Airbus Joins Aerion's SST Project

Airbus Joins Aerion's SST Project »

Airbus has agreed to collaborate on technology development with Aerion Corporation, the Reno, Nevada, company that has been working over the last decade to develop a supersonic business jet. "To further their mutual objectives, both companies will exchange knowledge and capabilities in design, manufacturing and certification," Aerion announced on Monday. Airbus will provide technical and certification support, including the assignment of senior engineering staff to the Aerion program. More

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Tiny Robot Handles Pilot Role »

A small humanoid robot about 6 inches tall successfully flew a flight simulator at a conference in Chicago last week. Professor David Hyunchul Shim and his students from the Department of Aerospace... More

Global Flight Following In The Works »

Aireon LLC, a private company based in McLean, Va., announced a plan over the weekend to offer global emergency tracking as a public service to the aviation community, free-of-charge, by 2017. The... More

Congressmen Want Controller Hiring Scheme Scrapped »

Two Illinois congressmen have introduced legislation that would force the FAA to abandon a controversial new recruitment process to fill an anticipated 10,000 air traffic controller openings over... More

FAA Changes Certification Process »

While there is currently no backlog of certification applications at the FAA, the agency says it's changing the way it processes those applications. The new process replaces "project sequencing"... More

FAA Calls ADS-B 'Summit' »

The FAA says it's done its part and now it's up to the aviation industry to meet the 2020 deadline for mandatory ADS-B equipage. To that end the agency will hold a "call to action summit" to... More

AOPA Says Homebuilding An Aeronautical Use »

AOPA says pretty much anything to do with aircraft storage and active maintenance and construction should be considered an "aeronautical use" and be permitted in hangars on federally funded... More

Nation's First Aerospace Engineering Program Celebrated »

As part of the 100th anniversary celebration for its first-in-the-nation Aeronautical (now Aerospace) Engineering Department, the University of Michigan is staging a flyover of a fleet of historic... More

Baseball Cap A Factor In Midair »

The Canadian Transportation Safety Board yesterday released its finding on a 2013 multiple-fatality midair collision between a Cessna 150 and a motor glider with an analysis that said the 150 pilot... More



Pitch? Or Power?

Pitch? Or Power? »

Seemingly for generations pilots have argued over which controls speed and which controls altitude: power or pitch. To achieve optimum performance in any setting requires balancing the two to best match the needs of the moment. More


Why the Part 23 Rewrite Delay Matters

Why the Part 23 Rewrite Delay Matters »

Last July, the FAA told a Congressional committee that it would not meet the December 31, 2015 deadline mandated by federal law to simplify and streamline aircraft certification regulations—FAR Part 23. The announcement has deeper import than... More

Short Final:

Short Final »

Doing my run-up and getting ready to depart for my first cross-country as a student, the tower instructed me to hold short. Over the radio, in a frantic voice, I heard: "Help me. Help me. I'm a student pilot on my first cross-country, and I'm lost. I've been flying around and around, and I don't know where I am." I sat and listened as the controller failed to establish the student's location. Finally, the tower told the student to please hold — then told me I was clear for take-off. I... More

Reader mail:

AVmail: September 15, 2014 »

George Pappas writes: "I am 85 years old and have a lung condition. I had a pulse oximeter for years, and it normally indicated a saturation level of around 92 to 94 percent. It was one of the American-made units and cost about $150. Eventually it quit, and when I went to replace it, I found an import at a department store for $35. It indicated a saturation level of 98 percent or better all the time. The point here is that all POs are not equal. If you are going to be using it to monitor your... More


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"Sun Flyer" Solar-Electric Training Airplane Enters Next Development Phase

Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. (AEAC) has entered the next phase of development for its high tech solar-electric training aircraft called "Sun Flyer."

Airforms Announces Caravan Trim Plate PMA

Airforms Part Number AF2615118-1 has recently gained FAA PMA approval as a direct, drop-in replacement for Cessna P/N 2615118-1. For more information, including a secure online marketplace and catalog, visit Airforms operates from 7 AM to 7 PM CST business days and can be reached directly at 907-892-8244.

Airforms Receives New Caravan PMA

Airforms, Inc. has announced FAA PMA approval for part number AF2612035-1, the Caravan Tail Tie-Down Handle. For more information, including a secure online marketplace and catalog, visit Airforms operates from 7 AM to 7 PM CST business days and can be reached directly at 907-892-8244.