Sun 'n Fun Cancels Splash-In

Sun 'n Fun Cancels Splash-In »

The seaplane splash-in event has been cancelled for this year's Sun 'n Fun fly-in, officials said on Wednesday, because of heavy rains that have flooded the site. The water level at Lake Agnes, at Fantasy of Flight, in Lakeland, Florida, is more than two feet above normal, flooding the dock and the ramp, and causing problems with hidden obstructions. More

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GAMA Notes Progress On Part 23 Revamp »

GAMA has been working for several years now to change the way small aircraft are certified by the FAA, and this week, some progress in Europe has encouraged their effort. On Tuesday, the European... More

Report: Lufthansa Knew Of Pilot's Illness »

First officer Andreas Lubitz, who was at the controls of the Germanwings A320 that crashed last week, had told his employers at Lufthansa in 2009 that he had suffered from severe depression, The... More

Germanwings Recovery Effort Continues »

As investigators probe into the history of first officer Andreas Lubitz, searching for insights into why he apparently crashed a Germanwings A320 into a mountain last week, workers at the crash... More

A B-52 To Visit Oshkosh This Summer »

A Boeing B-52H Stratofortress will take center stage at EAA AirVenture this summer, marking the first time one of the big bombers has ever been on ground display during the event. The B-52H will... More

Air Canada Airbus Landed Short »

The Air Canada A320 that crash landed at Halifax's Stanfield International Airport early Sunday touched down about 1,000 feet before the runway threshold and hit an antenna array before tearing off... More

LSA Earthrounder Killed In Ecuador »

A 62-year-old Swiss adventurer who was attempting to fly around the world in an LSA-sized aircraft died Saturday in an accident in Ecuador. Eric Guilloud's Aerospool WT9 Dynamic aircraft hit a... More

Air Canada Landing Accident »

Authorities at Halifax's Stanfield International Airport reported early Sunday morning that about 20 people were injured when an Air Canada Airbus A320 landed hard and skidded off a snowy runway... More



Hand-Propping Demystified

Hand-Propping Demystified »

Most casual discussions of hand-propping begin and end with the admonition "Don't." That's not bad advice, except when there's no other way to start the engine. In fact, hand-propping is a time-honored practice, dating to the beginning of... More

Reader mail:

AVmail: March 30, 2015 »

Vern Schulze writes: "I am a single-engine aircraft owner and private pilot that only flies VFR. So the following question is based on my 2,000 hours of flying over the past 33 years. My Grumman Cheetah is equipped with the standard altimeter, and my airplane has a Mode C transponder. I also have three GPS instruments, two portable and one panel-mounted. The panel mount is strictly a VFR unit with no WAAS capability. One of the two portables has a WAAS capability. Over the years, flying at... More


Rust Never Sleeps

Rust Never Sleeps »

As the average GA fleet age goes well into the 30s, it's time for a voluntary, on-going program of corrosion inspections. More

Short Final:

Short Final »

I was on Ground Control at KTUS Sunday, March 8, as the National Guard F-16s were out doing their usual practice. ... The tower called out to one of them: "Looks like you have an empty seat there." ... The pilot in the F-16 radioed back: "Wishful thinking." ... Then a guy taking off in a Cessna 182 radioed in: "We have an empty seat in our 182." ... The tower responded: "I'll take it." -- Paul DeHerrera More


Press Releases

Seeker Aircraft Delivers First SB7L-360A2

Seeker Aircraft America Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of CSI Aviation, has delivered the first production Seeker 360-A2 surveillance aircraft to its owner in Australia.

Avlite Systems Offers Solar REIL

Avlite Systems today announced the solar LED Runway End Identification Light (REIL). The solar LED Runway End Identification Light provides a rapid and positive identification of the approach end of a runway.

New Cables Connect GPS Devices To Flight Simulators

ELITE Simulation Solutions now offers GPS interface cables to connect your own flight simulator to Garmin 696 and 796 handheld GPS units. The cable connection to the handheld GPS allows it to show live georeferenced position reporting of your flight simulator's position so you can fly your flight simulator the same way and with the same devices you would in a real aircraft.