UAS Industry Urges FAA To Finalize Drone Rules

UAS Industry Urges FAA To Finalize Drone Rules »

The drone industry and other GA groups made another public push this week for the FAA to move ahead with commercial regulations for unmanned aerial systems. Wednesday was the date set by Congress in 2012 to complete the rulemaking process, but in recent months it has been apparent that the FAA wouldn’t be ready. More

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Aviation Industry Wants Carbon Offset Scheme »

A blue-chip consortium of aircraft manufacturers, aviation groups and associated industry companies and organizations is calling for a global carbon offsetting program to make aviation carbon... More

Aviastar Airline Twin Otter Missing In Indonesia »

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The Weekender: Where To Go For Breakfast »

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Coming For Christmas — A Million Drones »

As many as a million new toy drones could be given as Christmas gifts this year, an FAA official said at an Airlines for America event in Washington, D.C., on Monday. Rich Swayze, an assistant... More

FAA Funding Extended Through March »

The U.S. Senate passed a bill late on Tuesday, one day before funding was due to run out, that will extend current levels of funding for the FAA through the end of next March. The House already... More



Fasteners Through an Engineer's Eye

Fasteners Through an Engineer's Eye »

The structure of an airplane and its systems are only as strong and reliable as the joints holding its components together. The strength of a joint is dependent not only on the properties of the fasteners, but on the design of the joint itself.... More


Engine Operation Superstitions: Frustrating Persistence

Engine Operation Superstitions: Frustrating Persistence »

I used to be astonished at how aviation myths, particularly when it came to engine operation, have such incredible staying power. Now, when I hear one spouted, I just shake my head in admiration of the power of ignorance and belief over data. With... More


Gear Emergencies

Gear Emergencies »

I've really only had one landing-gear-related situation in many years of flying retractables. In that event, a brand-new gear motor—installed at annual—failed to extend the gear while airborne after several successful tests on jacks. More


View From Both Sides

View From Both Sides »

The successful completion of an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) combines the knowledge and personality traits of both the instructor and pilot. More

Short Final:

Short Final »

Call came in for a fuel order: "Can you send the fuel truck for ship 1 and ship 2?" ... The reply came back: "I am sorry sir we don"t do boats." -- Basilio More


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AOPA Announces 2016 Regional Fly-In Sites

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) will host four regional fly-ins, all in new locations, for 2016, the Association announced Oct. 1.

iWOAW Announces Theme for the 6th Annual Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week Celebration

The Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide (iWOAW) selected "It's a jungle out there. 60 years of female bush pilots." as the official theme for the 6th annual Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week to be held March 7-13, 2016.

First WAI Girls in Aviation Day A Success

We had planned to send out a news release today to follow up on our first Girls in Aviation Day on Saturday. So many glowing comments and non-aviation media coverage are rolling in that it's tough to know what to report today other than: WAI Girls in Aviation Day was a huge success!