Continental Buys ECI

Continental Buys ECI »

Continental Motors Group said today that is will purchase Danbury Aerospace, a group of aviation manufacturing companies that includes Engine Components International, the San Antonio, Texas-based manufacturer of PMA engine parts. Danbury is a privately held company and the dollar amount of the deal wasn’t disclosed by Continental. Because Continental is itself owned by the Chinese-based AVIC International, the purchase must still be approved by he State Department’s Committee for Foreign Investment, according to Rhett Ross, director of the Continental Motors Group and an AVIC vice president. More

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NTSB Says FAA Needs Better Landing Procedures »

As part of its investigation into several events when airplanes landed at the wrong airports, the NTSB told the FAA this week it should amend its ATC procedures. "Controllers [should] withhold... More

Shape-Changing Wings Successfully Tested »

NASA says it has successfully flight-tested wings that can change shape in flight without seams or gaps and is calling it a next-generation breakthrough in aircraft design. In cooperation with the... More

Aircraft Autonomous Flight: Sooner Than You Think? »

Is truly autonomous flight for aircraft—manned or not—lurking just around the corner? It depends on how you define around the corner, but some people in the autonomous flight field think... More

Electric Aircraft Reliability: Not So Simple »

With few moving parts compared to an aircraft piston engine, electric motors are thought to be far more reliable. But when the systems that control them are factored in, the reliability picture is... More

Siemens: Hybrid Electric Airliners By 2035 »

Fresh after its announcement of a new, aviation-specific electric motor, Siemens AG has mapped out a developmental path that it hopes will result in practical regional hybrid electric airliners by... More

Columbine II To Be Restored Under New Owners »

Columbine II, the first presidential Air Force One, will be under new ownership this summer as a restoration process gets under way in Arizona. Dynamic Aviation of Bridgewater, Virginia, completed... More



Turbonormalized P210: Fast, Efficient, Quieter

Turbonormalized P210: Fast, Efficient, Quieter »

Vitatoe Aviation's turbonormalized P210 conversion may just have turned the Cessna P210 into the airplane it should have been all along. I've liked the P210 ever since I first flew it in 1979. It's fast, carries a good load, has honest handling... More


Automation Awry

Automation Awry »

An increasing amount of instrument flying is done using technologically advanced airplanes and sophisticated avionics. Correct use of automation improves safety immensely by giving pilots the time to monitor systems, gather information, and plan... More


Fly Into BigCity Int'l

Fly Into BigCity Int'l »

If none of your experience involves a major international airport, it is incomplete. There are times when flying into a big airport is just more convenient, such as for a business meeting at the airport hotel or to pick up a passenger arriving by... More

Short Final:

Short Final »

Last Friday morning, I was en route to Sun 'n Fun. The weather at KLAL prevented canceling IFR and joining the Lake Parker VFR arrival. As I (along with several other aircraft) was issued a holding clearance at LAL VOR to wait my turn for the ILS runway 9 approach, I was reminded just how oblivious some pilots are. ... A pilot came on the very busy TPA approach frequency and said, with all seriousness: "N12345 requesting multiple approaches to Lakeland." ... Kudos to the professional... More


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Abe Karem Named 2015 Cabot Award Winner

The Aero Club of New England will present the 2015 Godfrey L. Cabot Award to Abe Karem, Founder, President & Chief Designer Karem Aircraft, at a luncheon in Boston on June 5. Mr. Karem has developed over 30 aircraft designs. He is best known for? his achievements that have lead to the development of the Predator family of UAVs.

NAHI Adds Trophy And Category To Invitational

The National Aviation Heritage Invitational (NAHI) is proud to be able to create the Best Contemporary trophy in honor of Steven F. Udvar-Hazy, who revolutionized commercial aircraft financing, was the founder of ILFC, and the driving force behind the Steven F. Udvar Hazy annex of the Air and Space Museum at Washington Dulles Airport.

Huntsville Air Race Classic Team Competes For FlyQuest

When the 39th Annual Air Race Classic (ARC) takes off in Fredericksburg, VA on June 22, two Huntsville pilots, Ramona Banks and Caroline Hodges, will be taking off with a higher purpose in mind: to raise awareness and funds to benefit FlyQuest.