Current Ocean Search For MH370 To End »

Current Ocean Search For MH370 To End

The search for MH370, the Malaysia Airlines jet that vanished in March 2014, will be suspended by the end of the year when crews complete their current phase of operations in the Indian Ocean, officials announced Friday. Unless new information comes to light to help direct the search for the Boeing 777, the ships hired to scan 100,000 square kilometers of the rugged ocean floor are expected to cease their work between October and December.


Jeppesen, Garmin Add Terminal Charts To Pilot App »

Jeppesen, Garmin Add Terminal Charts To Pilot App

Jeppesen announced this week its terminal charts are now integrated into the Garmin Pilot application for iOS users. The partnership between the two companies has expanded the app’s features such as Jeppesen navigation data to include Jeppesen charts, allowing pilots to fly with geo-referenced approaches and other capabilities.


Solo Balloonist Breaks RTW Record »

Solo Balloonist Breaks RTW Record

Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov landed safely in Australia on Friday evening, breaking by two days the record set in 2002 by Steve Fossett for a solo circumnavigation by balloon. Konyukhov, age 64, overflew his launch site after 11 days and 11 hours, then flew on to his landing spot in an open field. He suffered a bang on the cheek during the bumpy landing, but otherwise emerged from the gondola in good health and high spirits after the long flight.


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Growing Up Oshkosh

Growing Up Oshkosh »

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Error Chain: Triple Whammy

Error Chain: Triple Whammy »

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Short Final:

Short Final »

The following was heard as my wife and I were flying our Mooney over the northern tip of the Great Salt Lake a few days ago and communicating with Salt Lake Center ... Transient aircraft:"Center, do you have time for a question?" ... SL Center:”Sure, go ahead." ... Transient aircraft: ”OK, this is the $65 question. Looking below, we can see a train track, shoreline and a reddish area with what look like waves. What is that all about?" ... Silence for a short while, then a response... More


Press Releases

Duncan Aviation To Expand Provo, Utah, Location

Duncan Aviation today announced that the company plans to build a new business aircraft maintenance, modifications and paint complex at its Provo, Utah, location. The expansion will include a large maintenance and modifications center and an innovative paint facility.

Dallas Airmotive's New Test Facility Ready for Rotorcraft Engines

Dallas Airmotive, a BBA Aviation Global Engine Services company, announced today that its new test facility at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport has been correlated for Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) PW200 series engines and Rolls-Royce M250 and RR300 engine lines., Interceptor Aviation Launch Meyers 200 Air Racing Team and Interceptor Aviation Inc. have created the Meyers 200 Air Racing Team and are encouraging existing Meyers 200 aircraft owners and operators to participate in the upcoming Air Venture Cup Air Race.