Superior Launches Diesel Engine Line

Superior Launches Diesel Engine Line »

Superior Air Parts says it will launch a full line of diesel aircraft engines starting with a 100-horsepower unit aimed at the LSA market and scaling up to as much as 600 horsepower. In a news conference at Sun 'n Fun, company representatives said they acquired the rights to a liquid-cooled two-stroke diesel design developed by U.K.-based Powerplant Developments in late 2014. More

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Piper's Diesel Archer Receives FAA Validation »

Piper Aircraft said Tuesday it can begin North American deliveries of its diesel-powered Archer DX now that it has received FAA validation approval for its European STC through Technify Motors... More

Cessna Upgrades Caravan Interiors »

Cessna unveiled a new interior for its Caravan single-engine turboprops at Sun 'n Fun today. The biggest change is the introduction of new seats that are about five pounds lighter than the previous... More

Purdue Plans Aerospace Research Park »

Purdue University announced plans on Tuesday to create a 980-acre aerospace research facility in West Lafayette, Indiana. "This district will be a game-changer for our students and Purdue's... More

Midair Breakup Suspected In Cargo Crash »

A twin-engine Swearingen Merlin III that crashed last week in the mountains near Vancouver may have broken up in flight, officials have said. The aircraft, which was carrying cargo, was flown by a... More

FAA Wants To Cancel 736 NDB, VOR/DME Approaches »

The FAA has published a list of 736 NDB and VOR/DME instrument approaches it wants to shut down starting this year as it moves to satellite-based navigation. In a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking... More

Lakeland Mooney Crash: Fire, But No Serious Injuries »

The pilot of a new Mooney Acclaim with only a few hours on the airframe escaped serious injury Monday afternoon when the aircraft lost power and crashed during a landing attempt at Lakeland Linder... More

Sun 'n Fun Launches With Education Focus »

Aviators headed to Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, this week can expect all the usual… daily airshows, thousands of airplanes to look at, forums and workshops, tents and hangars filled with... More

Aspen Announces Major ADS-B Price Cuts »

Competition in ADS-B is clearly heating up and anyone looking for discounts on mandate-ready equipment will find them at Sun 'n Fun from at least one vendor. Aspen Avionics announced today that... More



Public Benefit Flying: Get Involved

Public Benefit Flying: Get Involved »

For more than 70 years, public benefit flying (PBF) has harnessed the passion of pilots to help others. What began out of abject frustration evolved into what is now thousands of volunteer pilots donating their time, skills and airplanes (owned or... More


Build It Better

Build It Better »

There are always unknowns in any human endeavor, but in aviation, we must think about the ways we can minimize them. More


Your Refurb: Panel Connectivity for Avionics

Your Refurb: Panel Connectivity for Avionics »

If you're doing an avionics upgrade as part of a refurb, we think wireless avionics integration makes sense, especially as the cost may be as low as $1,000 plus installation. More

Short Final:

Short Final »

While monitoring traffic at KAPA, we overheard a Skyhawk pilot having a difficult day. Having gone around on his first attempt, he ended up safely on the ground on his second -- if a bit long and far from gracefully. ... Tower: "Skyhawk 123, you O.K. there?" ... Skyhawk 123: "Yeah. We took a bounce there. [pause] I hope it didn't look as bad as it felt." ... Tower: "It did." -- Tom McDaniel More


Press Releases

RACCA Seeks Donations For Scholarship Fund

Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association (RACCA) is proud of its efforts to help aspiringūpilots and mechanics but we need your help. Each Spring Conference, RACCA holds a silent Auctionūto raise funds for scholarships for men and women bitten by the aviation bug who are studying toūbecome part of this industry. This is how you can help. Please look around your business and see if there is not something you would like to contribute to this year's auction to help RACCA fund these scholarships.

Airforms Support for DHC-2 Seats

Airforms, Inc. Engineering Supports DHC-2 "Beaver" OperatorsūProvides DER approved data for alteration of crew seats in response to FAA safety alert letterū

UM Rosenstiel School Unveils Helicopter Lab

The University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science unveiled today its one-of-a-kind flying scientific laboratory. The Helicopter Observation Platform (HOP) allows scientists to obtain vital information about our climate and human health.