Sonic Booms Announce TFR Intercept »

Sonic Booms Announce TFR Intercept

Sonic booms rattled the southeast coast of Florida Friday evening as two F-15s were scrambled to intercept an aircraft that violated presidential restricted airspace over West Palm Beach.


Suit Follows Powerline Collision »

Suit Follows Powerline Collision

An Aspen, Colorado man is suing the pilot and passenger in an L-39 that hit powerlines over a highway in 2015 saying he gripped the steering wheel of his car so tightly hes had chronic pain in his hands ever since.


Trump Claims $1 Billion Saving On Air Force One »

Trump Claims $1 Billion Saving On Air Force One

President Donald Trump said Saturday hed personally negotiated a $1 billion reduction in the $4.2 billion cost of the replacement aircraft for Air Force One and accomplished it in less than an hour. He also told a campaign rally in Melbourne, Florida that the 25 percent discount is not good enough. Were still not going to do it. The price is still too high.


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POTUS TFRs Paralyze Florida Flight Ops »

Airport operators and flight schools in the Palm Beach, Florida, area are bracing for long-term economic loss and disruption due to the presidential TFR covering President Trump’s visits to... More

Navy Lukewarm On Substituting Upgraded F/A-18s For F-35C »

U.S. Navy Rear Adm. DeWolf Miller showed little enthusiasm for trading Super Hornets for F-35s, as has been proposed by President Trump in an effort to reduce the total program cost of the F-35... More

NBAA Challenges Santa Monica Deal »

NBAA and four businesses have petitioned the U.S. Court of Appeals to review the FAA’s deal with the City of Santa Monica to shorten the airport’s runway. Under the deal, the runway would... More

ExpressJet Leads In Lost Bags And Bumped Passengers »

ExpressJet Airlines led major U.S. carriers for 2016 in highest percentage of bags lost. According to Department of Transportation statistics, ExpressJet received reports of mishandled baggage from... More

Stratos 714 Flight Testing Continues »

The Stratos 714 VLJ prototype, designed as a 400 knot, 4-6 place jet, made its second test flight late last month from its home base of Redmond, Oregon, in anticipation of a public debut later this... More

FAA Doesn’t Do Most Aircraft Certification Work »

More than 90% percent of certification work on new aircraft and aircraft parts is outsourced by the FAA to the manufacturers themselves, according to a GAO report. Similar to the FAA delegation of... More

Pilot Training Cited In Military Crashes »

Military pilots aren’t flying often enough to be as proficient as they need to be, Lt. Gen. Jon Davis, the head of Marine Corps aviation, told reporters in Washington, D.C., recently. "We're... More

Regional Jet Strikes Deer During Takeoff »

A CRJ-700 operated by PSA Airlines struck a deer during takeoff from Charlotte’s Douglas International Airport on Wednesday morning. In an air traffic control recording (full audio from... More



Responding to the Unexpected

Responding to the Unexpected »

In-flight anomalies can have serious consequences when a pilot encounters them for the first time. More

Short Final:

Short Final »

I was listening to Unicom at my local airport in Northwest Ohio when I heard the following exchange between two jets on the ramp ... Citation 1234: Taxiing to runway 18 for departure ... Lear 5678: You going to Columbus?... Citation: Yeah ... Lear: Wanna race? ... Citation: That's not fair, you're in a Lear! ... Ben Stevens More


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Gizmowl: The Ultimate Drone UAV Brand Enters Marketplace

A new drone brand called Gizmowl has hit the market and seeks collaboration from 3D makers.

MAULE introduces a new model under $200K.

Maule Air, Inc., introduces two new aircraft to its lineup, the M-4-180V, S2 and S4.

SurePilot(TM) successfully assess over one-hundred First Officer candidates in one month for Caribbean Airlines Ltd

Caribbean Airlines Ltd, a flag-carrier airline of Trindad and Tobago, approached SurePilot(TM) in late 2016 with the requirement to rapidly and effectively assess approximately one-hundred First Officer candidates for immediate recruitment in to active commercial airline operation.