Turkish F-16s Shoot Down Russian Su-24 »

Turkish F-16s Shoot Down Russian Su-24

A Russian Sukhoi Su-24 was shot down Tuesday near the Syrian-Turkish border by air-to-air missiles fired by Turkish F-16 fighter jets, officials said. Various accounts have disputed whether the aircraft was above Syrian or Turkish territory at the time, and a U.S. official, speaking off the record to the Los Angeles Times, said if the jet did cross into Turkish airspace, it was only for a few seconds. The crew reportedly ejected before the crash, but Russian military officials said at least one of the pilots was killed.


Blue Origin Achieves Safe Rocket Landing »

Blue Origin Achieves Safe Rocket Landing

Blue Origin, the space company headed by Jeff Bezos, has succeeded where every other effort has failed — on Monday, the company launched its unmanned New Shepard suborbital space vehicle from Texas to 329,839 feet, then the crew capsule separated and landed under a parachute, and the rocket module also made a safe, powered, vertical landing. It's the first time a rocket has been recovered intact and reusable after a space vehicle launch.


Hybrid Airship Advances Toward Certification »

Hybrid Airship Advances Toward Certification

Lockheed Martin has moved a step closer to FAA certification for its hybrid airship design, the company said last week. Lockheed worked with the FAA’s certification office in Seattle for more than a decade to develop a plan to allow a nonrigid hybrid airship to operate as a commercial aircraft, since the FAA had no existing regulations to cover the category. Two years ago, the FAA created a certification pathway. Now the FAA has approved Lockheed Martin’s plan showing how its design will meet all of the certification criteria. Lockheed Martin now plans to achieve certification and start delivering operational 20-ton airships as soon as 2018.


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NBAA Convention 2015

A selection of videos from last week's NBAA Convention in Las Vegas.

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Drone Registration Recommendations Submitted »

Drones weighing as little as 8 ounces will have to be registered with the FAA if the agency accepts recommendations of a 26-member panel struck last month to design a registration scheme. More

Seven Killed In New Zealand Helicopter Crash »

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Gyrocopter Pilot Pleads Guilty To Flying Without License »

The former postal carrier who landed his gyrocopter at the U.S. Capitol in April struck a bargain with federal prosecutors, pleading guilty on Friday to flying without a pilot's certificate. Doug... More

Bombardier Gets More Canadian Cash »

Quebec's pension plan has paid $1.5 billion for a 30 percent stake in Bombardier's train manufacturing business but the company will use some of the money to fund full certification of its CSeries... More

NBAA Wraps Up »

NBAA is calling its 2015 convention, which ended Thursday in Las Vegas, "enormously successful" on a business and community level. On the business side, CEO Ed Bolen said there were 1,100... More



From Trona to the Poles

From Trona to the Poles »

As winter unveils its hand across the nation, it seems appropriate to take a look at one of the last of aviation's "firsts," the aerial circumnavigation of our globe via the Poles. More


Watch Your Step(down)

Watch Your Step(down) »

Most pilots I know are lazy. Writing as one who has spent most of his career flying airplanes, that's meant to be a compliment. The lazy pilot tends to accomplish the least work necessary in order to achieve the intended goal. This usually... More

Short Final:

Short Final »

NY Center: "Jetsetter 123, got time for a quick question?" ... JS123: "Sure." ... NYC: "What's the service ceiling on that bird?" ... JS123: "FL 510." ... [A moment of silence followed.] ... Then someone asked: "Does that thing come with astronaut wings?" ... XY456: "Hey Center, what type of aircraft were you talking to?" ... NYC: "He's a G6." ... Some other regional jet driver then chimed in: "Man, I can't even afford a Pontiac G6." ... NYC had to apologize to Air Canada: "Sorry, guys. I was... More


Press Releases

Opportunities in Business Jets Coming March 2016

Now in its 4th year, Opportunities in Business Jets will once again bring senior aviation executives to Malta to discuss key industry issues.

FlyRight To Expand In 2016

FlyRight, a leading provider of King Air pilot training, announced it will add additional space and equipment in 2016.

EDM's Paper Plane Contest Raises Funds For Cancer Support

EDM, a leading global provider of training simulators to the civil aviation and defence sectors, recently organised a paper plane throwing competition to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.