Hot-Air Balloon Damaged By Drone »

Hot-Air Balloon Damaged By Drone

Last week, a drone reportedly hit an Airbus A320 on approach to London’s Heathrow Airport, but so far, there have been no officially confirmed drone strikes involving U.S. aircraft. However, witnesses have told AVweb that a drone did hit a hot-air balloon in flight, during a festival in Vermont in July 2014, causing damage to the fabric envelope. The pilot had just launched, and was about 150 feet off the ground. He landed immediately, and nobody was hurt.


AEA 2016 Opens; Avionics Sales Drop In First Quarter »

AEA 2016 Opens; Avionics Sales Drop In First Quarter

Avionics sales worldwide had a slower start to 2016, the Aircraft Electronics Association reported Wednesday during the opening of its 59th annual convention in Orlando. In the first three months of the year, total avionics sales for business and general aviation totaled just over $566 million, a 3.6 percent drop from the first quarter of 2015.


Aero 2016: Smaller, But Busy »

As the Aero shows opens today in Friedrichshafen, Germany, organizers are looking for a smaller show—down about 40 exhibitors—but a busy one. AVweb’s preview of the show schedule Tuesday revealed a full day of conferences and announcements, including new product information from Continental Motors, Daher, Jeppesen and Siemens. Aero’s Roland Bosch told AVweb Tuesday that one reason for the smaller number of exhibitors is that glider manufacturers display every other year and were last here in 2015. But some companies, Diamond Aircraft is one, also attend Aero every other year, as they did when the show was held on that schedule. More

AEA: L-3 Avionics' New Features In Transponder, Standby Unit »

AEA: L-3 Avionics' New Features In Transponder, Standby Unit

At this week’s Aircraft Electronics Association show in Orlando, L-3 Avionics showcased its recent advancements in certified products that pack multiple functions into lighter, smaller boxes. The ESI-500 standby instrument, designed for piston and turboprop aircraft along with rotorcraft, offers what amounts to a primary flight display backup with primary instrument data as well as navigation and synthetic vision.


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Three Survive As Plane Hits House »

Three people survived the crash of a Beechcraft Duchess in the back yard of a home in Pompano Beach, Florida, Tuesday. More

NASA Tests Drone Traffic System »

In the first and largest demonstration of its kind, staffers from NASA and the FAA last week flew 22 drones simultaneously from six test sites across the country to assess NASA's drone traffic... More

NTSB Completes Midair Investigation »

NTSB investigators have completed their fact-finding into the October 2014 midair crash at the Frederick, Maryland, airport, in which three people in a Robinson R44 helicopter died after a Cirrus... More

Japan Test-Flies Stealth Fighter »

A stealth fighter jet called the X-2, which has been in development in Japan since 2009, flew for the first time on Friday, CNN has reported. The jet, built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, is not a... More

Helicopter Team Sets Safety Goal »

The U.S. Helicopter Safety Team, an industry-government partnership, has set a goal to reduce fatal civil helicopter accidents by 20 percent by 2019. The team said recently its efforts will focus... More

Solar Impulse II Makes California »

Solar Impulse II completed a 56-hour leg from Hawaii to Mountain View, California, just before midnight local time on Saturday. More

Engine Icing Prompts AD For Boeing 787s »

Some Boeing 787 Dreamliners must undergo immediate repair or replacement of at least one engine, under an airworthiness directive issued this week by the FAA. The AD, issued without a comment... More

Report: FlyDubai Jet Crashed Nose-Down During Go-Around »

Airline crews should have more training on go-arounds, under recommendations issued this week by Russian investigators probing the March 19 crash of a Boeing 737 that killed all 62 people on board.... More



Want to Improve Your Landings? Learn Aerobatics

Want to Improve Your Landings? Learn Aerobatics »

Aerobatics aren't just a tremendous amount of fun, the skills learned in controlling the airplane at low speed and making large control inputs can help reduce a pilot's risk of a landing accident. More


Don't Mess Up the Miss

Don't Mess Up the Miss »

So there you are, coming down to the decision height (DH) watching as the approach lights emerge from the clag—all configured and at the right speed. In a few seconds the wheels will kiss the pavement and you will have logged another perfect... More


Handle With Care

Handle With Care »

In his timeless classic Fate Is The Hunter, Ernest K. Gann regales readers with several tales of in-flight emergencies, hairy takeoffs and grateful landings. Perhaps the book's most memorable takeoff involves a grossly overweight C-87 departing... More

Short Final:

Short Final »

While landing in BOI last week, we overheard this great question from a pilot: ... Tower: "Cessna 123, turn left, heading 210, runway 28L; cleared for takeoff." ... Cessna: "Cleared for takeoff, Cessna 123." ... Tower: "Cessna 123, also: Turn left, heading 210." ... Cessna: "You want that after we takeoff, right?" ... Tower: "Yes, that would be best." ... I could barely read back our taxi-off clearance. We and tower were laughing too hard. -- Jay G. More


Press Releases

Universal Avionics Announces FMS Upgrade Incentive Program For Learjet, Citation

Universal Avionics is offering a Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS)-Flight Management System (FMS) Upgrade Incentive Program for Learjet 40/45/40XR/45XR and Citation Excel/XLS aircraft operators.

Jet Logistics President Helps Lead Part 135 Training Recommendations

Jet Logistics Group founder and President W. Ashley Smith, Jr. has taken a leadership role with a select group of other key aviation industry members who collectively have spent the past 2 years developing modernized training recommendations for Part 135 and Part 142 operators to the FAA.

Advanced Aircrew Academy Receives FAA Approval For Online Training Modules

Advanced Aircrew Academy announces the FAA has accepted their Maintenance Resource Management: Fatigue Management, Corporate Aircraft Security, Safety Management Systems, and Maintenance Human Factors eLearning modules for FAA Inspection Authorization (IA) renewal credit.