New FAA Safety Campaign Targets Drones

New FAA Safety Campaign Targets Drones »

With tens of thousands of new drones expected to be unwrapped as Christmas gifts this week, the FAA on Monday launched a new safety campaign that it hopes will help new users to fly "safely and responsibly." The campaign comprises a new website,, and a "digital and social media strategy" to help spread the information. More

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Four Named To National Aviation Hall of Fame »

Four individuals have been chosen to be added to the National Aviation Hall of Fame, the organization has announced. The four will be formally enshrined in a ceremony to be held in October in... More

Atol Starts Water-Taxi Tests »

The team at Atol, in Finland, has started water-taxi testing on the production prototype of their LSA seaplane. The aircraft "worked as planned and proved to be even better than expected,"... More

CASA Issues Jabiru Final Rule »

Australia has softened restrictions on the operation of aircraft flying with Jabiru engines in its final ruling on measures to deal with what it considers to be a high rate of engine failures. As... More

Internal Issues At FAA Over Drones Says Post »

The Washington Post is reporting the FAA has fired a lobbyist it hired to help companies speed up approvals for drone operations as its own inspectors raised concerns about drone integration. The... More

Helicopter Escapees Get Extra Year (With Video) »

Three gang members who were plucked from a Canadian high-security prison earlier this year by a helicopter in a briefly successful escape have had an extra year added to their sentences for the... More

Sporty's Offers Affordable 172 Trainer »

Sporty's has come up with a different twist on the affordable training aircraft by looking to the most popular training aircraft of all time. The company, which operates a large flight school near... More

Turbulence Causes Injuries Aboard American Flight »

Four passengers and one crew member were treated for injuries after severe turbulence forced an American Airlines flight to divert while en route to Dallas from Seoul, South Korea, CNN reported... More

New This Week »

AVweb's search of aviation news around the world turned up new corporate appointments at Airbus Group, European certification for Embraer's Legacy 500, an award to Norwegian Air from Rockford,... More



Used Aircraft Guide: Beech Baron

Used Aircraft Guide: Beech Baron »

Anyone who has flown a Beechcraft will have come away impressed with the line's quality and, especially, the handling qualities. All the way down to the lowly Musketeer, Beech just took pains to get the airplane's handling qualities a cut above... More


Flying The Nosewheel

Flying The Nosewheel »

Just because the vast majority of the airplanes most of us fly have their little wheel mounted on the nose instead of the tail doesn't mean the nosewheel is immune to abuse. More

Short Final:

Short Final »

Several years ago, I was flying from John Wayne (KSNA) to Big Bear (L35) on a route that crossed that of arriving traffic into Ontario (KONT). It was the anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first flight, well into the holiday gift-buying season. ... East of Ontario, SoCal instructed me to alter course 20 degrees to the right to avoid traffic at my 10 o'clock, a southwest-bound 757 descending out of 8,000 feet. My traffic was a UPS cargo flight headed into Ontario, no doubt laden with gifts... More


Respect the Holiday Season Pressures

Respect the Holiday Season Pressures »

Welcome to the start of the Holiday Season—Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, New Year—the highest stress time of the year. Welcome to the season of intense pressure, spoken and unspoken, to make that flight you're planning to be with... More


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One-G Simulation Receives FAA Approval for New AATD

Seattle based, one-G simulation receives third FAA approval in 2014 with a highly innovative AATD.

New Flight School Opens in Idaho

A new flight school, Latitude Aviation, has opened at Pappy Boyington Field (KCOE) outside Coeur d' Alene, ID. Offering primary and advanced flight instruction, and starting with a Cessna 150, Latitude seeks to bring a new vision of customer service, accessibility, and energy to the region.

PW306D1 Certification Clears Cessna Citation Latitude for Takeoff

PW306D1 Certification Clears Cessna Citation Latitude for Takeoff