FAA Proposes Fine In Fatal Cargo Crash

FAA Proposes Fine In Fatal Cargo Crash »

The FAA says the operator of a Boeing 747 cargo aircraft that crashed in Afghanistan in April 2013, killing all seven on board, failed to comply with FARs when loading heavy military vehicles onto the plane. National Air Cargo Group, based in Orlando, Florida, didn't follow the 747 flight manual, resulting in cargo that was not properly restrained to prevent shifting during flight operations, the FAA said. More

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Solar Impulse Crossing The Pacific »

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Pushback On ATC Privatization »

NBAA is urging its members to strongly oppose a proposal to separate air traffic control from the FAA through the establishment of a not-for-profit corporation. Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Penn., chairman... More

AOPA Pressing Medical Reform »

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A SpaceX rocket failed Sunday as it went through Mach 1 when an oxygen tank in the vehicle's upper stage overpressurized. More

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Fire officials in California are imploring amateur UAS operators to steer well clear of wildfire areas after three air tankers had to abort drops on a fire east of Los Angeles. Officials said a... More

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An electric airplane produced in South America took its first test flight this week at Itaipu, Brazil. Reuters' report on the milestone describes the Sora-E as a two-seat airplane powered by six... More



Is Owning Safer?

Is Owning Safer? »

Pilots decide to buy their own airplane for a variety of reasons. It could be a business decision, helping ensure coverage of a relatively wide sales area, or perhaps an aerial photography business. Specialized flight training—like acro, or a... More


Creating an Emergency

Creating an Emergency »

Flight instructors often note to the student, early in the training cycle, that there are back-up systems in case the primary equipment fails. However, using the backup system may require some skill and one wonders why a pilot would depart with... More


Your Refurb: Upgrading the Interior

Your Refurb: Upgrading the Interior »

One of the centerpieces of any aircraft refurb is upgrading the interior. It can be as basic as recovering the seats, but usually involves a complete redo of the headliner, side panels, carpet and upholstery. As the insulation is often stripped... More

Short Final:

Short Final »

Flying from Boeing Field in Seattle to the San Juan Islands, I was monitoring the departure frequency when I heard a pilot report that he'd seen an eagle near the inbound course to 12 right at BFI. An unknown pilot asked: "What was he squawking?" -- Ed Griswold (Griz) More


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AOPA President To Speak At 150-152 Fly-In

Mark Baker, President of the A.O.P.A., to address attendees at the 15th Annual Cessna 150/152 Foundation Fly-In.

Aspen's ATX100 Transceiver Interfaces With Garmin GNS Units

Aspen Avionics announced today its ATX100 ADS-B transceiver will interface with the Garmin GNS 430W/530W series of GPS navigators. Deliveries begin immediately.

Aero Ways Inc. Becomes flyADVANCED

flyADVANCED, the mid-Atlantic provider of executive and personal aircraft management, Fixed Base Operations (FBO), charter, rental and flight training services, announced the changeover of Wilmington, Delaware based Aero Ways Inc. to flyADVANCED.