Solar Impulse Funded To Fly Again »

Solar Impulse Funded To Fly Again

Solar Impulse has raised the $29 million needed to complete the nonprofit group’s round-the-world trip in a solar-powered aircraft, co-founder Andre Borschberg said at the Paris climate summit this week. The group plans to launch in April to fly from Hawaii to North America, and then continue on to Abu Dhabi, where they launched last year. "The financial side is under control," Borschberg said. "We are all very focused and looking forward to continuing next year. We know we can do it, but it remains a challenge.”


Air Asia Report: Distraction, Crew Miscommunication Led To Stall »

Air Asia Report: Distraction, Crew Miscommunication Led To Stall

The string of incidents that led to the crash of Air Asia Flight QZ8501 on Dec. 28 last year began with a mechanical malfunction that had gone unresolved despite having failed 23 times, investigators said in their final report, issued today by Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee. But in trying to cope with the malfunction, the captain issued “ambiguous commands” to the first officer, and failed to take over the controls, the report concludes. The Airbus A320 climbed to 38,500 feet, rolled 104 degrees to the left, then stalled and lost altitude at a rate of up to 20,000 feet per minute. The airplane crashed into the Java Sea, killing all 162 on board.


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JetBlue Plans Ab-Initio Program »

JetBlue plans to develop an “ab-initio” training program for its Embraer SA E190 crews, the company told Bloomberg News last week. The airline must get FAA approval for its plans, but if... More

Amazon Unveils New, Larger Delivery Drone »

Amazon took advantage of Cyber Monday to announce the latest details about its planned drone delivery system, releasing two new videos and a Q&A that aims to convince consumers that the concept is... More

First Chinese ARJ21 Delivered »

China's first indigenous commercial airliner is now in revenue service with domestic budget carrier Chengdu Airlines. The ARJ21 was delivered Sunday. More

Airbus Patents Modular Passenger Cabins »

The U.S. Patent Office has accepted Airbus' design for shipping-container-style loading of passengers on aircraft. The company's prolific patent department put forth the "aircraft pod concept" in... More

E-Volo Flies, Unmanned And Tethered »

The one-of-a-kind E-Volo volocopter came outside for its first flight tests recently, the company announced in a news release today. The volocopter was controlled remotely, and the crew tested for... More

Army Helicopter Crashes In Texas, Four Dead »

A UH-60L Army helicopter crashed Monday evening while flying in Fort Hood Range in Texas, killing all four crew members on board. Fort Hood officials said emergency crews found the wreckage after... More

Study: Toy Drone Strikes Pose Greater Hazard Than Birds »

An aerospace company's new study on the hazards of toy drones mixing with manned aircraft concludes that the safety risks are greater that those of bird strikes. The study from Aero Kinetics, "The... More

Tecnam P2012 Testing Continues With Lycoming iE2 »

The testing of Tecnam's upcoming P2012 airplane now includes FADEC engines developed by Lycoming. The Italian aircraft manufacturer announced this week it has installed iE2 engines on the test... More




Abnormals »

Things can go "bump" in the night. Daytime, too. Most of them either have been considered before or encountered by someone, resulting in a section of your AFM/POH labeled "Emergency Procedures." More


Tooling Up!

Tooling Up! »

Very few aircraft builders are not tool hounds. These are the people who walk through the local tool stores with a glazed look in their eyes. They are thankful when their spouse gives them a wrench for a present, even if they already have 12... More


From Trona to the Poles

From Trona to the Poles »

As winter unveils its hand across the nation, it seems appropriate to take a look at one of the last of aviation's "firsts," the aerial circumnavigation of our globe via the Poles. More

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AVmail: November 30, 2015 »

Tony Dziepak writes: "I would register my drone prior to flying it above 200 feet AGL. I think it is clear from U.S. v. Causby (1946) that the FAA has no authority to regulate 'the immediate reaches of the enveloping atmosphere' of my property, which in the Causby case is at least 83 feet AGL. Just as my driveway is not part of the federal highway system, the airspace above my property, at least to my treetops, is not part of the NAS." Click through to read comments from other AVweb readers. More


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Nominations Open For NATA Excellence Awards

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) announces a call for nominations to acknowledge the individuals, offices, and organizations demonstrating excellence in their field and the highest level of customer service to the general aviation community.û

Aspen's Connected Panel Technology Receives Patent

Aspen Avionics announced today it has been awarded a U.S. patent for its groundbreaking Connected Panel wireless cockpit system.

Avlite Systems Introduces ICAO Obstruction Light

Avlite is Enhancing Aviation Safety through Visual Identification of Obstacles and Aviation Hazards with the use of the New Day/Night ICAO Type A & Type B MIOL