, and the San Francisco bay area using a Blackberry cell phone.

Thin Ice Pilots

Brian Wilcox of Tilden, NE Shot out of my Citabria 7GCBC. Louis and Clark Dam near Yankton, South Dakota the last dam on the Missouri River system. Picture of 85hp Cub flown by Ryan Lihs. Canon 6D.

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