Reauthorization Bill Moves Out Of Committee »

Reauthorization Bill Moves Out Of Committee

The controversial FAA reauthorization bill that would privatize air traffic control services made it out of a House committee Thursday in a 32-26 vote that almost followed partisan lines but there will be much more debate and it's still not clear what's on the Senate's collective mind.


Hybrid Air Vehicles Plans Airlander Test Flight »

Hybrid Air Vehicles Plans Airlander Test Flight

Hybrid Air Vehicles of England plans to test fly its Airlander 10 in March for the first time. The aircraft is a combination of lighter-than-air, airplane and helicopter concepts and resembles an airship. It's capable of high-altitude flight, although the first test will be limited to 4,000 feet over a two-hour flight, according to the Independent.


Santa Monica Airport Supporters File Federal Complaint »

Santa Monica Airport Supporters File Federal Complaint

A group of businesses and advocates of Santa Monica Airport have filed a formal complaint with the FAA, charging that the city has improperly diverted airport funds and denied airport leases. The complaint, filed under Part 16 regulations for federally funded airports, says the city has imposed interest “on purported loans at rates exceeding those allowable” under FAA policy and failed to properly document loans and interest charges.


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Reauthorization Bill Scrutiny Begins »

The controversial FAA reauthorization bill that includes privatizing the air traffic control system will begin its journey through what is expected to be a tough legislative process Wednesday with... More

FAA, NTSB Cite Lithium Cargo Dangers »

The FAA today issued a safety alert to airlines around the world, urging them to conduct a "safety risk assessment" regarding the transport of lithium batteries as cargo, in light of new evidence... More



Steam Gauges Are Safer

Steam Gauges Are Safer »

Technically advanced aircraft (TAA)—those with a primary flight display (PFD), multi-function display (MFD), and GPS—are sexy. Pilots are drawn to them like Pooh Bear to honey. Besides being eye-catching, TAA attempt to address some of... More

Reader mail:

AVmail: February 8, 2016 »

AVweb reader Richard Herbst writes: "HR 4441 (ATC privatization) is a bear trap using austerity for bait. Don't think for a moment that user fees will stay out of private aviation. Think revenue. Functional ADS-B infrastructure provides a precision billing platform to warm any number of Congressional hearts. With growing Part 23 and 25 at the front of the line worldwide, the bug-smashers will have to go. Privatizing ATC means that air safety shares space with corporate goals. In other words:... More


Short- And Soft-Field Landings

Short- And Soft-Field Landings »

Obstructions, sand, mud, wandering animals and other surprises like the end of the runway rushing up to meet you...these are just some of the hazards common to short and soft fields. We all think we're trained for them, but there's a big... More


Used Aircraft Guide: Pitts Special

Used Aircraft Guide: Pitts Special »

Until the advent of the Pitts Special, aerobatics was a horizontal affair, even in the hairy-chested, fuel-sucking, 450-HP Boeings and Wacos. Practitioners pirouetted under the stern God of Energy Management—gravity and drag meant vertical... More


When the Power Seems Low

When the Power Seems Low »

The inability to achieve normal power output (e.g. poor static power) can be an insidious, difficult-to-troubleshoot condition that ultimately affects almost every small engine sooner or later. Sometimes, the cause can be pinpointed quickly,... More

Short Final:

Short Final »

We were flying into Birmingham, Alabama at about 2:00am on a Sunday morning. The sky was clear with great visibility. Birmingham has an ILS to runway 6, and the final approach fix is MCDEN. After checking in with Birmingham Approach, we were told to fly "direct to MCDEN for the McVisual approach." -- John Young More


Press Releases

Conklin & de Decker Brings Aircraft Operating Costs Seminar To Mexico

Conklin & de Decker recently announced its Managing Aircraft Operating Costs Seminar will be held March 14th in Toluca, Mexico. The inaugural program will be hosted by EOLO, at their Toluca Airport FBO, and co-sponsored by Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI).

StandardAero Wins Contract For Army Engine MRO Services

StandardAero was recently awarded a new contract to provide support for the U.S. Army Special Forces Aviation Group's engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for its fleet of eight C-27J aircraft.

Baldwin Launches SOS Program

Baldwin Aviation, the world's leading provider of customized safety management and operational efficiency systems for aviation, ground and airport operations, has announced a strategic alliance with one of the industry's leading Aviation Safety consultancies, Safety Operating Systems (SOS).