Used Market: Newer Business Aircraft In Demand

Used Market: Newer Business Aircraft In Demand »

A Texas aircraft broker says used aircraft prices are stabilizing and newer used aircraft are in demand but there are still plenty of old business jets on the market. Rene Banglesdorf, CEO of Charlie Bravo Aviation, told AVweb in a podcast interview at NBAA in Orlando that while the market hasn't recovered, it's at least showing signs of recovery, even at the low end. More

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Press Releases

Skanska Promotes MacAdam Glinn to National Aviation Director

Skanska announced today that MacAdam Glinn has been promoted to national aviation director and senior vice president. In this role, Glinn will lead all business development and marketing for Skanska's aviation pursuits and provide aviation construction market analysis throughout the United States.

George Bye to Present Keynote Address at Redbird Migration Conference Oct. 29

George Bye, CEO and co-Founder of Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. (AEAC), will give the Keynote address on the morning of Oct. 29, the second day of the 4th Annual Redbird Migration Flight Training Industry and Design Conference at Redbird's Skyport Training Laboratory in San Marcos, Texas.

Announcing the 2015 Ladies Love Taildraggers Flyin

ANNOUNCING THE 2015 LADIES LOVE TAILDRAGGERS FLY-IN/SPLASH-IN!! For women who love the fun of flying a taildragger!