CAFE: Aviation Technology Converging For Radical Change »

CAFE: Aviation Technology Converging For Radical Change

The next 10 years will be very interesting times for general aviation, says Mark Moore, a researcher at NASA’s Langley Research Center, in Virginia. Last week, he gave two talks at the CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium in San Francisco, exploring new aviation technologies and transit systems. “I think we’re entering a golden era in aviation technology,” he told AVweb in an interview this week, from his office in Virginia. "It’s pretty amazing what’s going to be possible.”


Sleeping Pilots Awake To F-16s »

Sleeping Pilots Awake To F-16s

This might define the term “rude awakening” for pilots. Various media sources are reporting that two Delta Airlines pilots commanding a flight from Germany to Kuwait fell asleep at the controls of their Boeing 767-400ER and only woke up after flight attendants banged on the cockpit door to tell them there were two Greek F-16s on their wing.


Skydive Plane Crash Kills Five »

Skydive Plane Crash Kills Five

A Cessna 182H with a pilot, two skydive instructors and two tandem jumpers on board crashed and burned shortly after takeoff from the Hawaiian island of Kauai about 9:30 Monday morning; there were no survivors. The airplane was operated by Skydive Kauai from Port Allen Airport, a small field on the south shore. One witness quoted in news reports said the airplane had just taken off when the engine seemed to quit. The airplane then appeared to turn back toward the airport, then caught fire and went down.


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CAFE Symposium Explores Future Of Flight »

Our planet’s transportation systems are on the cusp of a radical change to “on-demand mobility,” according to several of the presenters at last week’s CAFE symposium in... More

WASPs Allowed Back In Arlington »

Congress and President Obama have overruled an Army decision that briefly banned Women Air Service Pilots (WASP) from being interred at Arlington National Cemetery. More

Breeden Wins Valdez STOL »

A 22-year-old Alaskan had the shortest combined takeoff and landing distance in the 2016 Valdez STOL competition. Bobby Breeden, flying a Super Cub, took off in 40 feet and landed in 55 feet to win... More

B-29 'Doc' Receives Airworthiness Certificate »

The newly restored B-29 "Doc" now has an FAA airworthiness certificate, 16 years after restorers brought the historic aircraft to Wichita. Doc's Friends, the organization behind the project, said... More

Submarine To Hunt For EgyptAir Wreckage (Updated) »

Egypt is deploying a submarine to search for the main wreckage of EgyptAir Flight 804, which could be as deep as 10,000 feet below the surface of the Mediterranean. Searchers found pieces of... More

New This Week »

AVweb’s search of aviation news found announcements from Sonex Aircraft, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, Rectrix Aviation and Gliderbooks. Sonex Aircraft will host the FAA's... More



Public Benefit Flying: Safety Efforts Recognized

Public Benefit Flying: Safety Efforts Recognized »

The NTSB contacts the Air Care Alliance (ACA) and demands that it take action to increase the level of safety of Public Benefit Flying and Volunteer Pilot Organizations—the ACA does so and the NTSB says, “Well Done.” More


Out-of-Control Departures

Out-of-Control Departures »

How to execute an IFR clearance that transitions you from Class G to Class E airspace—safely. More

Short Final:

Short Final »

On a flight from Panama City, Florida to Asheville, North Carolina, I heard ATC asking another aircraft if his transponder was on — to which the reply was: "We're putting quarters in the slot now." -- Ray Mansfield More


Press Releases

TSO Authorization Granted for Universal Avionics AHS-525 AHRS

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorization for Universal Avionics AHS-525 Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS).

Aircraft Insurance Guidebook Released

A brand new book has been released designed to help aircraft owners and operators understand the complexities of purchasing aircraft insurance.

Sonex To Host FAA Kit Evaluation Team Audit

Sonex Aircraft is proud to host the FAA's National Kit Evaluation Team (NKET) this week, as they audit the new Sonex and Waiex B-Model kits, and the new Xenos Motorglider Quick Build Kit!