FAA Announces New Drone Committee »

The FAA will stand up a new advisory committee for the drone industry beginning sometime this summer, FAA administrator Michael Huerta said on Wednesday. Speaking the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International in New Orleans, Huerta said the committee will be modeled after a similar panel organized to funnel industry opinions into the emerging NextGen system. Huerta said the NextGen Advisory Committee has 30 members from industry, most so-called stake holders who have an interest in NextGen development issues. More

Five Injured In Turbulence, Flight Diverted »

Five Injured In Turbulence, Flight Diverted

Five people were injured on an Allegiant Air jet that encountered clear air turbulence Thursday, forcing the flight to divert and land at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The flight orginated in Punta Cana and was bound for Pittsburgh.


NTSB: Cessna Struck Eagle Prior To Crash In Alaska »

NTSB: Cessna Struck Eagle Prior To Crash In Alaska

A Cessna 172 that crashed in in Alaska in April, killing all four on board, had struck a bald eagle, the NTSB found in its ongoing investigation. The lead investigator said this week it appears to be the first U.S. fatal crash for this type of flight resulting from a bald eagle strike, according to an Alaska Dispatch News report.


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New This Week »

AVweb's search of news in aviation found announcements from jetAVIVA, Flightdocs, Kansas State Polytechnic and the Upwind Foundation. jetAVIVA announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire... More

The Weekender: Opening Up For Summer Flying »

The Weekender sees spring fever picking up all over on SocialFlight with airshows, fly-outs and airports opening up for the flying season. Fort Lauderdale's 2016 "Ford Lauderdale" Air Show, running... More

Converted 747 Now Largest Firefighter »

A Boeing B747-400 that has been converted to an aerial firefighting tanker is ready to enter service this week, Global SuperTanker Services has announced. The airplane, christened Spirit of John... More

AUVSI: Drones Won't Replace Soldiers, But Empower Them »

As the U.S. military deals with the uncertain complexities of a future dependent on and driven by robotic technologies, the soldier of the future will have unprecedented precision capabilities, but... More

Solar Impulse Lands In Phoenix »

Completing Leg 10 of its round-the-world flight, Solar Impulse 2 landed in Phoenix, Arizona, about 9 p.m. local time on Monday. Pilot Andre Borschberg launched from the airplane's first U.S. stop,... More

GA Groups Lobby For Part 23 Action »

The FAA will hold a public hearing on its proposed Part 23 revisions today and tomorrow in College Park, Georgia. On the eve of the event, a coalition of general aviation groups sent a letter to... More

NAFI Founder Jack Eggspuehler, 86, Dies »

The National Association of Flight Instructors announced on Monday that the group's founder, Jack Jay Eggspuehler, died on April 30. He was 86 years old. Eggspuehler was a flight instructor and... More




Buttonology »

To cope with panels that are smarter than you, learn the system's flow and which buttons to push, then confirm with a checklist. More


Reading the Storms

Reading the Storms »

We use on-board datalink weather for a trip along the Gulf Coast. There's no ice, but there's ample IFR and unsettled weather. Take a ride with us to see how we use it. More


Want to Improve Your Landings? Learn Aerobatics

Want to Improve Your Landings? Learn Aerobatics »

Aerobatics aren't just a tremendous amount of fun, the skills learned in controlling the airplane at low speed and making large control inputs can help reduce a pilot's risk of a landing accident. More

Short Final:

Short Final »

Recently, on flight following above Santa Barbara on a beautifully clear afternoon, approach was uncomfortably quiet. After several minutes of silence I called: ... Mooney 1234: "Approach, Mooney 1234. Is there anybody there to talk to?" ... Approach: "Mooney 1234, say request." ... Mooney 1234: "Just checking to see if it really is this quiet." ... Approach: "Yes, it really is." ... [Pause.] ... Approach: "Mooney 1234, contact L.A. Center on 135.5. You'll find somebody to talk to there." ...... More


Press Releases

Flying Musicians Association Announces Solo Scholarship Program Winner

The Flying Musicians Association has selected the 2016 FMA Solo Program Scholarship winner. The selection process was very difficult due to the abundance of so many high-quality nominees.

Upwind Foundation Announces Summer Scholarship Class of 2016

The Upwind Foundation is pleased to announce the Upwind Summer Scholarship Program Class of 2016

Boost Systems Gains STC For Human External Cargo System

A NEW dual hook Human External Cargo (HEC) system for fixed line or short haul rescue is now FAA-certified for use in the US. Boost Human External Cargo Systems Inc.'s kit is pilot-controlled and doubles the capacity of most systems currently in use.