Massive Avionics Theft At Missouri Airport

Massive Avionics Theft At Missouri Airport »

Authorities are investigating the apparently well-planned theft of avionics from all 23 resident aircraft at Jerry Sumners Sr. Aurora Municipal Airport in Aurora, MO last Wednesday. More

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Earhart Namesake Completes Circumnavigation »

The namesake of the pilot at the center of one of aviation's enduring mysteries completed a circumnavigation that, in part, symbolically completed the original attempt. Amelia Rose Earhart touched... More

Escaped Crocodile May Have Led To Crash »

Testimony at a coroner's inquest in England has revived a disputed theory that a crocodile on the loose may have led to the crash of a Filair Let-140 regional airliner in Africa in 2010. The... More

FAA Medical Policies Cited In Airshow Crash »

The NTSB has cited the FAA's special issuance medical policies as a contributing factor in the death of an airshow pilot in 2011. In its final report (top of the queue) on the crash of a T-28 at... More

United 777 Diverts To Midway Island »

A United Airlines Boeing 777 bound for Guam from Honolulu made a safe emergency landing on the former U.S. Navy and Army Air Force runway on Midway Island early Saturday after a report of a strange... More

Amazon Petitions FAA To Permit Drone Testing »

On July 9, 2014, Amazon Prime Air petitioned the FAA for an exemption to allow private research and development flight testing of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) outdoors on its private... More

New This Week »

Our staff's weekly review of what's happening in the aviation world turned up news of a chance at a free Cessna CJ type rating, word that Greg Koontz is the recipient of this year's Bill Barber... More

FAA to Begin Evaluation Of Unleaded Avgas »

The FAA is about to begin the next step in its search for an unleaded general aviation fuel through the Piston Aviation Fuels Initiative (PAFI). The FAA announced today it has received nine... More



The Prop Strike/Sudden Stop

The Prop Strike/Sudden Stop »

It's possible to do major engine/accessory damage without obviously damaging the prop by hitting water or heavy, tall grass that stops or slows the running engine. The FAA definition of a sudden stoppage, is the engine stopping suddenly in under... More


When ATC Says 'Unable'

When ATC Says 'Unable' »

Judgment is the cornerstone of the air traffic control profession. This basic trait, common among thousands of successful air traffic controllers worldwide, allows controllers to face a variety of situations—including unusual pilot... More

Short Final:

Short Final »

I fly from a small air field outside Johannesburg, South Africa. When I had less than ten hours experience, I thought it would be a great idea to fly to one of the larger (controlled) air fields closer to Johannesburg to refuel. ... I requested joining and landing instructions from the tower. Very nervously. Tower requested that I report on final approach next. ... In South Africa, the broadcasting language is English, and I speak an indigenous language, Afrikaans. I wanted the aircraft on... More


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SkyTrac's Overdue Notification Enhances Aircraft Safety

Increasing concern with flight tracking technology, flight tracking regulations and operator tracking Żpractices are at the forefront of issues facing today's aviation industry. International aviation organizations Żare currently working to find the most effective way of regulating flight tracking, while many operators are Żlooking for immediate, cost effective tracking solutions.

CJ Type Rating Training Award Opportunity

ProFlight, in conjunction with SCAA, is offering a valuable CJ Type Rating Training Award.

Transportation YOU Summit Seeks to Close Industry's Gender Gap

Two weeks ago, in the midst of issues swirling around the Highway Trust Fund crisis, senior officials from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, and high-profile leaders from transportation's private sector, took the time to meet with 21 high-school girls who have shown an interest in learning more about career opportunities in the industry.