Dutch Report: Russian Missile Downed MH17

Dutch Report: Russian Missile Downed MH17 »

A sophisticated missile made in Russia and launched from a rebel-held region of Ukraine brought down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, which crashed in July 2014, according to the final report by the Dutch Safety Board. The report, which was made public today, says the Boeing 777 was cruising at 33,000 feet on a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when the missile warhead detonated just outside the left front window of the cockpit. The airplane was sprayed with hundreds of metal fragments and three crew members in the cockpit were killed instantly by the blast. More

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New This Week »

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Short Final:

Short Final »

This past week I watched the Wings Over Wine Country Air Show practice from my hangar at KSTS. I was listening to the tower on my handheld. While I was listening, three different pilots wandered into the TFR, causing the rehearsals to be delayed. The fourth time it happened was when the Canadian Snowbirds had just started their routine. The tower notified them they would have to stop until the offender left the zone. ... One of the Snowbirds then asked the tower: "What's with all these pilots... More


Press Releases

AOPA Awards 24 Flight Training Scholarships

Twenty-four student pilots have been selected as winners of flight training scholarships awarded by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). The scholarship program is designed to help student pilots of all ages earn a pilot certificate.

Power Flow Reports Success With C-177RG

Power Flow Systems reported recently that the Tuned Exhaust System they developed specifically for Cessna's popular Cardinal 177RG, at the behest of the Cardinal Flyer's On-Line (CFO) owner's group (CardinalFlyers.com), has succeeded in the market well beyond anybody's expectations.

Hartzell Composite Propellers Take Hold Of TBM Fleet

Hartzell Propeller has delivered more than 150 advanced swept airfoil five-blade props for Daher TBM 700/850/900 aircraft in the 18 months since receiving FAA type certificate approval for the high performance props.