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Video from NBAA 2014 in Orlando

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Flying Expo 'First Of Many' »

The Flying Aviation Expo is "definitely the first of many" says the president of the show. Marco Parratto told AVweb in a podcast interview that preregistration numbers (2,100) and a quality list... More

Glasair LSA Being Built, Should Fly Soon »

Glasair says it will fly its new S-LSA trainer by early 2015 and expects to have the aircraft on display at Sun 'n Fun next April. The mockup was displayed at SNF last April. More

Disruptive Technology The New Norm? »

A new generation of "digital natives" will fill the pilot seats of the future and the technology they embrace is becoming the new norm in the cockpit according to comments made by industry leaders... More

Antares Rocket Destroyed Intentionally »

Shortly after liftoff of Orbital Sciences Corporation's Antares Rocket from the Wallops Flight Facility, Virginia on Tuesday, October 28, it became apparent to the operators that there was a... More

Flying Expo In Palm Springs »

Aircraft filled one of the main streets of Palm Springs, Calif. Thursday as a new aviation show revived a tradition started by AOPA with its Expos and Summits. The Parade of Planes returned to the... More

New This Week »

AVweb's weekly foray into the latest aviation news uncovered news of a new president at MicroAerodynanics, a special aircraft sale by Quicksilver, no delay CFI insurance and staff additions at the... More

'Flying Classroom' Circles The Pacific »

Barrington Irving, leader of the nonprofit group Experience Aviation, is more than halfway through a circum-Pacific flight that is bringing the world into classrooms around the country, as seen... More



Virtual Airplane Broker: Helping Owners Sell Their Airplanes

Virtual Airplane Broker: Helping Owners Sell Their Airplanes »

We looked at, which says it provides the tools to help sellers sell their airplanes quickly for $1099, plus advertising costs—using the Internet to do much of what a broker does, but for a much lower cost. It looks... More


Used Aircraft Guide: Piper Saratoga and Lance

Used Aircraft Guide: Piper Saratoga and Lance »

All airplanes are compromises. Since most of us lack an unlimited budget, we're often forced to choose between going fast in a relatively small cockpit or dragging around a larger cabin more slowly. The Lance/Saratoga series are big cabin birds... More


It Wasn't Remarkable

It Wasn't Remarkable »

The aircraft involved was a 1973 Cessna T210L. It had a current annual inspection, was ADS-B compliant, had a GPS approved for IFR operations and the database for the avionics was found to be current. The aircraft was not approved for flight into... More

Short Final:

Short Final »

Heard on Columbus Approach Control on Sunday, October 19. This approach controller maintained standard phraseology -- twice -- then decided to just try plain English, which worked perfectly! ... Approach: "N1234, Say on-course heading." ... Pilot: "N1234. Stay on course heading." ... Approach: "N1234, SAY on-course heading." ... Pilot: "N1234. Stay on course heading." ... Approach: "N1234, what is your current heading?" ... Pilot: "N1234. Heading: 050." -- Tim Brooks More


Press Releases

Crosswind Concepts, Ltd. Introduces Stick-n-Rudder Ground School

Crosswind Concepts, Ltd. (CC), a unique aviation training center based in Centennial Airport in Englewood, Colorado, introduces their "Stick-n-Rudder Ground School" educational offering to pilots.

Quicksilver Delivers Sport 2SE to Special Customer

Quicksilver Aeronautics is especially pleased to report the sale of a Special Light-Sport Aircraft, the Sport S2SE, to a different sort of customer, a war hero. Any aircraft delivery is satisfying to a producer but this one deserves extra attention.

Piper Seminole Approved For Garmin GFC700

Piper Aircraft, Inc. has received Type Certificate change approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to incorporate the Garmin GFC700 flight control system in the Garmin G1000-equipped twin-engine Seminole aircraft.