Diamond's First DA42 on Display in Austrian Museum

Diamond's First DA42 on Display in Austrian Museum »

Diamond Aircraft's first DA42 Twin Star has a new home in Austria's science and industry museum, the Technisches Museum Wien in Vienna. The twin-engine diesel airplane had its first flight in December 2002 in Austria with Diamond CEO Christian Dries as test pilot. A year and a half later, the DA42 made the first non-stop Atlantic crossing by a diesel engine-powered GA airplane. The airplane received FAA certification in 2005. More

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SAFE Executive Director To Retire »

The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators announced Friday that Executive Director Doug Stewart will retire when his contract expires in February. Stewart was among the founding members of the... More

Canada's Psutka To Retire »

The president of the world's second largest AOPA pilots' group is retiring sometime in 2015. Kevin Psutka, president of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) will step down as soon as a... More

Red Bull Air Race Schedule for 2015 Announced »

The 2015 Red Bull Air Race World Championship will feature two new stops in Japan and Russia, organizers announced this week. Red Bull will hold eight races and start its tour on Feb. 13 in Abu... More

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AVweb's search of new developments in aviation uncovered the latest test flight of CIrrus Aircraft's jet, a first flight for Airbus' latest military helicopter, and acquisitions announced by... More

Passengers Push Stuck Airplane in Russia »

Video of passengers pushing an airliner where its wheels had frozen to the ground in northern Russia made news around the world this week. The video shows people pushing the Tupolev Tu-134... More

Second Cirrus Test Jet Flies »

Cirrus's SF50 jet program took a major step forward on Tuesday with the first flight of its second certification flight test aircraft. C1, as it has been dubbed, took off at 3:30 p.m. from Duluth... More

KLM Campaign Reaches Out To Airline Travelers »

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines took marketing and customer service a step further in recent weeks with a five-day event assisting thousands of travelers around the world. In a video released this month,... More



When It All Goes Dark

When It All Goes Dark »

Aircraft electrical system failures are serious, but not usually life-threatening emergencies. Here's how to handle them expediently and safely. More


Respect the Holiday Season Pressures

Respect the Holiday Season Pressures »

Welcome to the start of the Holiday Season—Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, New Year—the highest stress time of the year. Welcome to the season of intense pressure, spoken and unspoken, to make that flight you're planning to be with... More


Batteries — Dying Young

Batteries — Dying Young »

Batteries are often crippled from the outset–that may be a bit of hyperbole, but it may be other causes than the battery maker responsible for problems with short lived or early failed batteries, especially with flooded cells. More

Refurb of the Month:

Refurb of the Month: Don Toy's Cessna 150F

Refurb of the Month: Don Toy's Cessna 150F »

With refurbs gaining momentum, we're seeing more restoration of modest airplanes, especially Cessna 150s, which are among the most economical airplanes to own and fly. Don Toy of Homesteand, Iowa, recently sent us this report on his refurb. More

Short Final:

Short Final »

After a VFR departure from a satellite airport, I called TYS approach. ... Me: "Knoxville, Cheyenne 1234 is off Morristown for a clearance to Nashville." ... Approach: "Squawk 2345." ... Me: "O.K., squawking 2345." ... [A bit of a pause.] ... Approach: "Cheyenne 1234, squawk Oscar November." ... I fixed the problem right away. -- Billy Chandler More


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Airbus Group Sells Part of Its Stake in Dassault Aviation

Airbus Group in an off-market block trade has sold to Dassault Aviation a total of 810,072 Dassault Aviation shares at a price of $1220 per share, representing a total amount of around $988 million pre- transaction costs.

30-year aviation veteran joins Inmarsat Aviation as head of safety services

Inmarsat, a leader in global satellite connectivity for the aviation industry, has announced the appointment of Captain Mary I. McMillan as Vice President, Aviation Safety and Operational Services. A 30-year veteran of the aviation industry, Captain McMillan has recorded over 12,000 hours flight time in aircraft ranging from B747, B767 and Airbus 320.

Continental Motors Group Announces Completed Acquisition of Southern Avionics and Communications

Continental Motors Group Ltd, (CMG) an AVIC International Holding Corporation (AVIC Intl') company is pleased to announce that it has received approval from the US Government and has completed its acquisition of Southern Avionics and Communications, effective November 21, 2014.