FAA Bars U.S. Airlines From Flying To Israel

FAA Bars U.S. Airlines From Flying To Israel »

The FAA ordered U.S. airlines to stop all flights to Tel Aviv until Wednesday afternoon after a rocket launched from the Gaza Strip landed within a mile of Ben Gurion Airport Tuesday. Airlines in other countries followed suit and some say they have suspended flights indefinitely. More

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FAA Bars U.S. Airlines From Flying To Israel »

The FAA ordered U.S. airlines to stop all flights to Tel Aviv until Wednesday afternoon after a rocket launched from the Gaza Strip landed within a mile of Ben Gurion Airport Tuesday. Airlines in... More

New Advocacy Group Targets Drone Pilots »

Every other aviation cohort has some kind of association -- from Ercoupe owners to airline pilots -- so it's no surprise that a new group has launched this week for those who fly unmanned aerial... More

JetBlue Pilot Arrested On Drug Charges »

A JetBlue pilot was among six people arrested on drug charges Sunday in Boston. Police said they were watching an area near Boston Common after residents filed complaints about drug dealing, and on... More

Investigation Into 777 Crash Moves Forward »

After several days of confusion during which no authority appeared to be in charge of the wreckage, Ukrainian rebels have agreed to deliver the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder from... More

Two Off-Airport Landings In Eight Days »

A Long Island pilot had his second off-airport landing in a little more than a week last Friday, landing on the same highway he used in the previous mishap. Frank Fiero, 75, told reporters he... More

FAA Surveying GA Operators »

The FAA is conducting its annual General Aviation and Part 135 Activity Survey and those contacted are urged to take the time to fill it out. Every year the agency polls GA pilots to get a snapshot... More

AOPA Visits Nav Canada On Fact-Finding Trip »

AOPA says it remains opposed to "any proposal that would add costs for GA users" after President Mark Baker, senior AOPA staff and members of the board of directors went on a fact-finding trip to... More

FAA Drone Warnings Not Legally Binding »

A federal court of appeals has ruled that the Federal Aviation Administration's informal letters and emails ordering some drone users to stop using the devices are not legally binding. More



SocialFlight: Providing More Reasons to Fly

SocialFlight: Providing More Reasons to Fly »

Two years ago at EAA's AirVenture, the SocialFlight app was born. Jeff Simon created an app that would run on the Web, any smartphone, and any table, and that, he hoped, would "shake people by the shoulder and say, 'Here's what's happening near... More


The Prop Strike/Sudden Stop

The Prop Strike/Sudden Stop »

It's possible to do major engine/accessory damage without obviously damaging the prop by hitting water or heavy, tall grass that stops or slows the running engine. The FAA definition of a sudden stoppage, is the engine stopping suddenly in under... More

Short Final:

Short Final »

I was listening to O'Hare ground one claggy fall night, and several arriving flights were being sent to the penalty box due to delays. One arriving flight protested, saying they were promised their gate would be open. ... Ground: "Flight 123, proceed to the box." ... Flight 123: "But we were promised -- !" ... All of a sudden, several mic clicks could be heard, and the sounds of babies crying filled the frequency: "WaWaWaWaWaah." ... Then silence. ... Then Flight 123: "123 is proceeding to... More


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New Five-Wing, Manned VTOL to Launch at EAA Airventure 2014

Elytron Aircraft is launching a new VTOL flight demonstration aircraft at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014. The aircraft combines the vertical take-off and landing capability of helicopters with the speed and efficiency of fixed wing aircraft.

"Sun Flyer" Solar Electric Technology Demonstrator Completes First Flight

The single-seat technology demonstrator for the "Sun Flyer" solar-electric airplane completed first flight tests and will make its public debut at a press gathering July 27 from 6 to 8 p.m. local time, the evening before the official start of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.

MakerPlane and Vx Aviation Introduce Haptic Stick-Shaker for E-AB Aircraft.

MakerPlane introduces simple to install Stick Shaker which uses EFIS AoA information from Dynon, Garmin and Grand Rapids Technology to provide tactile feedback of impending stall.