Airbus Helicopter Cuts Jobs, Fights Super Puma Bans »

Airbus Helicopter Cuts Jobs, Fights Super Puma Bans

Airbus Helicopters said it will cut about 582 jobs at its facilities in France as the company continues to face lower demand along with the aftermath of a fatal crash of one of its H225 rotorcraft in Norway. The cuts, to be achieved through voluntary resignations, will amount to a small percentage of the aerospace giantís helicopter division in France, which employs more than 9700 people there, Bloomberg reported.


Pence Plane Hits LaGuardia Overrun »

Pence Plane Hits LaGuardia Overrun

It would appear that almost everything worked as intended at LaGuardia on Thursday night when Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Penceís Boeing 737 had a hairy landing in bad weather.


Boeing Awarded Patent For VTOL Passenger Plane »

Boeing Awarded Patent For VTOL Passenger Plane

Boeing is apparently working on a large passenger aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing features. The company received a patent for a tilt-rotor design that has room for at least 100 passengers, according to a Business Insider report Thursday.


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New This Week »

AVweb’s search of news in aviation found announcements from AOPA, Garmin, Simhawk and Jeppesen.The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association announced the recipients of the AOPA Flight Training... More

Report: Pilot Error, Training Cited In Marine Heli Crash »

Pilot error, lack of proficiency and operational issues were factors in the deadly collision of two Marine Corps CH-53 helicopters in January, a media investigation revealed. The helicopters, from... More

Deadline Nears For WAI Scholarships »

Women in Aviation International has disbursed more than $10 million in scholarships to help more than 1,300 women advance in aviation careers, and this year they have $662,625 to give away to... More

Crew Evacuated After A380 Diversion »

British Airways isn’t saying much, to the media or to 400 passengers, about why one of its A380s diverted more than 1,000 miles across western Canada Monday night for an unscheduled landing in... More

A Glimpse Of Zee Aero’s “Flying Car” »

A local newspaper in the Silicon Valley has published photos of a test vehicle apparently under development by Zee Aero, a secretive company reportedly financed by Google founder Larry Page, which... More

NBAA Expo Launches In Orlando Next Week »

NBAA will host its annual convention and expo next week, Tuesday through Thursday, in Orlando, Florida, with 27,000 visitors expected to attend. The event will feature more than 1,100 indoor... More

Legendary Bob Hoover Dies At 94 »

Bob Hoover, whose extraordinary aviation life included flying in World War II, test-flying for the Air Force and performing a unique airshow act demonstrating the laws of aerodynamics with a twin... More

Gulfstream To Cease Production Of G450, G150 »

Gulfstream has sold its last G450, which will be delivered to a customer early in 2018, the company said recently. The G450 began as the GIV, and evolved into the GIV-SP. All together the company... More



Aviation Insurance: Some Good News and Blunt Talk

Aviation Insurance: Some Good News and Blunt Talk »

Aviation insurance rates are the lowest they've been in over 50 years. Nevertheless, it's important that you buy the right insurance for the flying you do and the risks you face. More

Short Final:

Short Final »

I was flying IFR from KHIO in Oregon to KMAN in Idaho and trying to avoid IMC. I saw that my ARTCC route showed a GPS altitude 2000 feet lower than my current altitude, which would keep us below the IMC looming ahead ... Me: "Seattle Center, 28M, can I get lower? ... Seattle Center: 28M, negative, I need to keep you here for terrain." ... Me: Roger that, I am WAAS-enabled. ... I threw that last line out just in case he wasn't aware that I could accept a lower altitude with my GPS ... Seattle... More


Press Releases

BuildAPlane To Raffle Off Cessna 150

BuildAPlane is joining hands with the Eagle Flying Museum to fund youth aviation education programs. The Fort Worth, Texas-based non-profit organization is raffling off a recently refurbished Cessna 150 to raise money for a new Build A Plane opportunity for kids to restore a classic Boeing Stearman.

Jeppesen, TUI Group To Enhance Dispatch Training

Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, has teamed with TUI Group, the European charter and scheduled airline service operator, to enhance dispatch operations and training through an integrated in-house program available for airlines and other operators. Together, Jeppesen's eAcademy program streamlines recurrent dispatch training for operators, while on the job training programs from TUI GOC establishes a complete theory and practical learning environment that is ICAO and EASA-compliant.

AOPA Announces Flight Training Excellence Awards

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) announced the recipients of the AOPA Flight Training Excellence Awards at Redbird Migration Flight Training Conference in San Marcos, Texas.