Bell's Jet Ranger Assembly Plant Opens In Louisiana

Bell's Jet Ranger Assembly Plant Opens In Louisiana »

Bell Helicopter’s new assembly plant for its upcoming Short Light Single rotorcraft is open in Lafayette, Louisiana, the company announced Thursday. Based at Lafayette’s regional airport, the 82,300-square-foot leased hangar will house assembly of Bell’s 505 Jet Ranger X. More

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Used Aircraft Guide: Mooney Ovation

Used Aircraft Guide: Mooney Ovation »

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Well Structured ATC

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Hypoxia: the Subtle Killer »

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Short Final:

Short Final

Short Final »

A NASA T-38 flown by an astronaut was taxiing to the FBO when he turned into a private hangar's parking area. Ground control rerouted him to the FBO, and the pilot thanked him and said: "It is so hard to find your way down here on Earth." -- Gib... More


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JetFuelX Launches Fuel Management Tool

JetFuelX, led by tech innovator and pilot Jason Talley, has announced the launch of a new jet fuel price management tool for aircraft owners and corporate flight departments.

Baker Aviation Mourns Loss Of Tim Bowman

Baker Aviation sadly mourns the sudden death of Mr. Tim Bowman, dedicated aviation veteran, loyal friend, loving father and husband. Bowman suffered unexpected cardiac arrest caused by a blood clot on August 26th.

Airform Receives FAA Approval For Mooney Baffles

Airforms, Inc. growing line of replacement aircraft engine baffles now includes components for Mooney M20B/C/D aircraft. Airforms' engineering department received the new PMA (Part Manufacturing Approval) recently through its continued work with the FAA Anchorage ACO (Aircraft Certification Office).