FAA Teams With Private Companies To Advance UAS Integration

FAA Teams With Private Companies To Advance UAS Integration »

The FAA will work with several partners from private industry to "explore the next steps" in allowing unmanned aircraft operations in the national airspace, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta announced Wednesday at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International conference in Atlanta, Georgia. "This is a big job, and we'll get to our goal of safe, widespread UAS integration more quickly by leveraging the resources and expertise of the industry," Huerta said. More

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The Weekender: Tulips, Chili and BBQ »

SocialFlight has for The Weekender two days or more of cookouts, fly-ins and air shows, plus an invitation to fly into Pella, Iowa for the famous Tulip Festival. Pilots-in-command can enjoy... More

Solar Impulse Ready For Pacific Crossing »

The Solar Impulse 2 aircraft and its crew are ready to fly from China to Hawaii, and waiting for the right weather window, which the crew now says won't happen before Sunday. The 5,000-mile leg,... More

AUVSI: FAA Announces Smartphone App for Drone Flyers »

The FAA wants to make it easier for drone operators to know if they're flying legally so on Wednesday, it announced a new geographicaly sensitive smartphone app that will instaneously inform drone... More

Report: Germanwings Pilot 'Practiced' On Prior Flight »

During the flight from Dusseldorf to Barcelona immediately prior to the fatal crash on March 24, Germanwings first officer Andreas Lubitz repeatedly re-set the A320's altitude to 100 feet while... More

Cirrus Building Tennessee Facility »

Cirrus Aircraft will likely announce a new delivery center in Knoxville, Tennessee on Wednesday. Tennessee officials, including Gov. Bill Haslam have invited media to a news conference at McGhee... More

Commemorative DC Flyover Set For Friday »

Organizers are calling this Friday's flyover of the nation's capital "one of the most diverse arrays of World War II aircraft ever assembled," with 56 aircraft in 15 historically sequenced... More

NASA Flies 10-Engine Electric Drone »

NASA has successfully flown a remotely piloted aircraft powered by 10 electric motors that can take off vertically, then rotate its wing and fly like an airplane. The aircraft, which weighs about... More

Continental Buys ECI »

Continental Motors Group said today that it will purchase Danbury Aerospace, a group of aviation manufacturing companies that includes Engine Components International, the San Antonio, Texas-based... More



Turbonormalized P210: Fast, Efficient, Quieter

Turbonormalized P210: Fast, Efficient, Quieter »

Vitatoe Aviation's turbonormalized P210 conversion may just have turned the Cessna P210 into the airplane it should have been all along. I've liked the P210 ever since I first flew it in 1979. It's fast, carries a good load, has honest handling... More


Automation Awry

Automation Awry »

An increasing amount of instrument flying is done using technologically advanced airplanes and sophisticated avionics. Correct use of automation improves safety immensely by giving pilots the time to monitor systems, gather information, and plan... More


Fly Into BigCity Int'l

Fly Into BigCity Int'l »

If none of your experience involves a major international airport, it is incomplete. There are times when flying into a big airport is just more convenient, such as for a business meeting at the airport hotel or to pick up a passenger arriving by... More

Short Final:

Short Final »

Last Friday morning, I was en route to Sun 'n Fun. The weather at KLAL prevented canceling IFR and joining the Lake Parker VFR arrival. As I (along with several other aircraft) was issued a holding clearance at LAL VOR to wait my turn for the ILS runway 9 approach, I was reminded just how oblivious some pilots are. ... A pilot came on the very busy TPA approach frequency and said, with all seriousness: "N12345 requesting multiple approaches to Lakeland." ... Kudos to the professional... More


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King Schools, Inc. Promotes Rich Martindell

King Schools, Inc. announced the promotion of Rich Martindell to Vice President, Course Content and Experience.

NATA Announces Industry Excellence Awards

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) today announced the recipients of its Industry Excellence Awards given annually to individuals, offices, and organizations that have helped improve the general aviation community.

Vertiport Chicago Offers Helicopter Rides

With the debut of Vertiport Chicago, DuPage Airport's aviation customers can now take advantage of a 12 minute helicopter ride to or from the West Chicago general aviation facility to downtown Chicago.