Two Airplanes Successfully Ditch In Pacific

Two Airplanes Successfully Ditch In Pacific »

Two airplanes, a Cirrus SR22 and a single-engine Cessna, ditched off the coast of Hawaii Monday morning, and all on board have been rescued. The Cirrus chute deployment, splashdown, and the subsequent rescue were caught on video by the U.S. Coast Guard. More

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U.S. Sport Aviation Expo

Video from the Affordable Aircraft Expo in Sebring, Florida.

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The Art of Crashing

The Art of Crashing »

When considering how to crash, my first bit of advice is don't do it. Since the reality of any flight is that things can go wrong, that isn't particularly helpful, I know. What can go wrong? Your crankshaft can break, your fuel lines can clog or,... More


Build It Better

Build It Better »

In aviation, one pin out of place can result in disaster. Details matter. More


A Test Pilot Spins

A Test Pilot Spins »

Experimental flight testing involves taking new or modified aircraft designs to, and sometimes beyond, the edges of their performance envelopes. Most of the time the steps into the unknown go smoothly. It's the times that they don't that when test... More

Short Final:

Short Final »

Back in the early 1960s, I was a USAF F-101B Voodoo interceptor pilot flying out of the San Francisco Bay area. Every couple of months, we would have an exercise where friendly T-33 target aircraft with the callsigns "Brainbird Alpha," "Brainbird Bravo," "Brainbird Charlie," etc. would sneak up on the base. I got to fly the target one time, entering from Oregon over the Baker Beacon (an early ADF radio range). Passing over the beacon, I got to call the FAA and announce: "Brainbird Bravo is... More


Press Releases

Banyan Pilot Shop to Host MyGoFlight iPad Seminar

Fort Lauderdale, FL - Banyan Pilot Shop will host MyGoFlight's iPad Takes Flight! EFB Challenge - Connected Flight(TM) Edition Seminar. This seminar is designed to advance the use of iPads and tablets as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and a connection to critical information and on-board navigational systems during all phases of flights. The goals of Connected Flight(TM) are to improve safety, reduce stress, simplify flight operations, and increase the number and duration of flights.

First Wave Aerospace Announces New Inventory Acquisition

First Wave Aerospace is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a substantial inventory of aircraft ducting, manifolds and tubing. First Wave has obtained the surplus inventory from a world-class component repair center and former manufacturer of aircraft ducting.

Ethiopian Airlines is First in Africa to Operate B787 Dreamliner Simulator

Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian), the largest and most profitable airline in Africa, continued its pursuit of aviation technology leadership with the acquisition of the first-ever B787 Dreamliner full flight simulator in Africa. The installation and build-up of the full flight simulator is in progress at Ethiopian's main hub in Addis Ababa and the first pilot training in the B787 flight simulator will start in March 2015.