Singapore Airlines Jet Recovers From Dual Engine Failure

Singapore Airlines Jet Recovers From Dual Engine Failure »

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A330-300, with 182 passengers and 12 crew on board, lost both engines while en route from Singapore to Shanghai on Saturday, the airline has reported. The flight encountered weather at 39,000 feet, about three and a half hours after departure and 160 miles from shore. Both Rolls Royce Trent 772 engines lost power. "The pilots followed operational procedures to restore normal operation of the engines," the airline said in a statement. More

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First Flight For Sikorsky Raider »

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Power Surge Closes Belgian Airspace »

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NBAA Raises Concerns Over ADS-B Security »

The FAA's plans regarding ADS-B, or automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast services, don't offer enough protection for operators' privacy, security, and business competitiveness, NBAA president... More

Summertime Options For Pilots »

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Scholarships For Aspiring Pilots »

AOPA this week opened its application period for student pilots who are looking for help with the cost of flight training. The AOPA Foundation will award almost $120,000 to help teens learn to fly,... More

FAA Expands Data Comm Service »

Data communications are now available at Newark Liberty International Airport, the FAA said last week, and later this summer the service will expand to Houston and Salt Lake City. Data Comm is... More



Your Refurb: Engine Overhaul Help

Your Refurb: Engine Overhaul Help »

Engine overhauls give even the most experienced aircraft owners a case of the willies. Beyond the "it's going to be really expensive," there are numerous issues to face and decisions to make—choosing a shop; deciding on the type of overhaul,... More


Autopilot Repairs: Worth a Try

Autopilot Repairs: Worth a Try »

It wasn't long ago that an entry-level, two-axis autopilot was priced around 10 grand—including installation. Today, that price is double. Add some options and the bottom line could soar toward $30,000. These big proposals have many owners... More


Top Five Pre-Flight Mistakes

Top Five Pre-Flight Mistakes »

The pre-flight inspection is something we learn about during our first flight lesson. We poke, prod, uncowl, measure and eyeball various fluids and components while the airplane is still safely on the ramp, all to help decide if it's safe to fly.... More

Short Final:

Short Final »

Years ago, like 1960, I was a newly hired DC-3 co-pilot for Continental Air Lines. We could fly either VFR or IFR, depending the weather situation at the time. Needless to say, we went for VFR whenever we could. ... [One day,] the weather wasn't the greatest, but we thought VFR would work. Called ground for taxi clearance, and they came back with: "Continental, are you VFR or IFR?" ... Naturally, we came back with: "VFR." ... We bantered back and forth several times, and the last time they... More


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AEA Announces Scholarship Recipients

The Aircraft Electronics Association's Educational Foundation announced the names of 24 individuals who were awarded individual scholarships worth more than $125,000 for the 2015-16 academic year.

Kickstarter Series Explores 100 Flying Films

Based in the Pacific Northwest town of Grants Pass, an action sports filmmaker announces a new kind of project: Fly Local 100: 100 short films about 100 people, groups and companies who love to fly.

AOPA's Platt Wins Racing Aces Training Scholarship

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association's Central Southwest Regional Manager, Yasmina Platt, was awarded the $2,500 Racing Aces Aviation Scholarship for Women. The announcement of the winner at the Angel Flight Network event in West Houston Airport (KIWS) on May 16, was a surprise for Platt who was at the event representing AOPA. Racing Aces Pilot, Dianna Stanger, presented the award to her.