United 777 Diverts To Midway Island

United 777 Diverts To Midway Island »

A United Airlines Boeing 777 bound for Guam from Honolulu made a safe emergency landing on the former U.S. Army Air Force runway on Midway Island early Saturday after a report of a strange odor in the cabin. Midway is an ETOPs alternate for twin-engine airliners plying the western Pacific and it's owned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. More

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United 777 Diverts To Midway Island »

A United Airlines Boeing 777 bound for Guam from Honolulu made a safe emergency landing on the former U.S. Army Air Force runway on Midway Island early Saturday after a report of a strange odor in... More

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On July 9, 2014, Amazon Prime Air petitioned the FAA for an exemption to allow private research and development flight testing of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) outdoors on its private... More

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The FAA is about to begin the next step in its search for an unleaded general aviation fuel through the Piston Aviation Fuels Initiative (PAFI). The FAA announced today it has received nine... More

Banner Tow Sign Hits Parasail »

Two brothers riding in a parasail at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina got a different flight than they expected when the banner being towed by an airplane cut through their parachute last weekend. More

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Boeing Closes $56 Billion Order for 777X »

Dubai airline Emirates finalized a $56 billion order to buy 150 Boeing 777X jets today, firming up a commitment made last year, just weeks after scrapping an order with rival Airbus. More

FAA: ADS-B 2020 Deadline Won't Change »

In testimony regarding the progress of NextGen before the Senate Subcommittee on Aviation, FAA Deputy Administrator Michael G. Whitaker said unequivocally that the 2020 deadline for installation of... More



Fly On the 4th of July

Fly On the 4th of July »

It's the Fourth of July—go fly. On a basic level, it's summer in the northern hemisphere so enjoy it in the air—if you're in the southern hemisphere, it's the dead of winter, you probably haven't been flying enough, so go get some of the... More


When ATC Says 'Unable'

When ATC Says 'Unable' »

Judgment is the cornerstone of the air traffic control profession. This basic trait, common among thousands of successful air traffic controllers worldwide, allows controllers to face a variety of situations—including unusual pilot... More

Short Final:

Short Final »

My son an I were departing SNS one evening in a Cessna 182 with my son at the controls and his two-year-old daughter in the back seat. We were cleared for take-off, climbing out, passing through about 1,000 feet when my granddaughter announced she needed to go to the bathroom. My son gave me that look, keyed the mic, and told the controller he needed to return to the airport. ... Tower: "5VX, do you need assistance?" ... My son: "Only if you would like to take my two-year-old to the... More


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SkyTrac's Overdue Notification Enhances Aircraft Safety

Increasing concern with flight tracking technology, flight tracking regulations and operator tracking Żpractices are at the forefront of issues facing today's aviation industry. International aviation organizations Żare currently working to find the most effective way of regulating flight tracking, while many operators are Żlooking for immediate, cost effective tracking solutions.

CJ Type Rating Training Award Opportunity

ProFlight, in conjunction with SCAA, is offering a valuable CJ Type Rating Training Award.

Transportation YOU Summit Seeks to Close Industry's Gender Gap

Two weeks ago, in the midst of issues swirling around the Highway Trust Fund crisis, senior officials from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, and high-profile leaders from transportation's private sector, took the time to meet with 21 high-school girls who have shown an interest in learning more about career opportunities in the industry.